Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Art Supply Caddy

Art Supply Caddy
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Here's the Christmas gifts that almost didn't make it. They still need handles but they made it in time for Christmas. I do like the simple design. It worked really well with what I bought and placed in them. Good guessing on size and great job on the work from my husband!
I've had the last 3 days off and I've just been relaxing and trying to catch up on my sleep from working the 10pm-6:30am shift on Sunday. I'm hoping my boss won't do that again! Seriously I was miserable.
On the upside, I finished my hat and will have pictures soon? I do have to sew in the loose threads but that's nothing.
Working on socks for my oldest and I maybe able to mark something off my 2009 list! Woohoo!
Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Enjoying My Time

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This was the best Christmas ever! That was said by my ten year old who is in love with her Smencils!!! She was disappointed at my mother's because she was given stuff she thought she wouldn't be into. Now that she's read the whole Spiderwick series (Yes, she reads that fast) she's much much happier! Plus she received a Fairy tale. Literally it's a book about a fairy or two, it won a Newbury Award.
So if I haven't plugged them enough already, Smencils should on everyone's Christmas list next year. I can already tell my girls are going to need new ones next year! They've been drawing up a store and sharpening away!
I am so in love with this kitten! She is seriously the best kitten I have ever had. She's a lover and sometimes a fighter. She loves to sit and my lap and sleep. Which is what is currently what she's doing. I hate to move her so I decided to blog! She loves being pet but don't touch her belly or she will cut your hand off! I'm so glad my husband told me that the farm we go to was giving away kittens!
This year my daughter's Girl Scout troop has picked the SPCA to be their organization to support. Last meeting they made cat and dog toys for the animals. They will be going to deliver them in January and have a tour of the facilities. With times being tough for us, the animals have it even rougher. Pets get abandoned at alarming rates because people can't afford to take care of them anymore. I'm sure you've read stories nation wide and local. So this holiday season give your pet companion some extra love! They need it too!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tricycling In The Snow

Happy Holidays! What better way to celebrate than tricycling in the snow! Which is what happens around here when it's time to move the wood in. Mom works and the youngest plays. While big sister helps. She gets the better job because she does all the inside work. In her opinion it's not but trust me it's cold out here!
I hope everyone is having fun! We've opened presents at my mom's and just the In laws to go! The Smencils went over great! We decided to put the art supply holders in front of the wood stove since they weren't drying quick enough. The just need handles now but the girls LOVE them!
I'm trying to knit up a storm because tomorrow I have to work very early. How early it's up to me. I'm supposed to start at 6am but I may go in at 4am. It's easier to do my job when there aren't any shoppers!
It's been a very knitterly Christmas for me. My husband bought me 2 Yarn Harlot books and my mom gave me a gift certificate to a yarn store! As soon as I get hats, mittens and socks down around here I will be off to buy more.
Eva would you like to check out this shop?!
If I don't get a post in, I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's!
I'll be working since it's a shipment night. Which is fine because usually I'm in bed before the ball drops!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day And Finishing Up!

Felt Pencil Rolls
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Today is a snow day and I though OH NO! I'm never going to get these felt pencil rolls done without the girls knowing! (My youngest already saw the blue one and said it was hers!) Thankfully I agreed to deliver a vase to a customer. Since we are having a snow storm, my husband offered to take it and the girls. Which left me free to finish these. The ones on both ends are for my daughter's and the middle one for my niece. They have their initials on it so there's no trading. Also I gave my youngest the longest ties because she's only 4 and needs some extra help!
I only have one more gift to go and I'm done for the 2008! Seriously, next year gifts are being started during the summer so I have more time to knit socks! Or scarves, or anything I want to!
I have to add that the art caddies that are supposed to hold all the goodies I bought may not be made. Not because of anything we did or did not do but a friend of ours is supposed to cut out the pieces. Unfortunately he has been so sick that he hasn't been to his studio in days! Since it's more of a favor to us, I don't expect him to get them done before his Christmas orders. So the girls may have a late gift coming.
Now I'm off to to wrap gift and work on cards!
**Just wanted to add that my husband got all the way to where the vase was supposed to be delivered and the place is closed.  As he's pulling into the parking lot the radio announces a driving ban for the town he is in!  We try calling the guy and it's his work phone number so there's no answer.  Kind of rude that he didn't call, knowing we were going to drop it off that day!  The shipping address is the same place we tried dropping it off and his voice mail says he won't be in until January 6th.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Project 4 Awesome

I love Youtube and today is the day the Nerd Fighter's take over Youtube.  Once a year a bunch of people who really want to decrease the levels of world suck, get together and post the charities they support, this the 2nd year it's happening.  Since Youtube rates the videos by comments and ratings, it's very important for those who don't know about it to go and watch videos.  I've watched 20 and have learned about many interesting charities.  A free one that will donate rice is  how easy is that?  There are going to be hundreds, maybe even thousands of videos today.  
Want to learn more about Nerd Fighter's because I really didn't do a good job of explaining it.  Just click on the their name!  Hope you have time to checkout some videos and can donate to charities this Christmas season.  Just look for Project 4 Awesome on Youtube!

Yankee Gift Exchange

Here's the goodies I received from the party. A box, a sheep, ribbon and this cute Dick and Jane fabric. I can't decide if I want to make a skirt out of this or an apron for my youngest. I have many things to finish up, so I have time to decide.
To finish my last gifts I had to place an order at Superbuzzy. I've always wanted to want to buy something from Superbuzzy after seeing all the cute purchase from Wee Wonderfuls and many other blogs. But I never have really needed anything until now. I bought lots of trim to finish my felt pencil rolls for my daughter's and neice. The idea is from the creative family by Amanda Soule. It's so easy to make, the hardest part is how to decorate them. Plus they are in pieces so I can work on it in front of my children and they have no clue what I'm doing.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Last Bought Gift

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This is the last gift that I had to buy, my husband has to take care of his father's gift bag. So I am off the hook! Isn't it pretty? I love the color, the fabrics and the ribbons! I think I may buy myself one in June when my friend does the summer show in town.
It's really well made and she loves making them. So I couldn't resist buying one for my SIL. I hope she likes it.
With Christmas right around the corner, I've been thinking of next year and things I want to do. I think I'm going to make a list for myself on the side bar. There's so many projects and well if it's not nailed down around here the lists disappear into my children's hands.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birthday Scarf

