Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Which I Write Of Nothing

So much has been happening here that I really couldn't even tell you all about it.  It would overwhelm and confuse you.  So I'll highlight the important things. I treated myself to these 2 shirts from Anthropologie!  They came today and I love both of them.  The Layered Rugby is a little tight in the hips but I may rip the seams on the side about 6 inches and put striped fabric in there so it looks intentional.  The Fine & Dandy Tee they sell at Garnet Hill but they are sold out in both colors I wanted and aren't getting anymore in.  Plus they cost $9 more.
I do love getting a paycheck every week.  I've started my Christmas shopping already.  I decided to look at Stitch 'N Bitch The Knitter's Handbook for my SIL.  I love it!  I almost want to keep it for myself but I won't.  It seems well written and she maybe able to teach herself to knit!  I will read more when I get a chance.  Also we are going to Rhinebeck in October!  I'm psyched and we have a place to stay.  Which is good because our only choice was a sleazy motel!  EWWW!
Taking care of 2 puppies is hard work!  Plus my schedule was all messed up this week.  The computers went down at the store and we had to fax our order and pay $200 to get it sent.  It was supposed to arrive Sunday night.  It didn't and I had napped so I didn't sleep until 12:30am.  Then I get a call from my  boss on Monday saying it was supposed to be in on Wednesday and could I work what I was scheduled.  It came in on Tuesday and I was asked to come in because it was 4000 pieces and another 6000 pieces were showing up the next day because she over order, not knowing the faxed order would show up.  So in 2 days we received 2 weeks worth of orders!!  Almost forgot the girl (aka woman) I work with who fainted in back!  She looks much better.  She doesn't like water and dehydration may have been the cause of her fainting episode!
Plus I pulled a muscle picking up my youngest yesterday!  She set me up, I swear.  She never asks to be carried and yesterday she told me she was too tired to get up.  So I pulled her into standing position and  picked her up.  Later on I felt stiff but after working an hour it had worked it's self out.  I re hurt myself today picking up the puppies to get them out of the rain because they like eating wet wood and rocks.  It's kind of bad, I can't turn my head to the right.  So I'm relaxing with some wine.  We are going to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  So I'm psyched!  

Thursday, August 21, 2008


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So today when I couldn't find my glue I decided to clean my one Tupperware drawer on wheels. It's probably Rubbermaid but it will always be Tupperware to me! Well I have a lot of stuff and not enough containers for it all. Some stuff is in plastic bags but the bags are too big and they always end up with holes in them. Not fun if you are dealing with beads and don't know about it. Especially when walking across a room.
So I decided to get some of the containers I have, that were empty and use them. I kept my phone box because I love how it folds up. Hand and hair gel containers hold beads. The red container is an old Sucrets locking box. In the middle is a tin ornament container plus a lip gloss tin which now holds my stitch markers. Then the blue and white container on the left is an old Everest gum container. I do love when manufactures use metal containers. I have more around the house but I didn't think you wanted to see my Altoids tins or the little Victoria Secret tin I got one Christmas that had little cinnamon mints in it.
I would like to decorate them and make them mine but can't decide how to. I thought decoupage or making shrinky dinks to glue on the outsides, tissue paper or even something else I haven't thought of.
So if you repurpose items what do you use and do you decorate them?
I finally started knitting one of the punk rock sock yarn skeins. I may have pictures but please don't hold your breath. Taking care of 2 puppies is kind of tiring. Plus I have until next weekend to work my 10pm-4am shifts. I can't wait to stop working at 4am. I'm hoping it will happen. I will have to get up at 7am to meet my SIL, to get her puppy. The puppies are doing great. We are only having minor accidents and that's because my daughter thinks it's more important to put on shoes than pick the puppy up. We explained to her that there is NOOO way the puppy will pee on her while she puts her shoes on. On the other hand the puppy may pee on the shoes she is putting on because he can. Then she will wish she picked him up!
Working the a partial overnight is kind of scary. The store is open 24/7 and we get some characters in there. Like last night this older gentleman comes in dressed like an undertaker and asks me if we sell underwear. Now I work in a grocery store and I don't know where he is from but this kind of thing is only found in department stores. So I thought he was some kind of pervert because I was getting that kind of eww feeling from him. You know where your brain goes WARNING, WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBINSON. Okay my brain doesn't say Will Robinson but the robot voice does go off in my head. Maybe he was talking about Depends but then why wouldn't you ask for adult underwear or Depends???

