Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Want A Kitten!

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I've been meaning to blog about this for a while but I've been a tiny bit busy. I have had it with the puppy. He's not bad or anything, well naughty would be more like it. He gets into everything, eats my jade plant. Steals the sticks and then eats them out of the kindle box. Plus he's stinky. We have had a zap collar on him for a while now. He is very mouthy and when he hear's my youngest voice, it would set him off barking. No one wants to be awoken by loud barking. He has calmed the barking down and now we use it because my youngest voice also makes him hyper. He would hear the shrill over her voice when she was upset because he was nipping her or standing on top of her, etc... A few zaps when he gets out of line when he touches her the wrong way, works great.
He is a very good puppy but I like independent creatures. Ones I don't have to take out in the freezing cold and wait for them to finish their business. Animals who won't jump on me or pop my knee (I really do not like that) because they like to head butt. Creatures who I don't have to count the hours or minutes for when they need to be let out. Sounds like a child almost doesn't it!?!? 
He is a very good puppy for a 4 month old my SIL is very impressed with what we've done with him. He will not eat until you tell him to. I know you are questioning why would a dog need this control? For hunting, there are times when patience is need for getting a bird. It's for the dog's safety. You do not want a dog who can't wait because it could be jumping into a dangerous situation. Dogs have been so determined to go after a duck in the swamp and have been carried away by the current, to never come back. So it's really important for the owner to have control and the dog have the ability to wait.
This is day #2 for my youngest being gone! Woohoo. I've been straightening and taking pictures left and right. Wrapping Christmas gifts and folding fabric. Making lists, trying to catch up on sleep(hasn't happened yet), getting kits together, tried to teach my SIL how to knit on metal needles (she wants to make socks) and started the fireplace.
The trying not to heat the house didn't last, it snowed last week. It will snow again today and tomorrow. I can't keep myself warm enough in a 50 degree house. Thankfully it will be almost 60 for Halloween.
I just got this awesome pattern in the mail! The link says it's sold out but it's not yet as of today.  I can't wait to make a birthday dress for my youngest. She's turning 4 on Nov 10 and I think on the 11 or 12 is my 1 year blogiversary! I'm trying to think of give aways. Did I mention I'm trying to get rid of the clutter?
I hope everyone is staying warm. I finished my daughter's hat, it needs to be washed and stretched.

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