Birthday Scarf
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Here's my brother's scarf that has been done for a while, just sitting in a pile of clean laundry. Not that, that happens often around here. lol
I made one last year for my other brother and it was so well received by the both brother's. Which means the oldest brother was fondling it telling me what a nice scarf it was and how warm it felt. It was a Linus moment from The Peanuts when Linus is fondling and loving his blanket. I felt bad that I didn't make him one last year.
So now he will be happy and content. Since it gets bloody cold around here and they live on a hill where it's always windy, I lined it with polar fleece.
I did make it to the Yankee Gift Exchange and I gave the gift I ended up getting away. I didn't want my heart getting broken by not getting a certain gift like some people did. Seriously there was a woman on the verge of tears because she didn't want to part with her gift. So I went for the gifts with the coolest wrapping. I ended up with nice ribbon, Dick and Jane fabric plus an angel box. I received very nice handmade ornaments but we don't do ornaments in our house. Why?! I just do not like ornaments on the tree and our tree is soooooo old, I'm afraid it would fall over from the weight of them. If you need to see pictures of our sad tree here they are. It's even worse this year because the girls put the tree together and strung the beads on. I put the lights on to counterweight the beading job but the tree has some serious leaning problems going on.
I'm hoping a cat will not decide that the tree looks good enough to climb! Hope everyone is having a great weekend

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Garland

Christmas Banner
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It's finally done! This is my gift for the yankee gift exchange tonight. It took 2 weeks too long. When making a gift and you only have 3 weeks to get it done. Don't go over board like I did!
I took AllSorts pattern for her Christmas stars and converted it into children wearing buntings (aka I just added wool felted faces). Shrunk the star pattern to make 2" stars and voila. Hope it goes over well because right now. I don't care if I ever see it again!
I hope I make it tonight. I'm feeling under the weather. Seriously, I never go out and I finally have a chance and I feel sick to my stomach! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How Funny!

You Are a Chocolate Chip Muffin

You are an interesting set of contradictions.

You are innocent yet bold. Funky yet predictable.

You are a bit dramatic and showy. You love attention.

And you know how to charm people into giving you what you want.

You are very determined and ambitious... but you're also lazy.

Success tends to come easily for you. You often "luck out".

So I was reading from daily blog list and came across this cute post from Lorenzo Knits A Tomato. It made me laugh a lot because I'm constantly doing things. Just never house work. Does that count as lazy?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Gifts Bought

Look what I bought this past weekend! The snowmen earrings are for my SIL's gift bag. We do gift bags every year with my husband's family.  The goal is to try to put things in it that the other person would like but wouldn't buy for themselves. I just love these and I think she will too.  They are made mostly of Swarovski Crystal  Beads, even the black hats.  The red wire has the tiniest beads holding the wires together.  
The other set is for me because I just fell in love with them and I love post earrings! They have a beautiful grey Swarovski Crystal bead in the middle!  So sparkly in the light.
I'm super happy with all my purchases this weekend. I'll hopefully post the little bag picture tomorrow, that I bought also for my SIL.
Want to know who created these beauties? My good friend Leah Corey, her website is here!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The New Year, Can't Wait

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I am seriously getting psyched up for 2009. For us it's going to have some major changes. Not moving or anything that extreme but maybe more house repairs...
In March I plan on paying off my last credit card and then helping my husband pay off his big 3. I know you are probably in shock and horror that we have credit card debit?!?! Ahh yes we do and at one point it was up to almost $50,000. Running a business is not that easy and if you goof up on your accounting, well let's just say it doesn't make the government happy. Well actually it makes them very happy because they love getting paid. It didn't make us happy because we didn't have the money but had to put what we owed them on a credit card. Then it was a downward spiral of more debt adding up. Copper and silver needed to be bought to pay off the other credit card and he is a one man studio. He just can't keep up with the work he gets.
So after his debit is paid, he is revamping his website and going to stop doing business with some of our 3rd party people. Plus raising his prices which he really didn't do when copper almost quadrupled in price. He did raise prices with most of our silver pieces because silver went way high! We couldn't afford to buy silver to make anything.
We are going to be snobs in choosing what jobs he does. Which should elevate a lot of his stress. Plus we won't have to worry about people hounding us for small things. Which is all my husband gets from his 3rd party orders anyways. I do not think people understand that handmade means we do not keep inventory because we are busy filling other orders. Also he's a teacher and the school year months are busy busy. Which all his companies know but still demand a 2 week turn around. It is also posted on his website. Seriously people we spend no quality time together!
So I'm psyched for 2009! Plus, don't tell anyone but I'm really enjoying my job. My midnight shift once a week are my favorite. I love the ladies I work with and they make it worth being overtired to show up and throw stock. As I told the one lady I work with, I should really be paying my boss for working because it's so much fun.
Going to get my hair cut today! It needs it majorly!
Another fire picture. Have I mentioned I'm addicted to taking pictures of burning wood now? I shot a whole bunch of pictures yesterday that need to be uploaded! Don't worry I'm not turning into a pyromaniac or anything like that.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where I Am Going In August

My husband signed up for an engraving class in August. No, I'm not going to Kansas with him. Instead the girls and I are taking a train from Buffalo to Sandpoint Idaho. Then we are either going to rent a car (may be a problem since our train arrives at 12am) or be picked up by my best friend. Well actually probably her husband because she is having baby #4!!! So we will be heading to Lewiston Idaho in August!
The only problems I foresee is getting the the train station at midnight. (HI Eva, wanna give us a ride, please?!?!) Since my husband will be driving to Kansas. Can the girls keep quiet in our seats while we travel from Buffalo,NY to Chicago,IL? If we took a room it would cost $460 compared to $118. I'm definitely getting a room from Chicago to Sandpoint,ID. I do not want to force my crank children on any passengers after the first day!
So I'm excited, I really have never traveled growing up. Yes I have been to Disneyland in Florida and I've been to Kansas to visit my Uncle and then to North Carolina to visit him again. But we never took family vacations. So I will get to see a big chunk of the USA. Plus my best friend and her growing family!

My husband will be driving to Lewiston to pick us up and head back to NY. Along the way we will probably see Mount Rushmore maybe Yosemite. We shall see! I pretty much need to make the reservations within the next 24 hours because the rooms are selling out 9 months in advance! I already have to postpone the trip by 1 day because there are no rooms available. Yikes!