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Emmett & Drake

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Well we were up all day, dropping the kids off to grandma's early and then driving to meet the puppies. My husband took lots of pictures on his camera and I played with the puppies. So I didn't take any until we went back to surprise the girls.
So here they are Emmett & Drake with my daughter's and SIL, plus pants of my MIL and husband. Yeah I'm good at taking pictures. So Emmett is the liver colored puppy (brown) and he is my SIL's. Drake's the black one and ours.
Weeks ago my husband made me choose a boy and I refused to, until I finally broke down and told him black one green collar. Guess I was right. I knew he'd be ours when he sat on my lap for a good 10 minutes watching his brothers and sisters play.
Last night wasn't terrible, he slept in bed with us and got up a few times to pee outside, of course.
I offered to help my SIL out and have her bring Emmett over here during the day so he potty trains quicker. The puppy has a bladder of steel or at least that's what my daughter is making me believe. She takes him out he didn't pee. So it will be crazy hectic until they mature a little.
Status of the cats, hissing up a storm and acting like big babies!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I Made Stitch Markers!

stitch markers
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Look what I made today. Stitch Markers! I'm finally ready to knit myself a pair of socks and I needed like 5 markers. So I decided to try my hand at making some. It was pretty easy, it just took me forever because I was multi-tasking up a storm. They will certainly do the job!
Tomorrow we go to pick up the puppies plus the mom. We'll get to see where my SIL grew up. It sounds pretty cool and I get to dress way down. We will be mucking around in swamps and ponds. There are 80 ponds on the property! 80!!! I do not think we will get to see them all. Well I have to bring a change of clothes and pack my knitting bag!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Break Through

I feel that when I mention my oldest daughter it may be in negative light.  I don't mean it to be it's that she is not like normal children of her age.  She's always been high strung, high energy, explosive, emotional up and down.  Then on the flip side she can be compassionate, caring, sweet and the best helper a mother asks for.
My husband and I have discussed her ups and downs, her mood swings, her loudness and her resistance to change.  She was diagnosed with a hearing problem 2 years ago but we were told that she would grow out of it.  I think there is more that was over looked.  Ever since she was 3 she has flapped like an autistic child but she is very social unlike being autistic.  She has a very hard time reading people and while a look to a normal child will let them know to cut it out.  She on the other hand needs many verbal reminders.  When she finally realizes it she breaks down and cries, which isn't normal behavior.  
We could have her tested and be confirmed that she has Aspberger's.  Then she has a label that there really isn't a cure for.  Then she may feel that she's not right and be harder on herself than she already is.  She knows that she's different and she's okay with it.  
She was gone for 11 days and since she got back we have had our moments of butting heads and the emotional coaster rides she gets when she doesn't understand what it is she is doing is wrong.  On the good side I think it maybe sinking in that, some of what she does, does effect others around her.  That the world doesn't revolve around her and how her words do hurt others and she should think about what she says and does.  
We've been working on having her try to verbalize more than cry and throw a tantrum.  She doesn't quite get it sometimes but this week she finally did.  I let her watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Youtube.  I told her it was so close to her bed time that she could only watch 10 minutes of it.  So when one part was up that was it.  When time came, she was very upset and told me she hated me.  I reminded her what the deal was and why she was done for the night.  She went away and came back and apologized.  She was sorry for saying it and really didn't mean it.  I told her I understood how she felt but she needs to think before she speaks.  I know this really may not seem like a big deal to some but if you knew what hard times we've had with her not being explosive and crying, you would be proud too.  
It's a small step but it's a step I hope she can take to school with her and apply to her friends.  She doesn't explode in school, thank goodness but she does have a hard time not playing the same thing over and over again.  She seriously won't give up trying to persuade everyone to play what they've been playing.  I'm hoping when they say "No it's time for something else." she will go with the flow and not be stuck on repeat!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that things are finally starting to click!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sometimes I Wish I Had Thought About What I Was Doing

Yarn tangle
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Do you see this mess I'm in? I was trying to separate this into 2 balls of yarn. So I could know when to stop knitting my socks. Unfortunately fate was against me and it didn't quite work out that way. I did have a baby grab the yarn from the middle and pull. That's probably when I should have stopped knitting to see what my gauge was and wound it up. Of course I couldn't do it because I was at swim lessons and there's no room to make a mess.
So now I sit at home and calmly struggle with this heap of spaghetti! I've also been working on Christmas gifts. I'm making my SIL a pin cushion, which is going in a total different direction than I thought but it looks better now.
My daughter is back from her trip and is being forced to sort through her old clothes. There's been tears, tantrums and outbursts of what a horrible mother I am. She got to pick out all her school clothes without me, so she should be happy. Her sister is getting her clothes, so it's not like her favorites are leaving the house. It's so unfair but the child has more clothes than I do. She even has more clothes than my husband, who has more clothes than I do. Now that is unfair!
Tuesday is the day we are going to get the puppy. The plan is to drop the girls off at my MIL and go to where they've been living. Then play and wait around while they get tested to see who will make the cut to be the best show/hunting dog. I'm slightly excited.
I'm also thinking about not working till 4am. It's seriously doing me in. I have no motivation because I'm bloody tired! I've been to the doctor and everything is great. I just require 9 hours of sleep and haven't been getting it or catching up to it. School starts soon and that means I will probably be up early with my youngest. So my catching up time gets very limited.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Thinking About Christmas

