Saturday, November 8, 2008

Village Frock From Sugar City Journal

Village Frock
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I just finished this today for my daughter's birthday! I love it. It's crazy and silky. I have no clue what kind of fabric it is. It's wrinkled from being left on the work table wet. I was carrying it around working on the buttons and accidentally spilled water on it. Opps.
Sorry about the intense background but my house is a bloody mess! On the weekends when I work the girls have a free for all and seriously trash the place! I just do not want to be the maid anymore! So what's a mom to do? Forever be a slave to my children's disasters? Or leave them to pick up their own messes? Seriously, how do you other mom's deal with children who are forever wrecking the house?
The Village Frock is available here!

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emma said...

Very Fun! I'm in awe that you find time to sew!
In regards to cleaning - we try to have people over because otherwise we have no motivation to clean and in general our house is trashed. I guess we stay on top of the dishes and the trash. You know, the stinky stuff. But not much else! Lol!