Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Art Supply Caddy

Art Supply Caddy
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Here's the Christmas gifts that almost didn't make it. They still need handles but they made it in time for Christmas. I do like the simple design. It worked really well with what I bought and placed in them. Good guessing on size and great job on the work from my husband!
I've had the last 3 days off and I've just been relaxing and trying to catch up on my sleep from working the 10pm-6:30am shift on Sunday. I'm hoping my boss won't do that again! Seriously I was miserable.
On the upside, I finished my hat and will have pictures soon? I do have to sew in the loose threads but that's nothing.
Working on socks for my oldest and I maybe able to mark something off my 2009 list! Woohoo!
Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Enjoying My Time

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This was the best Christmas ever! That was said by my ten year old who is in love with her Smencils!!! She was disappointed at my mother's because she was given stuff she thought she wouldn't be into. Now that she's read the whole Spiderwick series (Yes, she reads that fast) she's much much happier! Plus she received a Fairy tale. Literally it's a book about a fairy or two, it won a Newbury Award.
So if I haven't plugged them enough already, Smencils should on everyone's Christmas list next year. I can already tell my girls are going to need new ones next year! They've been drawing up a store and sharpening away!
I am so in love with this kitten! She is seriously the best kitten I have ever had. She's a lover and sometimes a fighter. She loves to sit and my lap and sleep. Which is what is currently what she's doing. I hate to move her so I decided to blog! She loves being pet but don't touch her belly or she will cut your hand off! I'm so glad my husband told me that the farm we go to was giving away kittens!
This year my daughter's Girl Scout troop has picked the SPCA to be their organization to support. Last meeting they made cat and dog toys for the animals. They will be going to deliver them in January and have a tour of the facilities. With times being tough for us, the animals have it even rougher. Pets get abandoned at alarming rates because people can't afford to take care of them anymore. I'm sure you've read stories nation wide and local. So this holiday season give your pet companion some extra love! They need it too!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tricycling In The Snow

Happy Holidays! What better way to celebrate than tricycling in the snow! Which is what happens around here when it's time to move the wood in. Mom works and the youngest plays. While big sister helps. She gets the better job because she does all the inside work. In her opinion it's not but trust me it's cold out here!
I hope everyone is having fun! We've opened presents at my mom's and just the In laws to go! The Smencils went over great! We decided to put the art supply holders in front of the wood stove since they weren't drying quick enough. The just need handles now but the girls LOVE them!
I'm trying to knit up a storm because tomorrow I have to work very early. How early it's up to me. I'm supposed to start at 6am but I may go in at 4am. It's easier to do my job when there aren't any shoppers!
It's been a very knitterly Christmas for me. My husband bought me 2 Yarn Harlot books and my mom gave me a gift certificate to a yarn store! As soon as I get hats, mittens and socks down around here I will be off to buy more.
Eva would you like to check out this shop?!
If I don't get a post in, I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's!
I'll be working since it's a shipment night. Which is fine because usually I'm in bed before the ball drops!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day And Finishing Up!

Felt Pencil Rolls
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Today is a snow day and I though OH NO! I'm never going to get these felt pencil rolls done without the girls knowing! (My youngest already saw the blue one and said it was hers!) Thankfully I agreed to deliver a vase to a customer. Since we are having a snow storm, my husband offered to take it and the girls. Which left me free to finish these. The ones on both ends are for my daughter's and the middle one for my niece. They have their initials on it so there's no trading. Also I gave my youngest the longest ties because she's only 4 and needs some extra help!
I only have one more gift to go and I'm done for the 2008! Seriously, next year gifts are being started during the summer so I have more time to knit socks! Or scarves, or anything I want to!
I have to add that the art caddies that are supposed to hold all the goodies I bought may not be made. Not because of anything we did or did not do but a friend of ours is supposed to cut out the pieces. Unfortunately he has been so sick that he hasn't been to his studio in days! Since it's more of a favor to us, I don't expect him to get them done before his Christmas orders. So the girls may have a late gift coming.
Now I'm off to to wrap gift and work on cards!
**Just wanted to add that my husband got all the way to where the vase was supposed to be delivered and the place is closed.  As he's pulling into the parking lot the radio announces a driving ban for the town he is in!  We try calling the guy and it's his work phone number so there's no answer.  Kind of rude that he didn't call, knowing we were going to drop it off that day!  The shipping address is the same place we tried dropping it off and his voice mail says he won't be in until January 6th.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Project 4 Awesome

