Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cute tree

Cute tree
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Is this the most adorable tree you've ever seen? We pass it almost everyday when we are out for our evening walk. My husband needs to lower his cholesterol and well I'm just lazy and could use the exercise.
I love how it just looks like it's saying "Look at me, don't I look beautiful?" Well we passed it today and it's loosing all those lovely blooms. So it's not that pretty right now. I wish I knew what it was. I really would like one!
We have been busy here. On Sunday we received a delivery of 10 cords of wood. It's cheaper to buy it now for the winter. So we stacked a pallets worth and then went to work on the 2nd one. It's easier to stack long pallets than short square pallets. We gave up and are looking for more pallets. We haven't given up on the pallet just taking a break to figure out how to stack it the best.
This week has turned cold and of course my garden is growing! I had to tarp the beds, the last 2 nights because of frost. This morning when I went to take the tarps off, the chicken water was frozen. Glad I took the extra measures and protect the beds. Of course the end of the week will be much warmer. Not summer here yet but spring weather. So much to do. Whew!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Great Surprise

Thin Mint Cookies
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Look what I received today from Emma at femblog! It was the best gift to help cheer me up on a sad day. I'll tell you first why it was sad.
When I was in 3rd grade I bought myself a kitten book and fell in love with Abyssinian cats. I wanted one my whole entire life but it never happened because my mother doesn't like cats.
When I got married my husband bought me an Abby. She passed away this morning. She's been fighting cancer for 2 years and it finally got her. I will miss her dearly, she was the most affectionate cat I've ever had. Loved people. She would greet everyone who came through the door and demand they pet her. She was definitely a touch whore! If you didn't pet her she would make it so she would use her body to make you pet her. It was sweetly pathetic.
Now on to the awesome cookies. They are yummy Thin Mint cookies. More cakie than Thin Mints which I like. We had freakishly hot weather today so they were melting when they arrived. Some of them are covered chocolate. Plus the cute little paisley card apologizing that they took forever. I think they were timed perfectly. Plus I adore paisley.
Thanks Emma for brightening my day!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Cathedral Vase
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Getting together with artisans, crafters talk usually leads to quality of work. Your work, other people's work and then to the state of the economy. How the economy is doing effects how your shows go.
I try to buy quality and support local artist's and crafts people. It is very hard to do it all the time. I prefer buying US made items when I shop. Whether it's for the studio, house or just something we need. I find that it's getting harder and harder these days to support products made in our country.
I do have a problem with people undercutting themselves and refuse to buy things because it's cheap. I've noticed on Etsy that somethings are way too cheap. I don't think it's fair to the person selling an item, to only make $2 an hour or less. Plus I feel that undercutting is going to hurt someone who is charging what it should be make a sale. People will compare and think the better quality/fair wage item is overpriced even though it is priced appropriately.
I wouldn't mind buying products out of country if I knew they are paying their workers a fair wage. Unfortunately it's not the case. I feel that being so picky makes me a snob. I do care how my spending effects others. I feel that things need to change and that consumers need to be educated about their purchases.
I know my husband and I are very grateful for having customers who truly appreciate what he does. We have had people pick up items at shows and scoff at the price and walk away immediately. I don't think they see the hours he puts into each item he makes. The blood, sweat and sometimes tears when he's missed his mark with his hammer and hits his thumb. Maybe not tears but a mouthful of swears definitely. I've been there and done it many times myself. I can tell you what hammer you do not want to have an accident with and which ones are more forgiving.
I'm bringing this up because I got the lights for closet and was disappointed slightly. They are like a Monet painting. Where it looks beautiful from faraway but as you get closer you notice the little inconsistencies of the quality of work. I'm not saying that Monet did crappy work. I'm just saying his work is meant to be viewed from faraway and if I buy something I want it to look good close up and faraway. Anyways, I look on the box and where is it made, China. It is beautiful and I'm going to keep it, but I think I could do a better job myself. I may because I have at least 3 more closets to remodel and they will need lighting!
The point of this post is that every action has a reaction and I hope that is what you get out of this... Is next time you go to buy something, think about what you are buying and the effects it has on the world around you. I also hope you have a greater appreciation of what people incorporate into what they make. You aren't just buying a material item but also a piece of them.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Apron Top Dress
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Sunday's are a very lazy day here. Especially when it threatens to rain. It's been doing it off and all day. It better rain because I'm not in the mood to water the gardens.
I planted seeds in the second bed yesterday. A note to myself, never ever, ever, plant seeds on the hottest day in spring. How hot is the hottest day in spring? It was 85 outside. Too hot to be messing around in the dry dirt. I'm stubborn so I had to get them in. Even though the hose broke and water was pouring out of it. I still had to do it even though everything was working against me.
I also finished my daughter's apron top dress a few days ago. We took pictures today in the dreariness. It looks cheerful though. I really like it. She wanted a more grown up look. So no pleats in front but I did a gather the fabric in back. Just slightly.
What does one do on a lazy Sunday, nothing. Well we did go and pick up milk at the farm. We took my SIL and had a good time. Everything was out today. Cows, chickens, etc... So we pet the cute calves and talked about the different varieties of chickens. We are guessing that they have show chickens. There were a bunch of roosters and hens strutting around showing off their gorgeous plumes in a separate pen.
Also I realized that I get my food from 3 different organic farmers. We have a fruit and beef share with one. Another one we get vegetables and chickens. Then we get a milk share and whatever else they are offering depending on the weather. This week is was raw sugar, grapefruit and eggs. Last time they had potatoes and in the summer their vegetable stand will be open and they make yummy baked goods. I'm glad we live in an area where we have choices to get the freshest food possible.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Winners

