Sunday, November 30, 2008


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I'm waiting to go to work and everyone is sleeping, so I'm kind of bored.
I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Mine was great we go out to eat, so no one (my mother) isn't stressed or fighting. It's definitely not appropriate to fight in a restaurant or at least we couldn't do it. So it's safe happy family time! We went here if you want to know of an awesome place in NYS. Seriously the food fantastic. The choices caviar, duck pate, venison stew, roast beef, turkey, ham, lots and lots of side dishes. A whole entire table of desserts and a chocolate fountain to dip your strawberries in! Woohoo!
I spent most of today looking for USA made down jackets. I found a few places here and here.
Sorry, I found more Canadian places that make down coats.  Check out the link all of them have some type of animal fur on them.  I don't know if I could wear it because something had to die.  Some of them you have to order them before they will make them. Smart, no waste but I have a hard time finding jackets. Plus since I'm so small and do not generate heat very well I need something built for climbing the Mount Everest. I love Spyder jackets but for the price I'm not sure if I trust the quality because they are made in China. I do not mind spending $600-$700 because it will last me the rest of my life.
My old LL Bean Parka has seen better days and I could return it to get it repaired (zipper pull is missing and inner pockets fell apart) but I just don't feel right about it and in other 10 years it will do the same thing. So it's become my outdoor chore jacket and in covered in wood dust and splinters. So not something I really want to wear out because it's a mess.
Like the picture? It's the inside of my wood stove. I just love opening the door to see the fire burning, the hot coals or lack of wood burning going on. I took a few pictures because different parts of of the fire were so cool. It's hard to catch the flickering flames since they are constantly moving. I think some of the photos look flat and didn't make the cut.
BTW the kitten is adapting to our home life. She's a little mouthy but my husband pointed out she is just a baby and babies cry a lot. She just exercising her right to cry. She has found out where to sleep for the comfiest warm place in the house. So she spent all day there while I worked to feed her. Well her and the kids! If you want to see cute kitten shots click here or here.
I'm posting this without reading it and will fix the grammatical errors tomorrow. Plus it's probably incoherent. Sorry lack of sleep!

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