Friday, May 30, 2008

The Universe

The universe is out to get my left foot. Why the left one, I don't know. Today is the 2nd time this week something has been dropped on that foot! Luckily it just missed the original bruise. I have to go to work this evening and I'm hoping there will be no more accidents.
Next Saturday I'm supposed to go to a wedding. Did I ask off for that day?!? No, I accidentally put down July 4th. Why did I, no clue again. I called this morning to tell my boss about my mistake but she wasn't there. So I talked to whomever was in charge. I'm hoping I get off, well sort of. It's a Catholic ceremony and I have a fear of churches. They make me feel uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. Nothing ever bad happened to me in them. Unless you count all the hours of kneeling and sitting I did as a little girl. I just don't like them. It's more like the idea of them that creeps me out. Putting your faith into something that may not be around forever. It maybe true, it may not be.
I have seriously backed out of going to churches tons of times since I've been married. The only one I stayed the whole through the whole ceremony was my best friends wedding. It just wouldn't look good if one of the maids of honor left mid ceremony!
This picture is a close up of the shoulder for the summer dress. The dress buttons and snaps here for easy on and off. I'm wondering if I should have added a beak now.
I only had 3 hours of sleep yesterday after I got home from work. I could have stayed in bed but once your mother calls you, I just feel obligated to start the day. So I put on my I'm really happy to be awake smile and voice. I received many compliments on how awake I sounded. Do I usually sound tired after 9 hours of sleep? Which is what I really need to make me feel rested. As I pointed out to my husband women are really good at faking it. Which upsets him but he's seen When Harry Met Sally. Who can forget the restaurant scene in that! I think women can easily disguise what they are really feeling to appear to be what they aren't. I'm not saying I do it all the time. I just knew if I didn't change how I really felt that it would just be another crappy day. It worked until 7pm, when it was bed time, well at least I could have gone to bed!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Dress

Summer Dress
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Here's my newest dress creation. It's a summer dress but boy it's still chilly here. I'm still using all the scraps from my neighbor and the trim on the bottom is left over ribbon from some project. I thought this dress worked out perfectly. On the shoulder is a little bird button/snap combination. It's a little big but she will be able to wear this for quite some time.
It's gorgeous out here. We are having frost warnings this morning and tomorrow. I've been tarping my gardens at night. After all that hard work, I refuse to let mother nature take my seedlings. I also saw a hummingbird chasing a robin yesterday morning. I'm wondering if there is a nest in the tree? I put out the hummingbird feeder but don't know if we will have any takers. It's not your typical feeder, it's more for human appreciation not bird usefulness. There is a town wide garage sale happening in a few weeks. I maybe able to pick up one from there.
I also received these lovely glass pitchers that I've been wanting for a while!  I've slowly been phasing out the plastic in the house and have been searching for glass containers everywhere.  I wanted this one but it's out of stock.  They look exactly the same so I'm happy.  We eat a lot of fermented food items and they are supposed to be kept in glass.  If you can't find it, you can't buy it.  This should work out great to fit into the fridge door.  A big plus because many containers I found were round and it just doesn't work out unless you own a round fridge.  I also like the fact that it has a wide mouth so I can get in there to scrub.  I love when thought has gone into a product and it's easy to use plus clean.  

Monday, May 26, 2008

2nd Week

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I've made it through the 2nd week of work and I'm still alive. Of course it does help that they've changed many things in the one department. It seems like things are changing also in the other one I work too.
Things not to do at work because you will regret them later. Do not drop heavy objects on your foot. I accidentally knocked over a scan gun on the desk and it fell on my foot. I have a lovely bruise and boy does it freaking hurt! I was limping today earlier but I've blocked out the pain. I also twisted wrong unloading things off a pallet and popped my rib out. It sounds gross but when you have scoliosis it's very easy to do. I knew my back was slightly out but this morning when I twisted the wrong way and popped my hip out. It just means my right leg is 1/2 inch longer than the left. I have to remember to not twist my upper half or is it my lower half? Of course my chiropractor is going out of town on Thursday for 2 weeks, so I'm trying to get an appointment.
My big boss from my first department worked with us this weekend and I feel so bad for her. You can't expect young teenagers to care about getting the job done right and on time. Sometimes you find one who cares and gets the job but mostly they just want to goof off and have fun. The one kid was not completing his work and leaving notes saying he didn't get it. Well when my boss explained it to him, he did it and then didn't put the work it where belonged. She was livid! I came in twice when he was getting yelled at. He never apologized and then he got mouthy back at her. I don't know if he will get fired or what but I feel like I was thrown into a pit and was just trying to escape!
It's kind of like this tent caterpillar. Cute and innocent looking but put it on a tree and it will devour it!
I hopefully will get projects that have been hanging around done. A dress, pants, an appliqué and a box. I'm also thinking about starting a flickr group for scarp quilting clothes. I should see if there are any first.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ah Help?!

