Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birthday Scarf

Birthday Scarf
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Here's my brother's scarf that has been done for a while, just sitting in a pile of clean laundry. Not that, that happens often around here. lol
I made one last year for my other brother and it was so well received by the both brother's. Which means the oldest brother was fondling it telling me what a nice scarf it was and how warm it felt. It was a Linus moment from The Peanuts when Linus is fondling and loving his blanket. I felt bad that I didn't make him one last year.
So now he will be happy and content. Since it gets bloody cold around here and they live on a hill where it's always windy, I lined it with polar fleece.
I did make it to the Yankee Gift Exchange and I gave the gift I ended up getting away. I didn't want my heart getting broken by not getting a certain gift like some people did. Seriously there was a woman on the verge of tears because she didn't want to part with her gift. So I went for the gifts with the coolest wrapping. I ended up with nice ribbon, Dick and Jane fabric plus an angel box. I received very nice handmade ornaments but we don't do ornaments in our house. Why?! I just do not like ornaments on the tree and our tree is soooooo old, I'm afraid it would fall over from the weight of them. If you need to see pictures of our sad tree here they are. It's even worse this year because the girls put the tree together and strung the beads on. I put the lights on to counterweight the beading job but the tree has some serious leaning problems going on.
I'm hoping a cat will not decide that the tree looks good enough to climb! Hope everyone is having a great weekend

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emma said...

What a lovely scarf! And I really love the idea of lining it with fleece, It covers the "wrong" side of the cables and makes it more versatile. Very smart.
I have always wanted to do a Yankee Swap. We just swap Russian Jewish guilt instead. :)
Its not as much fun, I'm sure.