Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Death Of A Sock

So if you are a knitter, when do you decide to rip a sock and start over? I seriously do not like this sock pattern. My sock looks nothing like the sock in the book. Which irks me to no end! I've followed the pattern to a T and still I've had to rip and knit because the pattern lies! I even did the test swatch and everything thing. So it even makes me more mad because I never do test swatches! Personally I think it's a cable stitch that is used not a k1f&b, to make the stitch!
So you knitter's out there, you may recognize this pattern, maybe not. I'm probably going to commit knitter suicide or be sacrilegious to the person who wrote the book because she is huge in the knitting world. I'm not impressed with the book and I was totally psyched about it when I got it. Since then it's been like a bad relationship with an abusive boyfriend. I do what he says and still have to start the damn sock over! GRRR!
So I'm ripping the Christmas gift for my husband. The sock doesn't fit right and it looks odd!
I've started on a sock for my daughter instead, to regain my love for knitting! Of course it took forever for her to pick out the yarn but I'm digging it. It's slowly coming back, the love that is.
Guess what I did today to make myself feel better? I bought a wallet, a real leather wallet. I've been using one of those hippy change purses since I owned a purse but there's a time in every girl's life when she's got to move to a grown up wallet. I guess my time is now. Plus I will be able to tell when something is missing from my wallet. Not money, I don't keep money in my wallet! Ha! I would spend it. My money is in a box next to the phone and if you are thinking of robbing me there's only $26 for an emergency. Not worth breaking in for, so save yourself the trouble. It will probably gone for Christmas anyways! Or for the next Girl Scout meeting because they too like my money!

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emma said...

Well, if it was me I would probably rip it out. Unless I thought I could give them away to someone, I wouldn't want to waste time knitting them. There are too many great sock pattern out there. And it's nice yarn too. Maybe it just really wants to be a pair of gloves?