Ruffle Skirt
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Here's another view of the skirt. I love how the batik looks on this one! Plus the ruffles too. If you are wondering what my daughter is pointing at, it's a tent caterpillar. I thought they were cute harmless caterpillar's all my life and they turns out to be tree eaters. So we have lots. D'oh!
So now my plea for help. My husband has decided to leave the anniversary plans up to me this year. Ugh! Actually he said I should take care of the plans for the next decade because he had the first decade. I think because we are already into decade number 2 by 2 years he should continue.
I need 12 year anniversary plans. Nothing fancy or cost prohibitive. I know there are fun things locally but are they anniversary worthy? We are so starved for alone time without kids that I think we would be happy to sit together in a park during a thunderstorm. I think I would be happy with any suggestions. It doesn't have to be memorable just enjoyable. Also time constrictions are a factor because I need to find a babysitter too.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ruffle skirt

Ruffle skirt
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The sun actually came out today and I finished the newest skirt for my youngest. I decided to try something new and added a ruffle on the bottom of this skirt. You can't see it very well in this picture but I have others. I will post them later on.
With all the rain this weekend my girls were playing Mary Poppins. My youngest insisted it still might rain, so out came the umbrella. I think it completes the outfit.
I have a wedding the first weekend of June and a Bridal Shower the weekend before. My husband wants to give a gift certificate to his business but I'm thinking maybe Homekeeping by Martha Stewart.
I actually read the whole thing! It has so much great information that I may buy it as a bridal gift. They are rushing the wedding because they are buying a house. Houses get bought up quickly where they are moving, so I understand the rush. They also have been engaged forever so it's not surprising that it would happen this quickly.  So I thought it would be a perfect bridal/house gift.  They are asking for gifts from Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond.  

Monday, May 19, 2008

Co-Dog Owner

We are talking about co-owning a dog with my SIL.  Her dog is going to have puppies and she wants to keep a male and a female.  Problem is that she will have 3 puppies and 2 dogs.  Too much for her and my brother to take care of.  So we will take the male to raise but she will train him for dog shows and send him away for hunt training.  We are only in the "talking" part of our conversation.  I'm not a dog person.   Well I like dogs but other people's dogs.  I like to get them all crazy and leave.  Yeah, I'm going to be a great grandmother.  I think this will work because we won't have the dog constantly and will have a sitter for when we go on business trips.  Win, win.  Plus my youngest loves my SIL's dog and I'm sure will be thrilled when we tell her we are getting a puppy.  My oldest is still afraid of dogs.  I can't blame her.  She was cornered by a pit bull and her arm was chewed on.  She's been untrustworthy of dogs, since then.  It was 3 years ago but she's still jumpy and scared.  
On a positive note I talked to my 2nd manager and told her how I really enjoyed working for her department last night.  She's going to see if my 1st manager will let her have me for more hours.  Yeah I'm bloody tired but no stress.  No stress is good!
I've been listening to this song today to keep me awake.  It's so funny!  How can you not be in a good mood!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The First Week

