Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Woohoo, I'm Not Totally Imcompatent!

Look at my side link.  I finally linked it to my mini etsy shop.   It only took forever and I didn't know it was called a mini etsy shop.  I thought it was an rss feed.  Don't ask why, I did a search and it made me believe that how you advertise.  Yes I know I'm a bloody moron but I try not to assume things.  So that means I end up running all over the web to do things.  I was getting desperate.  Desperate enough to offer free chocolate for a clue!  But I found the answer so the chocolate is all mine!  Actually there was no chocolate, I was going to  have to buy it!
So some of my kits are up and bookmarks.  I'm trying to clean the house out, so I will be adding yarn from Japan.  Plus who knows what else I have made around here. 

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emma said...

Oh Congratulations!
Everything looks really cute!