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It was a hard decision (not really), I've decided everyone is a winner who left comments for the contest. I figured it wouldn't be fair since my daughter's would be pulling the names and they know 2 of the people who commented. They adore both people, so everyone wins. Congrats to everyone and thank you for your comments!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let the Gardening Begin

Marbelized eggs
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It's that time of year again. Do I start to garden or not?! I decided to start, the planting of the seeds. Yesterday to be exact. Even though on Sunday we had snow! Then today light frost.
I'm a gambling woman and looking at the forecast. It's going to be 70 this week. If I wait, I may miss the cool weather vegetables prefect planting time. Besides they like cool weather, they should be fine I hope. So in went peas, broccoli, spinach, beets and radishes.
I also worked on rotating the dirt for my second bed that is 6' by 25' or some where around there. It's big! My only problem my chickens. They haven't been interested in the bed yet and have left my garlic alone that is coming up. Unfortunately, I know my chickens and they are sneaky. Not that I can blame them, yummy seeds. It would send any bird brain into a psychotic frenzy.
So I put bird netting over the first bed. I lent my other netting to my neighbor who planted hostas and the chickens just had to go and dig up around them. So I'm left with a very limited amount of netting. What is a gardener to do? I have a few weeks to figure out when to plant the warm weather seeds. Also hope that more bird netting magically appears to cover my huge bed.
So what are you going to plant this year?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Apron Top

I finished the apron top a few days ago but I couldn't get my youngest to try it on.  So I did the next best thing, forced asked my oldest to model it for me. The thing about 10 year olds is they are goofier than goofy. So it took a while to get her goofiness out of her before we got a decent picture. See how her hands are just aching to do something silly! She's definitely going to make boys cry with her sarcasm too!
This pattern definitely works for both children which is great because there is a 7 year span between them. I'm very close to finishing the purple one for my oldest. The youngest is wearing top today but I'm going to make a few minor changes before I take a picture of her wearing it.
I also went and had my hair cut today. I have Harry Potter hair and while it looks cute on him, it just doesn't work for me. My hair stylist has been cutting my hair like I style it every day. Which hasn't worked out lately. It grows fast and has those awkward teenage moments when it doesn't look good. I told her that I wanted to work with the wave that I have. Fighting it only seems to make my hair throw a tantrum like a 2 year old wanting a cookie. It sticks out like it's flailing around. So we went for the messy/I just had sex hair. It seems to work for me. Sorry there's no picture of it because she used her curl stuff and it doesn't work as good as my curl stuff. So maybe never, will you see what Harry Potter's hair looks like on a woman!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Birthdays and How They Count, Fairy Give Away

