Friday, November 21, 2008

Nica Wallet

Nica Wallet
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It's here, my wallet! I was hoping it would arrive today. I love it! The leather is super soft and I love the tree and the birds. I think I'm going to be happy for a long time! If you want one you can go here to Anthropologie.
Does everyone feel overwhelmed this time of year? I'm adding up all the things I need to do before Christmas and wonder how I'm going to get it all done. I do not have to do anything for Thanksgiving! Woohoo. We are going out to eat at this place. So no dishes for us on that day.
The list of things that need to get done:
Scarf for my brother's birthday
Yankee Gift for the gift exchange, I'm thinking a hangable banner?
Tea cozy for my MIL
Kitchen towels with embroidery on it for my SIL (not for you Eva)
Plus gifts for gift bags, I have no clue what to put in them yet!
A cover for a repurposed container (almost done)
A shirt for my neice
3 wooden craft totes for the girls of the family!
I would like to make socks for my brother and SIL but I haven't been having luck with patterns!
Plus I've been wanting to do make one of those advent calendar elves like in Garnet Hill.
Lots to do! So little time!


emma said...

Very nice! And Anthropoligie! Very snazzy!
Don't you have to be more circumspect regarding your gifts? No surprises?
I'm actually doing okay, holiday-wise. I am hosting a huge party, so that's tiring, but nothing else. And I'm almost done with gift buying too. I even found something for my impossible-to-shop-for sister!

Dawn Elizableth said...

Well only my husband and my SIL read my blog plus are the only ones who really know about it. She accidentally found out 2 weeks ago one of her gifts. But I thought if she read this post she might think "OH this is for me?!" So I wanted to clarify to her. I don't share that I have a blog with my family. So I don't talk about them or show pictures because then I feel I'd a have to censor myself.
Sweet that you are almost done gift shopping. I think anyone who is almost done before Christmas deserves a day off for themselves!!!

Anonymous said...

Eee!! CUTE! I love that tree on it! :) Very cute!!