Thursday, August 21, 2008


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So today when I couldn't find my glue I decided to clean my one Tupperware drawer on wheels. It's probably Rubbermaid but it will always be Tupperware to me! Well I have a lot of stuff and not enough containers for it all. Some stuff is in plastic bags but the bags are too big and they always end up with holes in them. Not fun if you are dealing with beads and don't know about it. Especially when walking across a room.
So I decided to get some of the containers I have, that were empty and use them. I kept my phone box because I love how it folds up. Hand and hair gel containers hold beads. The red container is an old Sucrets locking box. In the middle is a tin ornament container plus a lip gloss tin which now holds my stitch markers. Then the blue and white container on the left is an old Everest gum container. I do love when manufactures use metal containers. I have more around the house but I didn't think you wanted to see my Altoids tins or the little Victoria Secret tin I got one Christmas that had little cinnamon mints in it.
I would like to decorate them and make them mine but can't decide how to. I thought decoupage or making shrinky dinks to glue on the outsides, tissue paper or even something else I haven't thought of.
So if you repurpose items what do you use and do you decorate them?
I finally started knitting one of the punk rock sock yarn skeins. I may have pictures but please don't hold your breath. Taking care of 2 puppies is kind of tiring. Plus I have until next weekend to work my 10pm-4am shifts. I can't wait to stop working at 4am. I'm hoping it will happen. I will have to get up at 7am to meet my SIL, to get her puppy. The puppies are doing great. We are only having minor accidents and that's because my daughter thinks it's more important to put on shoes than pick the puppy up. We explained to her that there is NOOO way the puppy will pee on her while she puts her shoes on. On the other hand the puppy may pee on the shoes she is putting on because he can. Then she will wish she picked him up!
Working the a partial overnight is kind of scary. The store is open 24/7 and we get some characters in there. Like last night this older gentleman comes in dressed like an undertaker and asks me if we sell underwear. Now I work in a grocery store and I don't know where he is from but this kind of thing is only found in department stores. So I thought he was some kind of pervert because I was getting that kind of eww feeling from him. You know where your brain goes WARNING, WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBINSON. Okay my brain doesn't say Will Robinson but the robot voice does go off in my head. Maybe he was talking about Depends but then why wouldn't you ask for adult underwear or Depends???


Bree said...

OMG - and now I recognize it! That's an enV2 box! I'm so jealous. I bought the enV in March, right before they quit making it AND right before they came out with the enV2! We just bought Shawn an enV2 and I'm sooooo jealous of both of you. :)

Hmmm, I think I just broke one of the commandments like eight times there... thou shall not covet...?

Dawn Elizableth said...

Oh you shouldn't jealous, I can tell you where they need to improve on it. What's the difference between them? I looked at my friend's enV before my husband got me the enV is there that much difference? I didn't notice but I know nothing about phones!

Anonymous said...

Way to organize!! ;) That's a wonderful feeling!