Windmill Sunset
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Here's a picture of the turbine farm at sunset. We just made it at sunset to get a few pictures of them across the hill. They look like hydras off in the distance. Or maybe people doing yoga.
So today I turn 34 which is no big deal to me. I know some day I will cringe to say how old I am. Plus once people reach a certain age, mentally they change their thinking. So you start hearing about aches, pains and problems. I'm not saying they aren't real but if you didn't know how old you were, would these things still occur?
My neighbor is 97 and just started slowing down last year. She broke her leg and doesn't want a repeat performance. She uses a walker and she is still optimistic and funny. I wish I could visit her more but there's no way I'm going over when there's a cold floating around our house.
I propose a new system of counting how old we are. So I'm 34, take that and add the 2 numbers together. So that makes me 7 this year. Which means I'm older than my mother who is turning 6, lucky woman. I think people will be less age focused and start acting younger than they are.
Also I have an easier time remembering a single digit number than a double digit. For the last year I forgot I was 33. When ever I was asked I had to do the math. It seriously isn't important unless you are waiting to become president or for social security. So less worrying and start feeling younger today! Because you aren't that old! How old does that make you?
Almost forgot please leave a comment in this post and/or the last post to be entered into the fairy give away.  You have until next Wednesday to post.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sculpture Plus Give Away

This hanging ornament is the sculpture above the fireplace at Bully Hill. It's actually functional because it has 2 lights that work, well that are supposed to work. The one on the right burned out and they haven't replaced it. Unfortunately I was more interested in that light because of the green, clear and purple blown glass combination. I'm sure it looks cool when lit. I also love that it has a dragonfly on the right. The sculpture is more detailed than my picture can do it justice.
So today is the 1st day of the fairy give away. All you have to do is comment once only in this post and tomorrow's post. I will toss all the names in a hat and my girls will probably fight over who gets to pick. So good luck.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Birthday Surprise

After last year's birthday fiasco, I had low hopes for this year. But wait, my husband set up the best surprise! We went to Bully Hill Vineyards with my brother and SIL! I totally was surprised and didn't find out until an hour before we had to leave. Lucky for him because 1 minute later my MIL showed up to babysit.
We saw some really cool things along the way.
Well this is the coolest. We went through a wind turbine farm and it was so surreal. These turbines are gigantic and I just felt like giant's should be walking around among these.
When we finally arrived at Bully Hill and this was our view from the parking lot! Just beautiful! It was off season, so we couldn't eat at the restaurant but they did have a nice sit down area with appetizers.
This is where we sat, plus everyone was super nice and turned the fireplace on. We tried probably 10 wines all together and decided on buying these.
The Aurore, Pink Cawtaba, Ravat 51 and Traminette. They are all sweet wines and have really nice fruit after tastes. I don't know anything about wine but I really like these. They are pleasant with NO oak after taste. The oakie taste made me feel a little nauseous when I tried those.
Remember the next 2 days of posting, I will be putting the names in a hat and choosing a winners for the 2 fairies. Fairy #3 is still missing but I maybe able to find something else to give away.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Anthropologie Love and Give Away

I received my Anthropologie catalog yesterday and I am in love with some of the things in there! I do have a love/hate relationship and this is one of those love times. I adore this green dress with the crocheting on the hem. If you have to have it, buy it here Caravanserai Dress.
Next dress is this cute Enija Lotus Dress, while it's not in the catalog it did catch my eye on line. I love the colors and the silouette of it, very retro

This dress is just amazing Volubilis Dress. You have to check out the hem online and I love the detailing on the waist! Only problem is for me anyways, it says 57" in the description, does that mean every dress is 57" long? I'm petite so it would be nice to know. Not that I can afford it.
Last up, is this too cute for words Colorfield Cardigan! I love the ruffles on the sides of the buttons and the cute little flowered accent. Can you tell that I wanted to go into fashion when I was younger? I seriously did. I even had a portfolio and everything. Watched Style with Elsa Klensch religiously. Did I mention I was like 16. I would still like a job in fashion. I would love to review clothes, so if you work for Anthropologie. I'm your woman!
Now to the good stuff. On my birthday or maybe I'll make it the day before my birthday and my birthday, I will be giving away 2 fairies maybe 3 if I can find the 3rd one to this set. To qualify all you have to do is comment on those two days. Comment once each day and check in to win. My birthday is April 9th.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sneak Peek

I was going to wait until it was finished but it's looking so freaking cute that I couldn't resist taking pictures when I was doing some measuring.
These are made from all the scraps that my neighbor gave me. It's an apron top that she will hopefully be able to keep for a long time. It's dress length now but as she grows, it will become more of a halter top. It still needs the ties on top, hemming and the back needs to be figured out. Hopefully in 2 days it will be done. Not that the weather is even remotely summer like. It was at 10am but by 6pm when we went for our evening stroll, it was freezing again. Yeah spring!