Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Art Supply Caddy

Art Supply Caddy
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Here's the Christmas gifts that almost didn't make it. They still need handles but they made it in time for Christmas. I do like the simple design. It worked really well with what I bought and placed in them. Good guessing on size and great job on the work from my husband!
I've had the last 3 days off and I've just been relaxing and trying to catch up on my sleep from working the 10pm-6:30am shift on Sunday. I'm hoping my boss won't do that again! Seriously I was miserable.
On the upside, I finished my hat and will have pictures soon? I do have to sew in the loose threads but that's nothing.
Working on socks for my oldest and I maybe able to mark something off my 2009 list! Woohoo!
Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year!

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emma said...

Happy New Year! Tell your husband that the boxes are beautiful. That is one thing about not lving in a city - more space! I like woodworking but don't because I have nowhere to do it.
Wishing you a happy year - hopefully one with no more night shifts!