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So I worked one full week and ugg! I'm so tired and I should be making dinner. In my defense I had a terrible night's sleep. Followed by getting up before the alarm went off for work.
I woke up before the sun rose today! Oh yeah! My favorite part is listening to the little birdies start chirping. I imagine it sounds something like this. Psst, it's light, wake up. What!? Light cool, I'm hungry. Hey you gotta wake up it's light the day is starting! And so on.
Remember I said teenagers were a hoot?! Well they are also insecure and control freaks. Yesterday I was asked politely if I would be leaving after the summer. I said no, I wasn't leaving until I quit whenever that is. It was then followed by a "Well I didn't mean anything by it." I laughed and told him that I understood he was worried about getting hours. He works as a cashier also and hates it. Being a cashier is torture. I've never been a cashier for this company but any job that won't let you go to the bathroom, is not my type of job!
This morning I was told to put up tags and handed many piles. Okay I can do that. They were given to me by the 2nd in charge! So no problem with that. I then get a page by another girl in the department. Who tells me after I put up tags in the aisle I should walk the aisle to see if there are any tags that aren't supposed to be up. I still have a friend who works at the store and know that it's not the case and so I tell her I thought that was done after all the tags were done. She was no, it's not. Then I end it with fine I can do that.
Not even 5 minutes later her henchman comes over and tells me the same exact thing. I tell him that I understood it the first time, I can handle the concept of what she told me to do. He tells me that she didn't think I understood. No I understood alright, she doesn't want to walk the aisles later on so I being low woman on the totem pole should be her bitch. I think I made him feel uncomfortable because I was cocky while thinking the last sentence in my head and told him yeah I got it. He countered with, yeah she's weird. I laughed to myself because I'm not the one who's doing her bidding. Pot meet kettle.
So I'm not a game player, team yes, games no. I told the 2nd in charged and she confirmed that I should ignore her. Which I'm going to have to do. I was trying to work and as soon as #2 left the store she pages me, which means I have to find a phone. To call her back and then explain what I'm working on. It was kind of complicated and she didn't understand. I really didn't want to give her the whole story. Since she is not my boss I'm not going to answer her pages. It's not going to bode well for our friendship but hey I'm there to work.
On a total side note. I realized that this grocery chain is VERY environmentally unfriendly. Yes they have canvas bags to put the last weeks sale tags in but the new tags are so bad. They went from being paper stickers to laminated stickers. Plastic does not break down like paper does. So I'm creating garbage that is going to last a few hundred years. Every week end lots and lots of garbage. Well if it wasn't me then someone else!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cool Packages!

I've been busy with packages this week. Getting packages not sending them out. It started with my daughter breaking her watch a month ago. She can't tell time without it and sometimes she doesn't have pockets to carry the watch case around with her.
So I was on the search for a sturdy watch. It's harder than it sounds. I wanted no plastic parts. I found a Timex watch on Amazon and only need to spend $8 more to get free shipping. The possibilities were endless but I already knew what I wanted. The Creative Family by Amanda Soule.  It's a great book.  I mainly got it to find out how she makes her adorable pants for her children without a pattern.  It has a ton of other great ideas too.  I haven't had time to read that much but I really like it!
I also received the first month of Lotus Yarns Sock Yarn Club!  The  yarn colors are inspired by Punk Rock Bands and the first month is The Clash.  The yarn is gorgeous.  It's black, army green, with peach and cream.  I'm not a big fan of the color orange but this totally works!  Now to figure out what sock pattern to knit.  Yikes the possibilities.  Endless!  It also came with wool wash because you should wash your socks!  
I work all weekend.  Tonight, tomorrow morning and then I come back at midnight on Sunday to work 12-4am.  Yikes, let's hope I can make it.  I can't decide if I will be tired enough to sleep before the midnight shift.  I hope so.  I need like 8-9 hours of sleep and getting 2-3 before hand would really be great.  If not watch out Monday, I will be cranky!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mommy's helper

Mommy's helper
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It's sometimes hard with little ones to get things done that you need to. Now that my youngest is 3 I thought we could do some work together in the studio.
Here she is happily hammering away at the tiniest piece of metal. I finished switch plates that will be patinated tonight. Well they better be, I have a blood blister on my ring finger that says so. I don't do hard work with pain for nothing around here.
My part time job has been going well. I know I've only worked 2 days but I'm trying to be positive. I do have to say that groceries stores are filthy dirty places! I had to line and level yesterday and my fingers were black from all the dust. I think they need to wipe down things and not dust. All it does is redistribute the dust to another aisle! So what's your least favorite thing about grocery stores?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

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Well this was my first day back to work. What a great way to start Mother's Day. It went really well I think. I forgot a lot of things plus they changed some computer things so I felt dumb. But I think after a week or two it will be like I never left. I remember how to hang tags and that's the most important thing.
I've read about Suburban Bliss's terrible neighbors and have been very thankful that we had great neighbors. The other side of town (two blocks over) is the troublesome side of town. It's not like the city, it's mostly teenage kids not knowing what to do with themselves and causing trouble. No farms are near enough to go cow tipping. I thought we would never have to worry about it until someone moved in with teenage children.
Now I'm not being judgmental. I love teenager's, I work/worked with many myself and really have never had problems. I have a problem when parent's don't teach their children there are laws and to respect other people's property.
The neighbor's are not right next door, there is a business in between us. When the business is closed they have decided to use the business's property as their dogs pooping grounds, and the back of the property as their backyard.
Last night there was a huge party with all their teenage children and their friends. I think they have 5 kids, there maybe more. So multiply that by 4-5 kids that they each brought. It was a big loud party and it kind of kept my oldest up when she went to bed. Since it wasn't 11pm we couldn't call the cops.
I think I'm going to talk to the guy who runs the business because they decided to start a bonfire in the business's yard. Which is like 10 feet from our fence. It did quiet down but as a mother of 2 young children I'm worried. Are they drinking? What are the parent's (who were there the whole time) thinking? They were trespassing on private property. Property where, little kids will be playing the next day, where they were partying.
I'm just worried this will escalate into a bigger problem if it isn't nipped in the bud. It's been a very peaceful place until they moved in and started renting out apartment above, for extra income?!  I'm not sure they really "feel" the people out either for the apartment. The last couple had shouting arguements outside in the middle of blizzards.  I'm going to miss those quieter times.
Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sheep appliqué