I just received an e-mail asking to make my trip shorter or do it another time. My bff and her husband teach and they start August 20th. So it's like the worst time to visit. With the money I'll be spending I can't see making the trip any shorter plus if I did come at another time I would have to drive from NY to ID. Take extra time off from work etc... Since my husband is taking his trip no matter what, I thought I would try to combine the two. OH well maybe next year! :(

Sunday, November 30, 2008


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I'm waiting to go to work and everyone is sleeping, so I'm kind of bored.
I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Mine was great we go out to eat, so no one (my mother) isn't stressed or fighting. It's definitely not appropriate to fight in a restaurant or at least we couldn't do it. So it's safe happy family time! We went here if you want to know of an awesome place in NYS. Seriously the food fantastic. The choices caviar, duck pate, venison stew, roast beef, turkey, ham, lots and lots of side dishes. A whole entire table of desserts and a chocolate fountain to dip your strawberries in! Woohoo!
I spent most of today looking for USA made down jackets. I found a few places here and here.
Sorry, I found more Canadian places that make down coats.  Check out the link all of them have some type of animal fur on them.  I don't know if I could wear it because something had to die.  Some of them you have to order them before they will make them. Smart, no waste but I have a hard time finding jackets. Plus since I'm so small and do not generate heat very well I need something built for climbing the Mount Everest. I love Spyder jackets but for the price I'm not sure if I trust the quality because they are made in China. I do not mind spending $600-$700 because it will last me the rest of my life.
My old LL Bean Parka has seen better days and I could return it to get it repaired (zipper pull is missing and inner pockets fell apart) but I just don't feel right about it and in other 10 years it will do the same thing. So it's become my outdoor chore jacket and in covered in wood dust and splinters. So not something I really want to wear out because it's a mess.
Like the picture? It's the inside of my wood stove. I just love opening the door to see the fire burning, the hot coals or lack of wood burning going on. I took a few pictures because different parts of of the fire were so cool. It's hard to catch the flickering flames since they are constantly moving. I think some of the photos look flat and didn't make the cut.
BTW the kitten is adapting to our home life. She's a little mouthy but my husband pointed out she is just a baby and babies cry a lot. She just exercising her right to cry. She has found out where to sleep for the comfiest warm place in the house. So she spent all day there while I worked to feed her. Well her and the kids! If you want to see cute kitten shots click here or here.
I'm posting this without reading it and will fix the grammatical errors tomorrow. Plus it's probably incoherent. Sorry lack of sleep!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Little Bit Of Imagination...

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Can create something new. I have been working on this for a while and it's finally done. It used to be a tea container. Now it's a knitting needle holder. It has a lid, so one day I may do that up and make it into a pincushion top for this. For now it will hold my needles.
This is all hand stitched, using sweater scraps for the tree and the tree is from my neighbors quilting scraps. The purple fabric I took out of the trash from one of my jobs! Seriously, every change of season they would throw the fabric out! Men! I'm very happy with it!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who stops by!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! We finally have snow, so it feels like Thanksgiving is finally here. Took long enough!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Meet P

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Look what I got yesterday! A new kitten! I named her Persephone except I think I should spell it Purrsephone. She's so loving and likes to nap in my lap! Her mom is a pure bred Himalayan and the dad must have been a tiger cat!
She goes to the vet today. I may post later if I finish my one project I'm working on!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nica Wallet

Nica Wallet
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It's here, my wallet! I was hoping it would arrive today. I love it! The leather is super soft and I love the tree and the birds. I think I'm going to be happy for a long time! If you want one you can go here to Anthropologie.
Does everyone feel overwhelmed this time of year? I'm adding up all the things I need to do before Christmas and wonder how I'm going to get it all done. I do not have to do anything for Thanksgiving! Woohoo. We are going out to eat at this place. So no dishes for us on that day.
The list of things that need to get done:
Scarf for my brother's birthday
Yankee Gift for the gift exchange, I'm thinking a hangable banner?
Tea cozy for my MIL
Kitchen towels with embroidery on it for my SIL (not for you Eva)
Plus gifts for gift bags, I have no clue what to put in them yet!
A cover for a repurposed container (almost done)
A shirt for my neice
3 wooden craft totes for the girls of the family!
I would like to make socks for my brother and SIL but I haven't been having luck with patterns!
Plus I've been wanting to do make one of those advent calendar elves like in Garnet Hill.
Lots to do! So little time!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Death Of A Sock

So if you are a knitter, when do you decide to rip a sock and start over? I seriously do not like this sock pattern. My sock looks nothing like the sock in the book. Which irks me to no end! I've followed the pattern to a T and still I've had to rip and knit because the pattern lies! I even did the test swatch and everything thing. So it even makes me more mad because I never do test swatches! Personally I think it's a cable stitch that is used not a k1f&b, to make the stitch!
So you knitter's out there, you may recognize this pattern, maybe not. I'm probably going to commit knitter suicide or be sacrilegious to the person who wrote the book because she is huge in the knitting world. I'm not impressed with the book and I was totally psyched about it when I got it. Since then it's been like a bad relationship with an abusive boyfriend. I do what he says and still have to start the damn sock over! GRRR!
So I'm ripping the Christmas gift for my husband. The sock doesn't fit right and it looks odd!
I've started on a sock for my daughter instead, to regain my love for knitting! Of course it took forever for her to pick out the yarn but I'm digging it. It's slowly coming back, the love that is.
Guess what I did today to make myself feel better? I bought a wallet, a real leather wallet. I've been using one of those hippy change purses since I owned a purse but there's a time in every girl's life when she's got to move to a grown up wallet. I guess my time is now. Plus I will be able to tell when something is missing from my wallet. Not money, I don't keep money in my wallet! Ha! I would spend it. My money is in a box next to the phone and if you are thinking of robbing me there's only $26 for an emergency. Not worth breaking in for, so save yourself the trouble. It will probably gone for Christmas anyways! Or for the next Girl Scout meeting because they too like my money!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Quick Whip Up

