Friday, July 24, 2009

Don't Let Us Shop For You!

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I work in a grocery store for those who don't know. I work for 2 departments and the one department is called General Merchandise. When I work there I receive a lot of questions about products we have. Especially in the cold and tylenol section.
I had this gentlemen come up to me and ask if we carried migraine patches. Never heard of them and he didn't elaborate so I sent him to the pharmacy. Well the pharmacist comes back and shows him the tylenol section and asks me if I know where the cooling fever patches are.
Well if he told me that's what he was looking for I would have called the other lady I work with who works full time. Our department gets reset a lot and I knew we had them at one time but couldn't think of where they were. So I called the other woman and she comes right over.
She goes the shelf and pulls a box called Feverall. Explaining to him we had Cool Relief patches at one time and that this is all we had for now. It was the same thing but for babies. He looks at it and says he doesn't think it's going to work and leaves.
My co-worker and I start talking about the products they've discontinued. So she grabs the box and wonders why he didn't think it would work for him. She reads the label and gets really bright red. "OH NO" she states. I ask her what's wrong. "I should have read the package before handing it to him" I question her why. "These are infant suppositories!!! NOT fever patches like I thought they should be! No wonder why he couldn't use them! she says!
We proceed to laugh our asses off for the next 5 minutes because he never said told us that product wasn't what she thought it should be! Next time she's reading the box before offering it to a customer! That was one of the best days of work I have had in a long time!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Layout for house

Layout for house
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Remember I said a long, long, long time ago we were remodeling? Well here is the layout to just our 1st floor. It doesn't have everything in it. Like the office has a closet in it, right in the upper corner because that was the old apartment's bedroom. Also this is the new design, so some of the walls aren't in the right place. My husband didn't include any windows, I don't know why. He's also missing the old kitchen's back door now that I look closer. Where off of that there is a very small enclosed porch.
If you can't read the writing here's the low down. The old kitchen, the blue area will be split into a laundry room and bathroom. Those are the wall that will be in place when he's done
The basement stairs which is the wall between the old kitchen and new kitchen pantry will be moved to the white area, under the stairs that go to the 2nd floor.
The green section will be our new kitchen with an alcove sitting area. There are windows on all 3 sides and we can see our driveway. We get enough wild life that it will be enjoyable. Also can keep an eye on the road. The fridge may be going into the pantry and there will be a full pull out shelving unit that will block the fridge when opened but when closed won't. That's where the basement stairs are now. We couldn't figure out any other place to put the fridge and pantry so they may move again. The kitchen gets an island and 2 stoves. That's what my husband has been working on lately. Ripping the plaster down, electric and putting in short walls to house the stoves.
The red area is our library, which has a woodstove in it already. There will be a back door for the wood some day. Hopefully a deck too, that the wood can sit on.
The foyer, we aren't sure what's going on there. Maybe a closet but not sure where or how.
Dining room and office not much will happen to them. The opening you are looking at between the two rooms is bigger than what's there right now.
We arrived back from Falling Water last night. Well or should I say this morning because it was 1am. It was really cool. I'm not a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright but I can appreciate his incorporating nature into his designs. Of course the last hour maybe half hour it poured! There were small rivers everywhere! Thankfully I wore my sandals. We did go the the point where you see the house and the waterfall. It was worth it. The dirty water flowing down matches the house exactly! Seriously, I wonder if that is why he made it that off color.
Unfortunately they do not allow any public posting of photos!!! Which sucks because it would want me to go visit some place more seeing photos. So I don't know what I'm going to do. I would love to show them off but ...
On totally off topic news, my husband won a design contest! For a beer label. It's big unveiling is in August but he will be away for it. So he wins bragging rights. Which makes him happy. It's from a local brewery and I'll give you more details when I know more!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blackberry Freezer Pops

I just love when kids are messy from eating. I know it's probably not normal but how can you not love how she looks with her homemade freezer pop all over her face? You don't get stained in that color from store bought ones!
Where is the summer going? My anniversary is this week and I can't believe how it's flown? Of course working 32 hours a week probably helps the time go quickly. I feel like everything is falling way behind. Making clothes for the girls, knitting hats for my friend's new son (who only received one knit hat), Christmas gifts and all that good stuff.
I maybe able to play catch on Tuesday when we drive down to PA for Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water. My husband paid extra so we can take pictures! I couldn't believe you have to pay more to take pictures but if I'm going to drive 6 hours, I want something to look back at. On the way we are going to stop at Anthropologie! Woohoo! The first time I will be able to go into to the store and not just look at the catalog. I've heard it's cheaper to go to the store for the sales than shop online. I will let you know what I found out.
On health news, my blood pressure is going up. It was getting scary low when I was working nights. When I was super tired it would be 93/57. I took it this weekend it was 112/67. A huge improvement since I've been sleeping nights and trying to go to sleep at 9pm when I have to get up at 5am or earlier!
Have I mentioned that I got my husband Netflix for our anniversary? I love it! We are catching up on a lot of movies. Well I am. My mother never let me watch movies that were PG-13 or above. Seriously I've never seen Caddyshack, The Graduate, Top Gun or any of those movies in that time period. I'm slowly catching up and loving it! If you don't have cable (like we do) I recommend it!
BTW it's our 13th year anniversary. I will be married longer than my parents were after this year. Woohoo! I'm sure we will be married for another 13 after this!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alone In The House