I love Youtube and today is the day the Nerd Fighter's take over Youtube.  Once a year a bunch of people who really want to decrease the levels of world suck, get together and post the charities they support, this the 2nd year it's happening.  Since Youtube rates the videos by comments and ratings, it's very important for those who don't know about it to go and watch videos.  I've watched 20 and have learned about many interesting charities.  A free one that will donate rice is  how easy is that?  There are going to be hundreds, maybe even thousands of videos today.  
Want to learn more about Nerd Fighter's because I really didn't do a good job of explaining it.  Just click on the their name!  Hope you have time to checkout some videos and can donate to charities this Christmas season.  Just look for Project 4 Awesome on Youtube!

Yankee Gift Exchange

Here's the goodies I received from the party. A box, a sheep, ribbon and this cute Dick and Jane fabric. I can't decide if I want to make a skirt out of this or an apron for my youngest. I have many things to finish up, so I have time to decide.
To finish my last gifts I had to place an order at Superbuzzy. I've always wanted to want to buy something from Superbuzzy after seeing all the cute purchase from Wee Wonderfuls and many other blogs. But I never have really needed anything until now. I bought lots of trim to finish my felt pencil rolls for my daughter's and neice. The idea is from the creative family by Amanda Soule. It's so easy to make, the hardest part is how to decorate them. Plus they are in pieces so I can work on it in front of my children and they have no clue what I'm doing.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Last Bought Gift

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This is the last gift that I had to buy, my husband has to take care of his father's gift bag. So I am off the hook! Isn't it pretty? I love the color, the fabrics and the ribbons! I think I may buy myself one in June when my friend does the summer show in town.
It's really well made and she loves making them. So I couldn't resist buying one for my SIL. I hope she likes it.
With Christmas right around the corner, I've been thinking of next year and things I want to do. I think I'm going to make a list for myself on the side bar. There's so many projects and well if it's not nailed down around here the lists disappear into my children's hands.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birthday Scarf

Birthday Scarf
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Here's my brother's scarf that has been done for a while, just sitting in a pile of clean laundry. Not that, that happens often around here. lol
I made one last year for my other brother and it was so well received by the both brother's. Which means the oldest brother was fondling it telling me what a nice scarf it was and how warm it felt. It was a Linus moment from The Peanuts when Linus is fondling and loving his blanket. I felt bad that I didn't make him one last year.
So now he will be happy and content. Since it gets bloody cold around here and they live on a hill where it's always windy, I lined it with polar fleece.
I did make it to the Yankee Gift Exchange and I gave the gift I ended up getting away. I didn't want my heart getting broken by not getting a certain gift like some people did. Seriously there was a woman on the verge of tears because she didn't want to part with her gift. So I went for the gifts with the coolest wrapping. I ended up with nice ribbon, Dick and Jane fabric plus an angel box. I received very nice handmade ornaments but we don't do ornaments in our house. Why?! I just do not like ornaments on the tree and our tree is soooooo old, I'm afraid it would fall over from the weight of them. If you need to see pictures of our sad tree here they are. It's even worse this year because the girls put the tree together and strung the beads on. I put the lights on to counterweight the beading job but the tree has some serious leaning problems going on.
I'm hoping a cat will not decide that the tree looks good enough to climb! Hope everyone is having a great weekend

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Garland

Christmas Banner
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It's finally done! This is my gift for the yankee gift exchange tonight. It took 2 weeks too long. When making a gift and you only have 3 weeks to get it done. Don't go over board like I did!
I took AllSorts pattern for her Christmas stars and converted it into children wearing buntings (aka I just added wool felted faces). Shrunk the star pattern to make 2" stars and voila. Hope it goes over well because right now. I don't care if I ever see it again!
I hope I make it tonight. I'm feeling under the weather. Seriously, I never go out and I finally have a chance and I feel sick to my stomach! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How Funny!

You Are a Chocolate Chip Muffin

You are an interesting set of contradictions.

You are innocent yet bold. Funky yet predictable.

You are a bit dramatic and showy. You love attention.

And you know how to charm people into giving you what you want.

You are very determined and ambitious... but you're also lazy.

Success tends to come easily for you. You often "luck out".