Birthday Crown
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I whipped this reversible birthday crown up in 1 1/2 hours the night before my daughter's birthday party. She's been wearing her sister's crown, which is too big for her.
Unfortunately my Velcro is missing and I had to add snaps. Which I just quick stitched on. Thinking to myself, "If I add snaps I'll find my Velcro!" It's Thursday and still no Velcro siting! It may have been swallowed by the house!
I've had a super tiring and busy week. Tiring because the truck didn't come on Sunday night. So I only worked 1 1/2 hours. Then it came in the next night after the birthday party and I worked 4 hours (till 2am). Shouldn't have done that because I had 2 children at home who couldn't be quiet to save their lives! I may have gotten 4 hours of sleep after I settled into bed.
Then I went to a local gallery and decorated 2 Christmas trees! One with about 600-1000 glass ornaments (unfortunately all were from China). Then another one with fake poinsettia's and cranberries. I only broke one ornament from each tree. The 2nd time I blame on my children because they came back from a friend's and were unruly! I dropped off some of my handmade ornaments. I hope they all sell this year! I hope everyone is having a fun week! I'm finally catching up on my sleep tonight and preparing for a busy work weekend! Woohoo!
OMG I almost forgot to mention my terrible weekend at work.  One kid is getting kicked out of the department for lying, hiding tags and not hanging his piles!  Seriously it's about time, the one department I work in has been a huge mess since we've had major changes.  You know good workers leaving and the slackers, slacking off more.  Plus the store has been giving out refunds left and right because of him.  It wouldn't be that big of a deal but in our county if you are over charged you are allowed a super refund.  So say you were over charged .25 cents.  Multiply that by 10x's the amount and you get $2.50 back, plus your .25 cents.  It's capped off at $10 but some people look for super's to make money!
This weekend I worked in 2 different departments.  After I started in my main department, I was asked my the biggest slacker if he could leave because the work was almost done.  I was only  1 hour into my shift and I was shocked!  Seriously I didn't know what to say, so I was a bumbling idiot until I regrouped after he left.  Thankful I told him he had to ask the manager on duty to leave.  2nd time I saw him I was going on break and I told him and another guy, how the department was doing terrible and requests off now had to be approved by the perishable manager, etc... The assistant was coming back because of all the goof ups (no one really likes her because she's mean and bitchy) and anything else I could think of to scare them.  Well it must have scared the one kid good because after my break all these tags that needed to be hung appeared out of no where!  Seriously we had double amount appear after I came back from break!  I was pissed because I told the MOD (manager on duty) we were actually ahead and to not let anyone go home early because we could get a head start for Sunday!  So I felt like a HUGE liar!  I hate lying and I just felt like a big fool.  So I started going through tags that were supposed to be done.  I start finding piles that had been scribble on in the done pile.  They looked untouched!  
Well that was the last straw.  I still wasn't feeling well from donating blood and I probably should have been in bed resting!  So I talked to the MOD and he had a talking to all of us. How he was disappointed that he thought we were ahead and now we weren't, etc...  Needless to say when the major slacker punched out, he then went down the aisles I put up tags in and started harassing me!  I told him to mind his own business and put the tags back!  He was accusing me of putting up the wrong tags etc...  
The next day I had a long talk with my boss over what had happened.  He was written up because she went through his piles and he missed 25 tags!  He's been working the job over 1 year and that is just not acceptable plus he's been caught lying too many times.  Everyone is losing their key to the back office except me and the other girls who work during the week.  All the tags are being kept in the conference room so no one can hide in their and talk.  The guys like to listen to the football games on Sunday in the back office.  It sucks but at least it will be easier to keep an eye on  the other 2 who are toeing the line, in check.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Village Frock From Sugar City Journal

Village Frock
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I just finished this today for my daughter's birthday! I love it. It's crazy and silky. I have no clue what kind of fabric it is. It's wrinkled from being left on the work table wet. I was carrying it around working on the buttons and accidentally spilled water on it. Opps.
Sorry about the intense background but my house is a bloody mess! On the weekends when I work the girls have a free for all and seriously trash the place! I just do not want to be the maid anymore! So what's a mom to do? Forever be a slave to my children's disasters? Or leave them to pick up their own messes? Seriously, how do you other mom's deal with children who are forever wrecking the house?
The Village Frock is available here!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Good And The Bad

So I gave blood today for the 3rd time of my life.  I really didn't want to today.  So I hemmed and hawed and finally went to do it.  I got there and realized I forgot my ID.  So I walked back home and found $50 on the side walk!  Seriously a $50 bill!  So I thought now I have to donate because it was meant to be.
Well everything was going fine.  Skimmed through the boring pamphlet that you're supposed to read.  Answered the questions that are always the same.  I'm up on the table and she puts the needle in.  Which I watch because I think it's cool.  Then it hits me, this time it really freaking hurts!!!!  Seriously the pain isn't going away.  So I try to talk to myself and tell me to buck it up, I'm being a wimp.  It's just because I'm tired from working till 2am or 4am shifts and that's why it hurts.  In  my pain I feel like my hand is loosing feeling and it's getting harder and harder to squeeze the ball.  So I get a little panicky because this has never happened.  My hand starts to go cold too.  
I finally mention something to the phlebotomist who is cleaning up the other table from working on another person.  She can't do anything because she didn't put the needle in my arm.  I've been drinking water through out this whole thing and I've gone through about 1/2 a liter.  So when my lady is done helping her other donor she comes over to me.  
My tourniquet is too tight and every time my heart beat it moves the needle to hit the wall of my vein.  I think there was more going on.  So she fixes it and it's a little better just slightly.  I don't have to squeeze the ball because I think the blood is pouring out of my vein too quickly too.  Well then she starts filling the tubes and my fingers start looking yellow from having no blood go to them.  It just hits me like running into a wall because every time she attaches one of the vials it hurts majorly, again.  We are talking about labor pain, pains.  The kind that make you spew crazy things.  So I go stark white and feel nausea from it.  They lay me down and give me a cool compress.  I only wanted a piece of gum so I can get the sour taste out of my mouth.  Plus I know when I feel sick, I need to eat. It's how I am. Well they won't let me do any of that until the color comes back to  my face.  Which it does and by that time she is finally done with my arm!  Which I'm sure means that now I'm going to have a massive bruise from this experience.  She was really nice but I think she goofed up because she got really quiet when she realized filling the tubes was causing me super pain.
I do not know if I'm going to do it again.  I've given 2x's before and it didn't hurt this bad.  Even the woman who marked my arm with and x before she put the needle in didn't hurt at all.  She worried me the most!  So I hope everyone has a better weekend than my Friday has been!  Hey at least I'm $50 richer, which is going to groceries for my daughter's party.  
Anyone know if you donate blood for money if they are more compassionate?  I don't know if I can go through that again!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Blogiversary To Me!

Well I thought next week was when I started my blog.  Little did I realize it was before my youngest birthday.  I have been working like a little elf, trying to finish a birthday dress for her!  I'm in the final phase.  I have to leave for work in ten minutes, so I think it's going to be coming with me.  Since I'm trying to clear out my clutter.... I will be giving away some things that have lost themselves in the mess of my  house.  I originally would have done it on my blogiversary but no time.  Plus, like my last give away I need people to spread the so I have people give stuff to!  So after the 10th, I will be posting some cute and fun stuff to win!  Pass it on!  Unless you want it all to yourself! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted Today!

Mystery Birds
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I voted and while people usually shun from telling who they voted for. I'm going to tell you! I vote the Green Party and all Democratic. My crazy reasoning is because I felt the that neither candidate really spoke to me. It was like choosing to be inflicted with crabs or syphilis! I do not want to get either and now I can bitch if things are crappy. If things go great then well I can't complain now. I would have voted for Obama if I had to pick between only the two but luckily there were other choices. Also I think we need a really conservative Congress who will penny pinch the crap out of the budget. Cut back on unnecessary spending and hopefully turn this country around. That's all my political talk because I honestly do not know what I'm talking about.
Has anyone heard about these "Passive Homes" that the Germany government is telling new builders they must create? Plus giving incentives for existing home owners to remodel their homes to be compliant! Plus these homes are crazy energy efficient! Like 80-90%. It's insane! It has to do with super insulation and some other things. On top of all this great stuff I've found they use Rockwool to insulate! I've never heard of it and what you've never heard of it either? It sounds way safer than fiber glass & way more energy efficient. Of course it's more expensive. Well I guess you can never have your cake and eat it too!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mystery Bird

