Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Quick Whip Up

Birthday Crown
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I whipped this reversible birthday crown up in 1 1/2 hours the night before my daughter's birthday party. She's been wearing her sister's crown, which is too big for her.
Unfortunately my Velcro is missing and I had to add snaps. Which I just quick stitched on. Thinking to myself, "If I add snaps I'll find my Velcro!" It's Thursday and still no Velcro siting! It may have been swallowed by the house!
I've had a super tiring and busy week. Tiring because the truck didn't come on Sunday night. So I only worked 1 1/2 hours. Then it came in the next night after the birthday party and I worked 4 hours (till 2am). Shouldn't have done that because I had 2 children at home who couldn't be quiet to save their lives! I may have gotten 4 hours of sleep after I settled into bed.
Then I went to a local gallery and decorated 2 Christmas trees! One with about 600-1000 glass ornaments (unfortunately all were from China). Then another one with fake poinsettia's and cranberries. I only broke one ornament from each tree. The 2nd time I blame on my children because they came back from a friend's and were unruly! I dropped off some of my handmade ornaments. I hope they all sell this year! I hope everyone is having a fun week! I'm finally catching up on my sleep tonight and preparing for a busy work weekend! Woohoo!
OMG I almost forgot to mention my terrible weekend at work.  One kid is getting kicked out of the department for lying, hiding tags and not hanging his piles!  Seriously it's about time, the one department I work in has been a huge mess since we've had major changes.  You know good workers leaving and the slackers, slacking off more.  Plus the store has been giving out refunds left and right because of him.  It wouldn't be that big of a deal but in our county if you are over charged you are allowed a super refund.  So say you were over charged .25 cents.  Multiply that by 10x's the amount and you get $2.50 back, plus your .25 cents.  It's capped off at $10 but some people look for super's to make money!
This weekend I worked in 2 different departments.  After I started in my main department, I was asked my the biggest slacker if he could leave because the work was almost done.  I was only  1 hour into my shift and I was shocked!  Seriously I didn't know what to say, so I was a bumbling idiot until I regrouped after he left.  Thankful I told him he had to ask the manager on duty to leave.  2nd time I saw him I was going on break and I told him and another guy, how the department was doing terrible and requests off now had to be approved by the perishable manager, etc... The assistant was coming back because of all the goof ups (no one really likes her because she's mean and bitchy) and anything else I could think of to scare them.  Well it must have scared the one kid good because after my break all these tags that needed to be hung appeared out of no where!  Seriously we had double amount appear after I came back from break!  I was pissed because I told the MOD (manager on duty) we were actually ahead and to not let anyone go home early because we could get a head start for Sunday!  So I felt like a HUGE liar!  I hate lying and I just felt like a big fool.  So I started going through tags that were supposed to be done.  I start finding piles that had been scribble on in the done pile.  They looked untouched!  
Well that was the last straw.  I still wasn't feeling well from donating blood and I probably should have been in bed resting!  So I talked to the MOD and he had a talking to all of us. How he was disappointed that he thought we were ahead and now we weren't, etc...  Needless to say when the major slacker punched out, he then went down the aisles I put up tags in and started harassing me!  I told him to mind his own business and put the tags back!  He was accusing me of putting up the wrong tags etc...  
The next day I had a long talk with my boss over what had happened.  He was written up because she went through his piles and he missed 25 tags!  He's been working the job over 1 year and that is just not acceptable plus he's been caught lying too many times.  Everyone is losing their key to the back office except me and the other girls who work during the week.  All the tags are being kept in the conference room so no one can hide in their and talk.  The guys like to listen to the football games on Sunday in the back office.  It sucks but at least it will be easier to keep an eye on  the other 2 who are toeing the line, in check.

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