Sheep appliqué
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With going back to work I've been trying to finish some projects that have been lying around here. This is a sheep appliqué I did for my oldest daughter. I love that the body is machine stitched on. I do not enjoy having to hand stitching the head and legs on. It takes forever! I just finished today.
My youngest wants a kitty on her shirt's and so does her sister after seeing how cute it will be. I picked up these shirts from the Gap last year for $5. They are so soft and I love the striped ones. Unfortunately my supply is running low and I see the shirts this year are all sporting graphics. There's always next year I suppose!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fairy Appliqué

Fairy Appliqué
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I finished this fairy appliqué shirt for my oldest yesterday and was so happy it was done. Unfortunately she didn't have the same enthusiasm that I did. First she didn't like the face and then later when I gave her time to think about it. She said it was the sleeves. It wasn't her color choice at all. She wanted purple.
When I first told her this project, I let her pick all the colors. Then I realized that the fairy wouldn't be seen because all the colors were red and corals! The hair would have been the wing color. So I kept that fabric and added the others so you could see the fairy on the shirt. Should have left it. Of course you would be looking at a oval face with nothing else right now.
If she doesn't want to wear it my youngest would happily do so without complaint.
Also I'm trying to work on a tutorial for the apron top dress. Problem is I made it up off the top of my head. I have no sewing skills, so I have don't know sewing language. My method is take this thingy and fold it etc... I'm sure there are good short cuts but I don't know any. It will probably be done in parts and right now I can't figure out how many parts there will be. All I know it that this one is going to be cream colored on top. The rest I have to piece together. Stayed tuned for updates.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Who Would Have Thought...

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That I'm going to be one of the working people again. After a 2 year hiatus, I was actually hired back. I had my interview yesterday and it really wasn't an interview. It was more like yeah I wanted to put a face to the name, the job is yours, how many hours and when can you work.
Wow! Shock, horror and much surprise on my part. Since my boss hasn't said anything to me since I quit 2 years ago! Then I saw her after the interview and I think she is one of those people who is never happy. Which makes me feel bad for her. Well as bad as I possibly can feel. I believe we have the ability to control how we look at that half full glass of water.
She is much younger than I am and has her life ahead of her. If life throws tomatoes at you, make tomato sauce with lots of oregano, basil and garlic! Or that's how I like to think of it anyways.
So I'm going to try to mind my own business and look to the positive side things! I will have money to put food on the table and to pay off the credit cards that have accumulated food and emergency things that have come up. This summer I will be running around from farm co-op to farm and since they are prepaid. I will have extra cash to set aside for Christmas and whatever the school year throws my way.
I may not be able to blog that much but I'm neurotic and always on the go. So it may not effect it at all. Which makes me a great worker, I just can't stand around not doing anything.
This will certainly be an interesting time for my husband who will be alone with the girls! Insert evil laugh here! Not that there is anything wrong with my children, they just dearly love their mother and aren't happy if they aren't making me miserable. Mom I forgot that this house isn't a place to just toss everything I don't want to eat or play with on the floor!
On a positive note, we found a home for our chickens. Which is good because I didn't want them going any place where they would be eaten by human or wild animal easily. Once wild animals find a good source of fresh food, they just keep going back!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sleeping Comfortably

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Yesterday we went up to my brother's and played with the dogs. Well my youngest played so much that when she came home she couldn't stay awake.
This is how I found her. I turned my back to answer the phone. A couple minutes later she's like this. I was afraid she would fall off so I moved her to the couch. I should have left her because 2 minutes later she rolled off the couch. She was fine but that was the end of her nap. The couch just isn't as comfy as a wooden chair!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Technicolor Skirt