Mystery Bird
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Look at this cute little birdie that was eating my raspberries. I don't know what it is. I almost think it's related to a cardinal because of the mask it has around it's eyes but see the bright yellow on the tail, I'm clueless. There was a whole flock of them and unfortunately my back kitchen window is extremely dirty. So the shots look kind of hazy. I took lots of pictures before they saw me and scattered. Only 3 came out and the 3rd one has a bird in motion but I thought it was cool.
So I know today is Halloween, Happy Halloween to all. I have to work which is okay because we only get 4 trick or treats. I also didn't decorate because of the puppy. I'm afraid his tail would take out my really nice decorations I put in the windows by the front door. A puppy's tail can seriously do some damage, without having a clue that the tail is the cause of the damage.
I'm working on the Village Frock right now and hope to be done Sunday evening. I'm probably being way optimistic considering I have to work 8 hour shifts between now and Sunday. It's good to have goals.
I'm wondering what other people are working on for winter. This fall, have you started Holiday projects yet?

Thursday, October 30, 2008
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Here's the abridged version of what I bought for Christmas. I'll work clockwise and start at the top. The bird notebook I bought for my girls and my niece. It's made from 100% recycled paper. The smaller Les Chiens notebook is for my brothers and my SIL also 100% recycled paper. The large triangular pencils in the package are for my youngest. The Plan City shape pencils were a freebie (the 4 individual pencils hanging out there)! Woohoo! In the center are holiday Smencils. They smell delicious! I also bought everyone a pencil sharpener that has 3 sizes for different their sharpening needs. Last but the yummiest is the Colored Smencils for all. These smell so good, I want to lick them but that would be wrong.  My brother and SIL I figured can share them. At least I hope so! I also received a free tote bag because I spent over $100. I really am super duper pleased with my purchases. They are definitely on my must buy from again list. Maybe for me and the hubby next year!
I was just links items from their store and it seems they don't offer the Plan City shape pencils as a freebie anymore.  It is now a keychain.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Woohoo, I'm Not Totally Imcompatent!

Look at my side link.  I finally linked it to my mini etsy shop.   It only took forever and I didn't know it was called a mini etsy shop.  I thought it was an rss feed.  Don't ask why, I did a search and it made me believe that how you advertise.  Yes I know I'm a bloody moron but I try not to assume things.  So that means I end up running all over the web to do things.  I was getting desperate.  Desperate enough to offer free chocolate for a clue!  But I found the answer so the chocolate is all mine!  Actually there was no chocolate, I was going to  have to buy it!
So some of my kits are up and bookmarks.  I'm trying to clean the house out, so I will be adding yarn from Japan.  Plus who knows what else I have made around here. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Want A Kitten!

Dog Toy Love
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I've been meaning to blog about this for a while but I've been a tiny bit busy. I have had it with the puppy. He's not bad or anything, well naughty would be more like it. He gets into everything, eats my jade plant. Steals the sticks and then eats them out of the kindle box. Plus he's stinky. We have had a zap collar on him for a while now. He is very mouthy and when he hear's my youngest voice, it would set him off barking. No one wants to be awoken by loud barking. He has calmed the barking down and now we use it because my youngest voice also makes him hyper. He would hear the shrill over her voice when she was upset because he was nipping her or standing on top of her, etc... A few zaps when he gets out of line when he touches her the wrong way, works great.
He is a very good puppy but I like independent creatures. Ones I don't have to take out in the freezing cold and wait for them to finish their business. Animals who won't jump on me or pop my knee (I really do not like that) because they like to head butt. Creatures who I don't have to count the hours or minutes for when they need to be let out. Sounds like a child almost doesn't it!?!? 
He is a very good puppy for a 4 month old my SIL is very impressed with what we've done with him. He will not eat until you tell him to. I know you are questioning why would a dog need this control? For hunting, there are times when patience is need for getting a bird. It's for the dog's safety. You do not want a dog who can't wait because it could be jumping into a dangerous situation. Dogs have been so determined to go after a duck in the swamp and have been carried away by the current, to never come back. So it's really important for the owner to have control and the dog have the ability to wait.
This is day #2 for my youngest being gone! Woohoo. I've been straightening and taking pictures left and right. Wrapping Christmas gifts and folding fabric. Making lists, trying to catch up on sleep(hasn't happened yet), getting kits together, tried to teach my SIL how to knit on metal needles (she wants to make socks) and started the fireplace.
The trying not to heat the house didn't last, it snowed last week. It will snow again today and tomorrow. I can't keep myself warm enough in a 50 degree house. Thankfully it will be almost 60 for Halloween.
I just got this awesome pattern in the mail! The link says it's sold out but it's not yet as of today.  I can't wait to make a birthday dress for my youngest. She's turning 4 on Nov 10 and I think on the 11 or 12 is my 1 year blogiversary! I'm trying to think of give aways. Did I mention I'm trying to get rid of the clutter?
I hope everyone is staying warm. I finished my daughter's hat, it needs to be washed and stretched.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mermaid Skirt

Mermaid Skirt
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This skirt been done for a little while. I have been soooo busy that I just haven't had time to blog about. Seriously. While I'm blogging, I'm listening to the new episode of Grey's Anatomy. So please forgive the grammatical errors or sentences that make no sense.
The fabric came from the huge stash that my friend Leah gave to me. The girls fought over it and the youngest won out. Because she wears what I make her and loves it. Once the skirt was made I thought it needed something. So I went through the scrap stash from my neighbor and came up with the beautiful mermaid It worked out so perfectly, it's freaky!
I finally have a day off tomorrow! Woohoo! Today I'm making laundry detergent, so I can start doing lots of laundry. Working in the cheese shop was very very messy. I have been working everyday and haven't had time to even look at laundry. Did you know that Gorgonzola cheese is super messy! I didn't until I was cutting it up. If you want info on how to make your own laundry detergent the link is here! (I couldn't open site the where I got my original recipe.  This link has 10 recipes.  I use #2 on the list)  It's easy, super cheap and I really haven't noticed a difference in washing. I've probably been spending $1.50 per batch of detergent.
I'm knitting a hat while working on socks for Christmas. I'm using the pattern from Soule Mama but reversing it because I'm not a big fan of purl. Also I received my order from Stubby Pencil! I'll take pictures later once the kids are in bed or gone. My MIL is taking my youngest on Sunday. So I hope to have bookmarks up in etsy and her outgrown clothes on eBay!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stacking Wood

