Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fashion Dilemma

My husband often has to dress himself for school without my do's and don'ts of fashion blunders.  Today was one examples of those times.  It is Open House and he's running slightly late.  I glance over from doing the dishes and he's wearing light brown pants, (that's fine) a lighter green shirt (that doesn't go with the pants) and a bright blue Jerry Garcia tie.  All my do's and don'ts start going off.  Do I let him leave the house like this and stand in front parents who do not know him and let them judge him based on his appearance?  Even though the parent's have had the talk to their children to not judge a book by their cover, they won't be doing the same thing when they look at him.  He could have gotten away with it if it was a room full of men but you know it's most like going to be couples.  The women will be listening and wondering how could his wife let him leave like this?  Not paying attention to his well prepared speech of what their child will be learning that year, etc...
So I opened my mouth and told him it didn't look good at all.  He was mad but he'll thank me later when he's not conscious of what he's wearing. dilemma
I'm going to be making my youngest a kimono tie top.  I've made the back pattern and  I'm going to be sketching out the front tonight.  The puppy is finally letting me know when he has to go to the bathroom.  It makes me not so paranoid and now I feel like I can slide a little.


emma said...

It's so funny you say that beacuse this is one of my pet peeves with my husband. Except that I HATE it that he constantly needs my opinion. I have to help four kids get dressed, I don't want to help another one! What's funny, is that he has turned to our oldest for advice instead. So in the morning he's there asking her, "Which tie?" Too funny!

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