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I know Christmas is still months off but I need to think about gifts now and plan. It's so hard because I love buying things for the girls but then hate to have to pick it up after Christmas. Repetitively pick it up everyday. So I think I'm going to go the crafting route/storage. I really like this but it's made in China. I know what I would love to include in this basket Smencils. Aren't these Smencils cool? It reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Plus I have Amanda Soule's Creative Family book and I need to make the pencil cases that she has in the book. I can probably easily make 2 easily for each girl. One for pencils and one for crayons.
I would like to get my oldest into embroidering but I need to find a book that is suited for her age. I have a sewing basket already that I bought a few years ago. I bought her Wee Wonderfuls Fairy Stitchette's but I can't get her interested in the free download. So they may have to wait. Or I may make her something with them but I do not know what!
Then my SIL wants to learn to knit. I taught myself to knit so I guess I could buy her yarn and needles and teach her. She'll need a book for reference to teach her because you know she's going to drop stitches or not realize she's purling when she should be knitting. So I need to find a how to knit book. Any suggestions????

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Fabulous Mission Guild

The fabulous power couple of Mission Guild is who I'm reviewing next for the artists I love! They are an awesome husband and wife team who do everything, seriously. James and Christie are like the Renaissance all over again. They do furniture, clay tiles, wooden frames, stained glass, painting and I'm sure there's something I'm missing. I love them and their work. Sometimes I would love to go home with them just to see them at work! When they do a show they have a huge truck and trailer because they make so much stuff! I know they work hard at everything they do and it shows!Here's a display of their tiles. Mostly acorns, pine cones, trees, a bear, one that says art and one with head, heart, hand.
So what if you don't want tiles, well they make tiles big enough for frames and they have some of their smaller tiles in frames. I love the lines of their frames. Not plain and boring but artistically interesting in themselves.
Tiles in frames not your thing, well here's more on chains. Aren't they too cute! Plus if you don't like landscapes or nature, more words and celtic knots!
I love the ginkgo tiles! One of my favorites. I took more pictures of their furniture but for some reason it wasn't on my camera. If you like to see more of their fabulous work check it out here! Some of their awesome furniture is here. Some day I would like these chairs for my dining room with a table to match. I hope you enjoyed looking at their stuff! If you ever get a chance to see them at a show, it's worth it!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Still Sew!

school shirt
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I finished this before my daughter left for Colonial Williamsburg, VA. It's for school and it's Simplicity 2879 Hannah Montana pattern. I honestly didn't like anything except this and another pattern by That's so Raven. I was originally looking for a button down shirt but it doesn't exist. Not yet anyway, in the summer season. I really like it but the neck needs to be bigger. I don't think my daughter has a disproportionately large head but she can't fit it over her head very easily. Also I may have skimped on taking the neck slit down as far as it should go. I thought it was a little risque for a child and she did too! She's at that stage where she doesn't want to be seen by anyone undressing!
I am going to play with this pattern and make this shirt from Mini Boden. Have I mentioned I love Boden! I received their woman's catalog and there are so many cute things for me too. I'm tempted to buy their Biker Jacket, it's waterproof. It's $148 though. I am working 30 hour weeks for 3 weeks in a row. Or I could wait for it to go on sale! HMM.
So my husband and I went to Graycliff this weekend for our late anniversary gift! I didn't find it as architecturally fascinating as the Darwin Martin House but the guy talked about how Frank Lloyd Wright was a player! Plus he was constantly poor, so it was a more personal tour with all the interesting down and dirty stuff that you don't hear about! I took tons of pictures and I'm hoping they all came out. We couldn't take pictures of the inside which was okay because only sections have been finished. The parts that haven't were quite a mess. Hopefully I will get those up on flickr later this week!
The view though is absolutely beautiful for Lake Erie! You can see Canada, the Niagara Falls mist when the weather is right. We were lucky enough to see a thunderstorm roll in from Canada. It was really cool!
Some sort of exciting off the top of my head news.  I may have received a call from a famous actor.  I'm not positive but his voice sounded familiar and he was kind of secretive about placing an order plus his name isn't that common.  I guess we'll find out if the order ever arrives.  Also my husband maybe on PBS for an Arts & Crafts special.  Not sure yet but the guy is coming by tomorrow to talk to my husband and maybe film.  After doing this for 11 years we've learned to not hold our breaths about this stuff.  We receive calls all the time and not much comes of most of them.  So we shall see.  Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I work midnight to 4am and then I get to sleep!  Sleep 2 nights in a row!  I don't know if I'll be able to after all this goofy sleep schedule!