Stacked Wood
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Stacking wood seems so hard when you look at it as a bunch of puzzle pieces needing to make a wall. There's no right or wrong way to do it. It just may fall down if mis-stacked. I love stacking though because once you get into the groove of it, it looks like this. All the pieces are fitting together perfectly in the wall puzzle you are trying to make. We did this probably the last warm day we had in October. A week ago? My husband has been looking to get 5 more cords of wood but the prices are outrageous. We are taking the 10 cord of wood challenge this winter. Can we make it? We shall see. So the heat has yet to go on.
My youngest said the oddest thing today when I handed her her scrambled eggs with lots of cheese on it. "OH look, it looks like an ice cream puzzle." I'm assuming an ice cream cone that has been melted and run over a few times.
This week is going to be busy. I work everyday except Saturday. I originally had 3 days off but then a woman from the cheese shop had a stroke. At least that's what the cheese shop manager thinks happened. She hasn't heard anything from the family since they called in to say they were taking the woman to the hospital. I hope she's alright and my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family!
Since the manager is a good friend of mine she asked me to help her out in the evenings. I will grating cheese today and packaging it up. Tomorrow I get to unload the shipment and put it out! I get to work by myself! Woohoo! It was a rough weekend. The teenagers have been awfully hormonal lately! Playing lets hide my water bottle! Seriously I have much better things to do than try to figure out where it is! Thankfully I keep another one in the break room!
Hope all the pieces of the puzzle of life fit together for you this week!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Gardens

McCoy Planter
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With the gardening season coming to an end, I bought this cute planter over the summer to help it continue. The little sprouts in it are lettuce and they seem to love where they are. They sprouted in a few days, unlike when they are outside where it takes a week.
I love salads with my meals, everyday if I had it my way. Once winter hits and the prices start to rise, well it's hard to stay in love with paying so much for lettuce. Doing research this summer on gardening led to an article on winter gardening. I wish I remembered what I was looking up so I could link it. It talked about bringing cool weather plants inside and raising them. Lettuce being one of those.
So I went on search for the perfect planter. I realized after searching for weeks that I wasn't going to be happy with anything new. So I went searching for antique planters and found this cutie. It's small but I think it's perfect for lettuce. It's by McCoy #2406, I think. I would have loved another one and will keep my eye out for one. It wasn't terribly expensive. I hear antique and think woah too much!
It's in the apartment kitchen and will get light from the left and behind. I think it's in the perfect spot and I hope to have pictures in the future of my indoor garden!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


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Here it is the kimono top I made without a pattern. The shirt has 2 full front panels and has a hidden tie inside on the right. The fabric I used for the ties is still from the huge scrap pile my neighbor gave me. I cut many of the pieces to size myself! It was a little tricky since I don't quilt but I don't think you can tell. The sleeves are in 2 parts. The first time I made the shoulder it was too small. So I remade the upper portion and just added the quilted strip to hide the seam.
Now that I know what I'm doing. I'm going to do some alterations mainly at the neck and shoulders. I wanted it to b e more fitted and it's sort of too wide for her. Plus the hidden tie, I may add button instead!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kimono Tie Top

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I know I haven't posted anything lately that I've made. I really haven't had time to do anything. I finished this yesterday and couldn't get M to try it on. So I took a picture of it without her in it. I have pictures now but my camera is on the verge of dying. So details about this will come later. The only thing I will tell you is, I did this without a pattern!

When You Give A Ten Year Old A Camera...

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This is what may happen. See this picture of my butt? This is how almost all of the pictures my daughter took from the dog show look like! Seriously! If it's not my butt, it's my SIL's butt or crotch shots. You would think that she was a teenage boy with raging hormones. I don't think she realized what was in frame and how it was going to look. All the close up shots are of behinds or headless people. I got a good laugh out of this! I'm going to show her when she gets home. There is a puppy in the picture, really. You just see the stinky end!
I will be updating my etsy shop in a week or two. I'm going to be stocking it with recycled sweater book mark kits and wee folk doll kits. I know that people are hurting for $$$ and I thought I can keep my prices lower if I make kits. Plus it's more enjoyable when the boring stuff like cutting and wrapping of the doll body is done for you!
In awesome news I have 2 days off this week. More like 3 because I worked Sunday at midnight till 4am Monday morning! So I'm working on getting the kits and instructions together and I'm having testers line up. I've been making both of these for a while. So I want to get a fresh look at what problems might come up!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Best Sunday, Ever!

I've been keeping this on the down low because my mother doesn't have a lot of money and couldn't invite a lot of people.  This weekend her and her fiancee were married.  It was so sweet and touching, many times I had to fight back the tears.  I so happy for her for finding love again!  If he can put up with us (I mean me, my 2 brothers plus my SIL and my husband) he's great in our book!  
I finally met his family finally and ehhh you know, it's the family you see all the time that really count.  For those who have know him almost all his life they seemed pretty darn somber.  I have to feel bad for them because I don't think they were very happy about the union.  Especially his daughter who wouldn't even look at the bride and groom during the ceremony.  It's her loss.  Her father is really a great guy and I hope she realizes it someday!
We had lots of fun and it was wonderful to spend it with my  little brother who I don't get to see that often, my other brother and his wife, plus my husband too.  We really don't need a party to have fun when we are all together!
I hope to have a picture of the wedding cake soon.  I totally forgot my camera.  I only had 4 hours of sleep the night before.  There were 2 photographers who were like the bloody paparazzi!  We (me, my husband, my 2 brother's and my SIL) arrived really early.  Have you ever been photographed every 3 seconds?!?  It's very annoying and hard too see with all the flashing going on.  I hope to have great pictures up someday.  There had better be some with 2 cameras going all the time.  Of course I was the only one who kept closing my eyes during each picture.  We had to do duplicate shots because of me.  Sorry I blink a lot when I'm nervous!
With all that's happening in the financial world my SIL and I have decided not to go to Rhinebeck.  She needs a roof, I should pay off my credit card and going up wouldn't really benefit either of us.  Besides my husband was telling me credit cards could raise the % you pay up to 40%?  I don't know if he was talking on defaulted cards or everyone.  I was a little too freaked out to ask.  

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Early Halloween

P B Skull glasses
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I saw this in the Pottery Barn catalog and had to have them! Unfortunately they weren't for sale yet. It greatly pisses me off when someone advertises something for sale and then it's unavailable. Well I checked the website on a whim today and the glasses are for sale! Woo hoo! I ordered 2 sets because we have children and I'm not going to let them near them. Just in case they do get near them, we have back ups!  I still want the shaker but it's not available.  
We have my SIL's puppy this week. He's already been to the vet once because he was sick. Puked up his lunch yesterday and was just very lethargic. She thought he may have eaten a rock, so my brother picked him up and took him. Turns out he didn't eat a rock, he's just constipated. Oh joy. Plus he probably picked up a bug from the dog show we were just at. So there will be very little blogging this week. Taking care of two dogs is exhausting! Plus our pup is now sick. He thankfully didn't puke, yet. He hasn't been that hungry for dinner so. Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow.
Since nothing is happening here, you may enjoy reading this.  An article about my husband in a local newspaper, it talks about what he does.   

