Monday, September 1, 2008

Beadwork Studio

Another good friend of mine does amazing bead work/sculptural jewelry. The beads she uses are amazing, she collects the best antique beads she can find. She also uses high end findings and beads.
Here's one of her sculptural/jewelry pieces that she uses beads and I don't know if the fish are buttons or beads. Probably beads she has many connections in the beading world. This dragonfly necklace is amazing. It changes colors and I thought it was more purple blue than reds and blues. So surprise when I went to take a picture of it and it's red and blue. Also if the pictures look funny it's because I am behind the jewelry, pointing the camera into her cases. I had too much glare from the sunshine and glass.Here's a shot of barrettes, a sculptural vase and another necklace. She really tries to take her jewelry making to another level and it turns out fabulously. Check out Leah's' work here, where the pictures are better and you can see a variety of what she does!


emma said...

You must live in this total artists colony - you are always posting pictures of amazing art/craft that your friends are doing. The beading is lovely. I'll have to show my daughter, who also beads.

Dawn Elizableth said...

Well this is from the show back at the end of June! I'm that slow posting. These are my favorite people who I've bought from. I do have others who I'm not so fond of that do great work but it's easier to show what and who you do like. Funny that you say colony because everyone that I've taken pictures of is a Roycroft Renaissance artisan. Ever hear of Elbert Hubbard and the Roycrofter's? That's the organization my husband is part of, the revival of the Roycroft I should say since it did close down in the 1930's I believe. I'm terrible with dates but I don't think it survived the depression.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing!! I can't believe what beautiful work that is! She sure has a ton of detail!