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I am currently alone in the house. No children, husband but 3 cats. My kids went to a family reunion in Maryland. My husband is teaching a class about chasing and I am waiting to start my day. Enjoying my coffee and listening to the thunderstorm roll into town!
I have been busy working 5 days a week only 32 hours. Which is fine with me. Trying to keep it to day's but I am working 1:30pm-10pm today because two kids gave their 2 weeks notice. I'm really bummed out because they are guys and I love working with guys. No PMS, nasty little comments or general bitchiness. The one guy and I will definitely stay in touch. Our love for dumb movies and Dane Cook will keep us in touch. Plus he likes a girl and he enjoys talking about her. I think it's interesting getting a guy's point of view on relationships! There's never any drama, just the facts and some goofiness added in to make it funny.
My sewing machine is in the shop for a tune up. A tune up that will cost me almost $100! Holy moly! I hope they are doing it with gold tools because I may have to get a job tuning up sewing machines. I can't be forking out $200 a year to have her looked at.
My 13 year anniversary is coming up on the 25th. I got my husband Netflix which we both have been enjoying! When we are waiting for movies to arrive, we are able to watch instant downloads. So in 2 weeks we've watched 10 movies. Plus the girls have watched The Muppets! I'm still fascinated with how they did all the puppetery!
My gift or should I say our gift from my husband is a trip to PA. Where we will see Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters! I'm excited! I would like to see all his buildings one day.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shirt to Dress

Shirt to Dress
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Here's another vintage item I received from my Uncle. A polyester blouse, I loved the pattern but didn't like the cut. It had shoulder pads, uber yuck! On the plus side it's nice and light weight for summer.
I cut the sleeves off, took another shirt from my daughter and measured the arm holes. Then guesstimated the length of the sleeve and traced it to the curve of the arm hole. Did a little A line action too. Sewed. Added domino ribbon for a belt with an albalone shell and voila. Cute summer dress in less than 1 hour!

Ch Ch Changes!

So we just did our yearly local summer artisan show and look at this cute ceramic bird feeder I picked up! I just love it and it looks like a fairy house to me, so even better. He did recommend changing the rope to metal because squirrels will chew through the rope. Well we don't have any squirrels and haven't for a long time. There's a fox hole very close to our house and they eat all the squirrels. Seriously we have seen red squirrels but they never are seen for more than a few days, that's how efficient they are.
Anyways if you are interested in getting one of these for yourself. Dutch Hill Pottery makes these. They live in NYS and I think this was their first year doing the show here . I could be wrong, there was 30 new vendors this year and sometimes I don't get so see everything all the time. They also do mugs, which may be something I will get next year. So take a look at what they have. I haven't even checked out there website yet!
I am hopefully moving to days! Woohoo! I work all days this week at least, since one of the ladies I work with is on vacation. So my schedule is a little wonky but I'm getting more sleep! Lots of running around now that school is over.
My oldest got herself grounded the 1st day of summer. She went to the creek with my permission but wasn't supposed to go over her knees since we just had major down pours early. My boss was coming over for dinner and I went to go find my daughter so she could get changed. Well I found her and her friends clothes but no children. I quickly dragged my youngest to my neighbors and ran a 1/2 mile back to the creek. I then tried fighting the current and proceeded up stream as fast as I could go. The current was strong because of the rains and unfortunately there is very little bank because it's in a mini ravine. I probably went a 1/2 mile up stream when I finally heard them! Never saw how far away they were because once I knew they were safe I just couldn't walk anymore. My feet were bruised, cut and sore since the creek is slimy and jagged!
On a positive note my boss has realized that her lifestyle wasn't helping her. She's trying to give up drinking (she comes from a long line of alcoholics, so I'm sure it's very hard to) and eat healthier. She dumped her friend and boyfriend who were getting her into serious drugs and toxic relationships. She has gone to planned parenthood and takes a cab when she's drunk! I'm really happy that she is finally making good choices. I'm hoping that she continues!
I have also decided that even though I love my mother our relationship is not healthy either. She always trying to bully me, put me down, etc... The finally straw happened 2 Fridays ago when she called early in the morning. I was still in bed but answered the phone. She's become a distributor for a MLM company that sells BioMats. The claims they are making are ridiculous, that there product detoxifies the body, cures cancer, etc... My mom has been trying to get me over her house for months to try it out. Now the company sent out a newsletter that the pope met the owners and approves of the BioMat. It's complete BS. I went to the site and they never met the pope, they received a photo of him. He doesn't approve of the BioMat he just thanked them for their donations to AIDS orphans in Africa. Big difference in stories.
I called her and told her I really wasn't interested in trying it out (finally)! She told me she wanted to help me and I told her I don't need help. There is nothing seriously wrong with me. Yes I have scoliosis but it really doesn't bother me unless I do something like trying to move to heavy totes at work. I thought we were fine and then she calls back to flip out on me. She took my "No" personally and went on to tell me I was a negative person. That I had to research everything and believe nothing. So we started arguing about science which really there was no point, she's not going to believe anything I say anyways. We ended it with a I love you but do not want to discuss this ever again with her.
I was greatly hurt by all that she said and I realized she doesn't know me at all. She never visits or sees her grandchildren, which saddens me because they are beautiful little girls. But they are children and do not fit into her perfectly neat house with white rugs. She can't have impromptu to visits because it doesn't fit into her extremely controlled schedule.
My brother's and I grew up with never being allowed to have friends over, no sleep overs, limited phone calls, etc... When we finally were allowed to date my mother thought we were all going out and having orgies I'm sure. She never said it but she always hinted that we were up to no good. Even in college I had to be home by 11pm when I was home for the summer. So my brother's and I learned to sneak out of the house. I don't want my daughter's to be part of the cycle anymore and I don't want them to hear the cruel things adults can say to each other. We will spend Christmas and Thanksgiving together but there won't be much outside of that.
One more thing, I forgot that changed around here. Our kitten isn't named Persephone, anymore. We have renamed her Scrappy Coco. After the character in Don't Mess With Zohan, we totally love the name and it fits her so much. She is a scrappy little punk with a good heart!