Friday, December 26, 2008

Enjoying My Time

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This was the best Christmas ever! That was said by my ten year old who is in love with her Smencils!!! She was disappointed at my mother's because she was given stuff she thought she wouldn't be into. Now that she's read the whole Spiderwick series (Yes, she reads that fast) she's much much happier! Plus she received a Fairy tale. Literally it's a book about a fairy or two, it won a Newbury Award.
So if I haven't plugged them enough already, Smencils should on everyone's Christmas list next year. I can already tell my girls are going to need new ones next year! They've been drawing up a store and sharpening away!
I am so in love with this kitten! She is seriously the best kitten I have ever had. She's a lover and sometimes a fighter. She loves to sit and my lap and sleep. Which is what is currently what she's doing. I hate to move her so I decided to blog! She loves being pet but don't touch her belly or she will cut your hand off! I'm so glad my husband told me that the farm we go to was giving away kittens!
This year my daughter's Girl Scout troop has picked the SPCA to be their organization to support. Last meeting they made cat and dog toys for the animals. They will be going to deliver them in January and have a tour of the facilities. With times being tough for us, the animals have it even rougher. Pets get abandoned at alarming rates because people can't afford to take care of them anymore. I'm sure you've read stories nation wide and local. So this holiday season give your pet companion some extra love! They need it too!

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