So I was reading from daily blog list and came across this cute post from Lorenzo Knits A Tomato. It made me laugh a lot because I'm constantly doing things. Just never house work. Does that count as lazy?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Gifts Bought

Look what I bought this past weekend! The snowmen earrings are for my SIL's gift bag. We do gift bags every year with my husband's family.  The goal is to try to put things in it that the other person would like but wouldn't buy for themselves. I just love these and I think she will too.  They are made mostly of Swarovski Crystal  Beads, even the black hats.  The red wire has the tiniest beads holding the wires together.  
The other set is for me because I just fell in love with them and I love post earrings! They have a beautiful grey Swarovski Crystal bead in the middle!  So sparkly in the light.
I'm super happy with all my purchases this weekend. I'll hopefully post the little bag picture tomorrow, that I bought also for my SIL.
Want to know who created these beauties? My good friend Leah Corey, her website is here!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The New Year, Can't Wait

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I am seriously getting psyched up for 2009. For us it's going to have some major changes. Not moving or anything that extreme but maybe more house repairs...
In March I plan on paying off my last credit card and then helping my husband pay off his big 3. I know you are probably in shock and horror that we have credit card debit?!?! Ahh yes we do and at one point it was up to almost $50,000. Running a business is not that easy and if you goof up on your accounting, well let's just say it doesn't make the government happy. Well actually it makes them very happy because they love getting paid. It didn't make us happy because we didn't have the money but had to put what we owed them on a credit card. Then it was a downward spiral of more debt adding up. Copper and silver needed to be bought to pay off the other credit card and he is a one man studio. He just can't keep up with the work he gets.
So after his debit is paid, he is revamping his website and going to stop doing business with some of our 3rd party people. Plus raising his prices which he really didn't do when copper almost quadrupled in price. He did raise prices with most of our silver pieces because silver went way high! We couldn't afford to buy silver to make anything.
We are going to be snobs in choosing what jobs he does. Which should elevate a lot of his stress. Plus we won't have to worry about people hounding us for small things. Which is all my husband gets from his 3rd party orders anyways. I do not think people understand that handmade means we do not keep inventory because we are busy filling other orders. Also he's a teacher and the school year months are busy busy. Which all his companies know but still demand a 2 week turn around. It is also posted on his website. Seriously people we spend no quality time together!
So I'm psyched for 2009! Plus, don't tell anyone but I'm really enjoying my job. My midnight shift once a week are my favorite. I love the ladies I work with and they make it worth being overtired to show up and throw stock. As I told the one lady I work with, I should really be paying my boss for working because it's so much fun.
Going to get my hair cut today! It needs it majorly!
Another fire picture. Have I mentioned I'm addicted to taking pictures of burning wood now? I shot a whole bunch of pictures yesterday that need to be uploaded! Don't worry I'm not turning into a pyromaniac or anything like that.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where I Am Going In August

My husband signed up for an engraving class in August. No, I'm not going to Kansas with him. Instead the girls and I are taking a train from Buffalo to Sandpoint Idaho. Then we are either going to rent a car (may be a problem since our train arrives at 12am) or be picked up by my best friend. Well actually probably her husband because she is having baby #4!!! So we will be heading to Lewiston Idaho in August!
The only problems I foresee is getting the the train station at midnight. (HI Eva, wanna give us a ride, please?!?!) Since my husband will be driving to Kansas. Can the girls keep quiet in our seats while we travel from Buffalo,NY to Chicago,IL? If we took a room it would cost $460 compared to $118. I'm definitely getting a room from Chicago to Sandpoint,ID. I do not want to force my crank children on any passengers after the first day!
So I'm excited, I really have never traveled growing up. Yes I have been to Disneyland in Florida and I've been to Kansas to visit my Uncle and then to North Carolina to visit him again. But we never took family vacations. So I will get to see a big chunk of the USA. Plus my best friend and her growing family!

My husband will be driving to Lewiston to pick us up and head back to NY. Along the way we will probably see Mount Rushmore maybe Yosemite. We shall see! I pretty much need to make the reservations within the next 24 hours because the rooms are selling out 9 months in advance! I already have to postpone the trip by 1 day because there are no rooms available. Yikes!

I just received an e-mail asking to make my trip shorter or do it another time. My bff and her husband teach and they start August 20th. So it's like the worst time to visit. With the money I'll be spending I can't see making the trip any shorter plus if I did come at another time I would have to drive from NY to ID. Take extra time off from work etc... Since my husband is taking his trip no matter what, I thought I would try to combine the two. OH well maybe next year! :(