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fashion Dilemma

My husband often has to dress himself for school without my do's and don'ts of fashion blunders.  Today was one examples of those times.  It is Open House and he's running slightly late.  I glance over from doing the dishes and he's wearing light brown pants, (that's fine) a lighter green shirt (that doesn't go with the pants) and a bright blue Jerry Garcia tie.  All my do's and don'ts start going off.  Do I let him leave the house like this and stand in front parents who do not know him and let them judge him based on his appearance?  Even though the parent's have had the talk to their children to not judge a book by their cover, they won't be doing the same thing when they look at him.  He could have gotten away with it if it was a room full of men but you know it's most like going to be couples.  The women will be listening and wondering how could his wife let him leave like this?  Not paying attention to his well prepared speech of what their child will be learning that year, etc...
So I opened my mouth and told him it didn't look good at all.  He was mad but he'll thank me later when he's not conscious of what he's wearing. dilemma
I'm going to be making my youngest a kimono tie top.  I've made the back pattern and  I'm going to be sketching out the front tonight.  The puppy is finally letting me know when he has to go to the bathroom.  It makes me not so paranoid and now I feel like I can slide a little.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dog Or Cat Toy?

Dog Cat Toy Love
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So I originally made this dog bone toy for the dog but I added a secret ingredient. Yeah it's more like a stick toy. The secret ingredient is catnip because the puppy steals all the catnip toys! So I thought I would make him his own toys with a little kick! He wasn't as thrilled as I thought he'd be. To get this picture it took a lot of coaxing for him to be interested in the toy. He must know it was for him. Little bugger that he is!
Anyways the cat loves it. After he went to bed, she came out and was in love it. Even with dog slobber on it! Cats they never disappoint. So I'm pleased that one of the three animals enjoys it.
I've been busy making Christmas lists and buying presents. I'll have pictures soon. I also bought glass pickle barrels to put the cat and dog food in. The crazy cat LOVES the dog food and well the dog loves everything it puts in his mouth. I love them and I am waiting for the rest of my kitchen stuff to arrive.
Have I mentioned we had 3 cupboards when we bought our house? Well when we looked at our house before we bought it, it had lots of cupboards. When we arrived the cupboards were gone. I'm guessing they were on rollers and since they weren't attached to the walls, the previous owners took them. We've gotten hand me down cupboards with no doors and counters since then. Hey free is good when you can't afford things. So I need storage that looks good and won't be easily gotten into.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Look Who Came To Visit

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Two weeks ago we let the water drain out of our pool. It didn't fully drain out, so the kids and dogs have been enjoying wading in it. We were taking a backyard romp and look who we found. A big frog! A good hopper and swimmer. Of course we had to say hello and picked him up. He wasn't to happy with us but nothing is more slimy than a frog. Well slugs are probably the bug equivalent of it.
Also up are pictures from my trip to Graycliff. Sorry it took so long but we've been crazy busy here.
My mom gets married on the 28th of this month. I also almost went to see the B-52's because my husband won free tickets for next Saturday. I really don't like their new stuff and wasn't thrilled to see them back in the 90's. Don't get me wrong I love their old stuff but the new stuff just doesn't make me want to get and dance. I would rather work since I'm buying my mother's wedding cake. An extra expense to our budget for this month. Even though my mother drives me up the wall, I do love her and her to a memorable time!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Seriously, What Will They Think Of Next?

I love fashion like the next girl.  Heels, cool but only for special occasions because of the problems they cause.  Then I saw this!  I think this has gone way over being PC.  Does anyone else think this is setting women back to the days when we couldn't own property?  Or am I just over reacting?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Puppy Show

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See these cute brothers, well they are going to be in their 1st puppy show next weekend. I am going to be showing Drake, who's on the left. My SIL wants to get them used be being handled and I received a very quick training today. It was a lot to absorb. Thankfully my SIL will be right ahead of me so I can cheat and do what she does. Not that I've had the training that she has and I'm socially uncomfortable being in crowds, where I'm being judged. Well actually I won't be, but all eyes will be on the puppy which means they will be looking at how I handle him. Yikes. I hope I don't buckle under the pressure. Thankfully they are puppies and not going to be cooperative so my inexperience may not even be known!
So that's dog show #1. Dog show #2 is happening the same weekend as Rhinebeck. We are getting free lodging and have to take my SIL's Ridgeback to Massachusetts for a show too. She said it will be quick, so we should be back to catch quite a bit of Rhinebeck on Saturday. So I'll be saying a quick hello to Mass. and then heading back to NY. I've never been there and will probably only be there for a few hours.
We haven't seen Emmet for a week and boy has he changed. I'll have to take pictures. He's like the sports car of dogs, while Drake is the SUV of dogs. They don't even look like brother's anymore. They are so very different. We had way to many accidents today. I'm not a happy camper. Mostly from Drake, Emmett was very good boy! He spent a lot of time playing with dogs for a week and now he's like eh you're not a dog, whatever. Also he's not as affectionate as Drake. Drake wants lots and lots of loving. Emmet could care less if he's a good boy!
Well I hope you all had a good Monday. I'm hoping to walk around in poop less shoes tomorrow. Nothing like realizing your shoes have poop on the bottom in a car where the AC is on and recirculating. On the way to a doctor's appointment. Woohoo! I may look okay, just don't take a big whiff of me!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Swiss Chard

swiss chard
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Every year I plant a garden, well since we've lived at this house. Every year it boggles my mind that my broccoli goes to bolt and I have swiss chard galore. I have enough swiss chard to make soup for 2 years. That's a lot of chard.
I found out from a farmer friend you can buy the wrong seeds! So I need to buy slow to bolt broccoli that can tolerate erratic weather. I was going to do a list of recommended seed websites but my list is missing. The one I did check out and remember is Johnny's Selected Seeds. I am definitely going to buy from them, since they come highly recommended from my farmer. Who better to trust, than the guy who provides us with our food farm share!
This year I am keeping my fingers crossed that my brussel sprouts make it. I didn't realize they are very particular and need to stay indoors until they are a certain height. Plus celery, woohoo! Plus peas, wow, I'm in gardener heaven! Now if they would only pick themselves, I would be a super happy gardener!

