Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Gardens

McCoy Planter
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With the gardening season coming to an end, I bought this cute planter over the summer to help it continue. The little sprouts in it are lettuce and they seem to love where they are. They sprouted in a few days, unlike when they are outside where it takes a week.
I love salads with my meals, everyday if I had it my way. Once winter hits and the prices start to rise, well it's hard to stay in love with paying so much for lettuce. Doing research this summer on gardening led to an article on winter gardening. I wish I remembered what I was looking up so I could link it. It talked about bringing cool weather plants inside and raising them. Lettuce being one of those.
So I went on search for the perfect planter. I realized after searching for weeks that I wasn't going to be happy with anything new. So I went searching for antique planters and found this cutie. It's small but I think it's perfect for lettuce. It's by McCoy #2406, I think. I would have loved another one and will keep my eye out for one. It wasn't terribly expensive. I hear antique and think woah too much!
It's in the apartment kitchen and will get light from the left and behind. I think it's in the perfect spot and I hope to have pictures in the future of my indoor garden!

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emma said...

Hey, you should go see if your library has the boor Four Season Gardening - its all about using greenhouses and winter green to keep yourself in vegis all year round. I think you'd really like it.