Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dog Or Cat Toy?

Dog Cat Toy Love
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So I originally made this dog bone toy for the dog but I added a secret ingredient. Yeah it's more like a stick toy. The secret ingredient is catnip because the puppy steals all the catnip toys! So I thought I would make him his own toys with a little kick! He wasn't as thrilled as I thought he'd be. To get this picture it took a lot of coaxing for him to be interested in the toy. He must know it was for him. Little bugger that he is!
Anyways the cat loves it. After he went to bed, she came out and was in love it. Even with dog slobber on it! Cats they never disappoint. So I'm pleased that one of the three animals enjoys it.
I've been busy making Christmas lists and buying presents. I'll have pictures soon. I also bought glass pickle barrels to put the cat and dog food in. The crazy cat LOVES the dog food and well the dog loves everything it puts in his mouth. I love them and I am waiting for the rest of my kitchen stuff to arrive.
Have I mentioned we had 3 cupboards when we bought our house? Well when we looked at our house before we bought it, it had lots of cupboards. When we arrived the cupboards were gone. I'm guessing they were on rollers and since they weren't attached to the walls, the previous owners took them. We've gotten hand me down cupboards with no doors and counters since then. Hey free is good when you can't afford things. So I need storage that looks good and won't be easily gotten into.

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