Friday, September 5, 2008

School shirt

School shirt
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I know I've been terrible at posting but it has been crazy busy here with the puppy. I feel like I've said that before, I think I have. Anyways. My oldest is back at school and juggling the puppy needs and my youngest needs leaves me no time to craft. If my husband is reading this and I know he is... just look at what I sacrifice for you to have a dog!
I finished this shirt before school started. I've just been slow getting to the computer. Sometimes I wish they had a program that would automatically put pictures you took on your camera and up load it into a folder on your computer! That would save me so much time! Since the camera doesn't always make it to vicinity of the computer when I'm done taking pictures.
There have been crazy changes going on at work and I don't know if I can even write about them so it makes sense. My boss from my first department got a job at corporate. She will be leaving soon, which is good because our department is looking like crap. Well the whole store looks like we don't care if the customers know how much they are paying for stuff. There is a replacement but they are being all secretive. Her assistant is supposed be transferring out of our department too. Which I will be VERY happy about because she is seriously a negative Nancy. We all have bad days but hers are never ending and then she takes it out on us. One of the new guys was telling me how he just doesn't understand her. One minute she's super mad at me then next minute she's all smiling. I told him that's how some women are, you get used to it. The negative Nancy has been following me around the store making sure I don't talk to people and correcting my work. Which is fine but I wish she would have corrected my work in the 1st month when I couldn't remember what I was supposed to order. Now it's been 5 months, kind of late to undo all that I thought was right. Eh?
My good friend is transferring to the cheese department where she will be meeting her own kind of controlling insanity. Seriously, why do people insist on doing things the hard way, when it could be done the easy way? It just makes me kind of sad because working in a big store, I feel we should all have the same goal but it seems more like it's an us verses them mentality. I'm just there to do my job and do it to the best of my ability but when the full timer's don't do it when I'm not there, who makes up for it? It's seriously bad too. There are no sale signs in produce and tags are wrong left and right but I'm only one woman. One woman who works with a bunch of happy morons. Seriously I work with the nicest college and high school students now. We have a great time working but they haven't been trained properly and have no clue what they are doing! You can't really get mad at them because they are only trying to do what they think is correct!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Beadwork Studio

Another good friend of mine does amazing bead work/sculptural jewelry. The beads she uses are amazing, she collects the best antique beads she can find. She also uses high end findings and beads.
Here's one of her sculptural/jewelry pieces that she uses beads and I don't know if the fish are buttons or beads. Probably beads she has many connections in the beading world. This dragonfly necklace is amazing. It changes colors and I thought it was more purple blue than reds and blues. So surprise when I went to take a picture of it and it's red and blue. Also if the pictures look funny it's because I am behind the jewelry, pointing the camera into her cases. I had too much glare from the sunshine and glass.Here's a shot of barrettes, a sculptural vase and another necklace. She really tries to take her jewelry making to another level and it turns out fabulously. Check out Leah's' work here, where the pictures are better and you can see a variety of what she does!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Which I Write Of Nothing

So much has been happening here that I really couldn't even tell you all about it.  It would overwhelm and confuse you.  So I'll highlight the important things. I treated myself to these 2 shirts from Anthropologie!  They came today and I love both of them.  The Layered Rugby is a little tight in the hips but I may rip the seams on the side about 6 inches and put striped fabric in there so it looks intentional.  The Fine & Dandy Tee they sell at Garnet Hill but they are sold out in both colors I wanted and aren't getting anymore in.  Plus they cost $9 more.
I do love getting a paycheck every week.  I've started my Christmas shopping already.  I decided to look at Stitch 'N Bitch The Knitter's Handbook for my SIL.  I love it!  I almost want to keep it for myself but I won't.  It seems well written and she maybe able to teach herself to knit!  I will read more when I get a chance.  Also we are going to Rhinebeck in October!  I'm psyched and we have a place to stay.  Which is good because our only choice was a sleazy motel!  EWWW!
Taking care of 2 puppies is hard work!  Plus my schedule was all messed up this week.  The computers went down at the store and we had to fax our order and pay $200 to get it sent.  It was supposed to arrive Sunday night.  It didn't and I had napped so I didn't sleep until 12:30am.  Then I get a call from my  boss on Monday saying it was supposed to be in on Wednesday and could I work what I was scheduled.  It came in on Tuesday and I was asked to come in because it was 4000 pieces and another 6000 pieces were showing up the next day because she over order, not knowing the faxed order would show up.  So in 2 days we received 2 weeks worth of orders!!  Almost forgot the girl (aka woman) I work with who fainted in back!  She looks much better.  She doesn't like water and dehydration may have been the cause of her fainting episode!
Plus I pulled a muscle picking up my youngest yesterday!  She set me up, I swear.  She never asks to be carried and yesterday she told me she was too tired to get up.  So I pulled her into standing position and  picked her up.  Later on I felt stiff but after working an hour it had worked it's self out.  I re hurt myself today picking up the puppies to get them out of the rain because they like eating wet wood and rocks.  It's kind of bad, I can't turn my head to the right.  So I'm relaxing with some wine.  We are going to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  So I'm psyched!  

Thursday, August 21, 2008


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So today when I couldn't find my glue I decided to clean my one Tupperware drawer on wheels. It's probably Rubbermaid but it will always be Tupperware to me! Well I have a lot of stuff and not enough containers for it all. Some stuff is in plastic bags but the bags are too big and they always end up with holes in them. Not fun if you are dealing with beads and don't know about it. Especially when walking across a room.
So I decided to get some of the containers I have, that were empty and use them. I kept my phone box because I love how it folds up. Hand and hair gel containers hold beads. The red container is an old Sucrets locking box. In the middle is a tin ornament container plus a lip gloss tin which now holds my stitch markers. Then the blue and white container on the left is an old Everest gum container. I do love when manufactures use metal containers. I have more around the house but I didn't think you wanted to see my Altoids tins or the little Victoria Secret tin I got one Christmas that had little cinnamon mints in it.
I would like to decorate them and make them mine but can't decide how to. I thought decoupage or making shrinky dinks to glue on the outsides, tissue paper or even something else I haven't thought of.
So if you repurpose items what do you use and do you decorate them?
I finally started knitting one of the punk rock sock yarn skeins. I may have pictures but please don't hold your breath. Taking care of 2 puppies is kind of tiring. Plus I have until next weekend to work my 10pm-4am shifts. I can't wait to stop working at 4am. I'm hoping it will happen. I will have to get up at 7am to meet my SIL, to get her puppy. The puppies are doing great. We are only having minor accidents and that's because my daughter thinks it's more important to put on shoes than pick the puppy up. We explained to her that there is NOOO way the puppy will pee on her while she puts her shoes on. On the other hand the puppy may pee on the shoes she is putting on because he can. Then she will wish she picked him up!
Working the a partial overnight is kind of scary. The store is open 24/7 and we get some characters in there. Like last night this older gentleman comes in dressed like an undertaker and asks me if we sell underwear. Now I work in a grocery store and I don't know where he is from but this kind of thing is only found in department stores. So I thought he was some kind of pervert because I was getting that kind of eww feeling from him. You know where your brain goes WARNING, WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBINSON. Okay my brain doesn't say Will Robinson but the robot voice does go off in my head. Maybe he was talking about Depends but then why wouldn't you ask for adult underwear or Depends???