Technicolor Skirt
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My daughter is so excited to be wearing this skirt. She had to sing and dance about it. This is another one of my creations using quilting scraps from my neighbor.
It has some neat quilting techniques that I don't even know what to call them. Of course I couldn't get my model to stand still so you'll have to wait for those pictures.
She was excited because we went to my brother's and got to play with the dogs. She loves the female better but I could tell the dog was like, I've had enough go away. She just kept jumping from chair to chair, to try and relax. It's hard to relax when you have a little one hugging you and shoving toys in your face.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sometimes I Do Not Want To Be Responsible

Spring Tulips
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I hate highly dislike being a responsible adult. I did something I swore to myself that I would never ever do again. I did it because I'm responsible and do not want to be stranded up a creek without a paddle. I know you're thinking what horrible thing did I swear never to do...
I reapplied to the job I quit over 2 years ago. I didn't want to but looking at our finances and how prices are rising etc... I thought I would head off any problems that might come up in the future by possibly going back. Not that I am sure if they will rehire me. I thought I left on good terms with everyone but everytime I go shopping my old boss won't even say hello. I do not know if she's mad that I quit or what. I did talk to another one of my bosses and she was fine with it but didn't know if she had any hours. Summer time isn't a busy time but it's a grocery store so they are always busy. Plus with people not wanting to spend money on frivolous things, being a shot girl just might not be in my future.
I just really don't like the games people play. I do not mind working with the teenagers. They are a hoot, with their problems and stuff. It's the "adults" who still play the games and are not nice people that I can't stand. You know the kind, the ones who are nice to your face and then talk crap behind your back. My one boss was like that. She was always thanking me for doing a good job and complaining about everyone else. Well then we started having meetings every weekend on how she would be checking our work and if we weren't doing it right we would be written up. She would always tell me that she had to talk to everyone but I shouldn't be worried, it wasn't directed at me. Well then I started hearing that I would be written up by more than one person and my boss started being pissy to me. So I would go to work, worrying if I was completing my work properly and waiting to be called to the office. It never happened but my stress level was growing everyday.
Then the straw that broke my temper... In a store such as ours, there is the store manager and then 3 managers directly under him who are constantly changing. Some do an excellent job and are very helpful, others are lazier than a fly on manure. I was called to help a customer and was not able to give the refund he wanted. A manager over me could. Since my manager wasn't there and neither was the store manager, I called an underling. The customer was loud and being very bullying towards me. I kept my smiley face on and apologized but the manager would be here soon. So over comes the lazy assed manager. He kisses the customer's ass and then puts me down in front of the customer, like I'm a bloody moron! I confront the manager afterwards telling him that is not procedure I was taught. He tells me it is now and never to call him again. I know very well if I had signed it, my ass would have been in the office the next day getting reamed out.
So I start having acid reflux problems all the time from the stress. My doctor tells me to either go on the medication or quit my job because it's really not worth it. So I did. I quit and we've been able to live until now without to many problems.
Since luxuries seem to be going, I'm afraid my husband's business will not meet the bare minimum money needs. I would rather stay ahead of the game than come to a grinding halt.
I'm kicking myself but what's a mom to do??? I don't want my children to go hungry. Nor do I want bill collector's to be hounding us. Who knows when this recession will end. I know, you are thinking apply some place else but I live in the country and all local business are either schools or family run. Since a day job is out of the question with my little one. I did look into a day job but with child care, I would only make $5 a day. I wouldn't want to do anything crazy with my $25 a week now would I?!! So the next town over, I'm fighting with teenagers for jobs because of the hours I can work.
At least I can gaze at the beautiful spring time flowers in the neighborhood. sigh

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cutely deceiving

Cutely deceiving
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See my daughter sitting there all cute and innocent. Holding the cat in her lap who appears to happy and content. Well it's a good facade for her mommy abusing antics.
It started with walking. I would follow her and she would stop suddenly for no reason. I end up tripping over her, or diving so I don't hurt her. Then she wants to help out with sweeping or raking. Unfortunately she doesn't pay attention to where the end of the handle goes. So often I get whacked from behind because she just doesn't realize that the item in her hand extends farther that she can reach.
Last night she got me good. She started this bed time ritual of hugs on each side, a kiss and then an Eskimo kiss. She's been giving me quick half hugs and blows me kisses. Even though I'm sitting right next to her. So I told her that wouldn't do and I wanted a full hug and kiss. Well she got a little over zealous and head butted me in the eyebrow. It hurt so bad that I swear I have a bruise hiding behind my eyebrow. If she wasn't so damned cute I would have thought she was out to get me. I'm kind of scared now. Is it the clumsy 3's or is she really trying to get me.