Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh How They Grow

thanksgiving 2
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Can you believe that my oldest has 4 inches to grow and we will be the same height? We already wear the same shoe size and she can wear my shirts too!? My youngest is wearing her sister's old size 6 clothes and she's only turned 5 in November. I do believe my youngest will be taller than her sister!
This was us on Thanksgiving. I insisted we have my husband take a photo of all of us because even in this modern age we rarely remember to take pictures.
Business here has been busy!!! I think we are getting out of the recession! Which eases my mind because business money has been tight and I've been having to allocate household funds to pay business bills. If that makes sense then I'm glad someone understands it!!!
Work has been eh.... I will be getting a second job to get away from my 1st boss. I love my 2nd boss but she just doesn't have the hours to give me and my 1st boss is totally incompetent. No one and I mean no one wants to work with her. If I plan my available hours right I can whittle down my time to 8-12 hours with her and 16 hours for the department I enjoy. We've just lost too many good workers, it breaks my heart and really makes me angry with the bosses who run the place. It proves you don't have to have brains just big boobs.
On a happier notes, my oldest will be in a school play, she has her 1st crush will only last about a month or 2, I predict. I remember my 1st crush in 6th grade. Which didn't last very long. My youngest is painfully shy in school and just last month started talking to the teacher. It turns out we know the teacher's father. He's woodworker we've known for years just never knew one of his kid's taught school. Hoping that she opens up more and participates but she's 5! I'm happy that she's just happy about going to school!
Till next time and yes I have pictures of the felted snowmen!!!