Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Renovations!

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With the weather heating up, our house remodeling is being thought out. Ok, who am I kidding, my husband and I are both artist's it probably thought about 10's a day!
Should I start off by telling you that when we first bought our house it was actually a house and an apartment? It would probably make more sense when I talk about the two kitchens. The front 2 rooms and the side room belonged to the apartment. It was okay but we are private people and after our last tenant (who we had to evict) we decided no more. Yes we would miss the money but we weren't getting paid on time anyways so it didn't make a huge dent in our finances. Then we opened up the walls. I will find a layout drawing we have someplace so it will be easier to follow.
Anyways we are moving our kitchen into the apartment kitchen. Our kitchen will become the laundry room (yeah), mud room and bathroom. Yes it's that big and awkward since there are no cupboards in our kitchen, not that there are cupboards in the other kitchen but you know we are used to it.
In our new kitchen we will have an island. I'm really psyched about it. We are scraping it together with materials we have around the house. Things always sound better in planning but when in use. You sometimes wonder what you were thinking. Can you tell we've done that before?
Plus I'm 5'3" and my husband's 6'3" there will be counter height issues no doubt.
On sewing news I have all the pieces cut out for my daughter's shorts. Is it me or are patterns becoming less instructive? Seriously, I'm looking at these shorts and they are using this one pattern piece for 3 things. Which is fine if they said 2 of the pieces need to be up and one down when cutting. Then when you put it together it doesn't really say it's piece 14. All of the sudden it jumps to, now that this is done and you have this sewn up already ... this is what you do next. Huh? Wait when did I sew this piece up? Oh wait it magically sews it's self! Awesome! I didn't know it was the magical pattern kit.
On Memorial Day I went up to my brother's and planted 3/4 of our shared garden with my sister in law. It took forever. How long is forever? 3 1/2 hours probably closer to over 4. Then we turned on the sprinkler and proceeded to empty their well out faster than it refilled. Opps. Luckily it had refilled by the morning for showers!
I hope everyone is having a beautiful and warm day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quilted Rug

Quilted Rug
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Here's my kitchen rug. Nothing super fancy and really put together as quick as I could. It has a polar fleece blanket for the back. It's kind of why it doesn't fit a rectangle properly. The blanket had rounded corners.
It's sqooshy and that's what I wanted. Plus it's in the kitchen getting wet and easily dirty.
Other things I've been up to is making handmade deodarant. I took angry chicken's recipe (link later, I have to work in 15 minutes) modified it a little bit. I'm going to modify it more because I substituted 1 TBLS shea butter for 1 TBLS coconut oil and they have different melting temperatures. So it's super melty in parts and where the shea butter is not so melty in the beginning. I love the scents though and my oldest got to pick her own. Right now I'm using Rosewood and I can't remember the other scent I made. Maybe sandalwood. I also add tea tree oil because it's anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal. I haven't had any problems when I sweat. Thank goodness. Always disliked when my deodarant failed and I was out working or in public!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So Many Things So Little Time

Felt Trees
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Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you can't figure out if you'll ever have enough time to do everything you want? These trees are something I wanted to work on at Christmas time but it didn't happen. I had to catch up on season finale's of TV, so I decided now was the time. This is probably as far as they will get.
Last week when I thought I was sleep deprived (which I was) I also had hurt my back at work. I have scoliosis so sometimes I don't know that I did something until it's really painful or I feel really off. Usually when my back it out I have right knee pain and lower chest pain. The way my spine curves it actually makes my right leg longer and pops my rib out of wack. So it will pinch me. Not comfy at all. This time it's opposite of usually what happens and was in my neck. So I've been having dizzy spells. When I look up or down and sometimes to the left. Yesterday I went to the chiropractor and I go back next Tuesday.
The new system at work isn't working. I'm supposed to do signs only and the assistant to my boss is doing my job. Plus on Sunday's she's only giving me order codes for the signs and not what they should say or where they belong in the store. So I'm getting less done and slightly frustrated when I have to ask her where they go. She looks at the list and the sign and points at a UPC # where it belongs. I told her and I'm supposed to figure this out how? She told me I would get used to doing it. LOL, I guess I need a chip implanted in my brain so I can read UPC numbers.
In my other department corporate has acknowledge that the new warehouse is having issues with packing our merchandise that comes in. They are over packing, over stacking and then putting the super heavy items on top. Which is how I hurt myself. It's going to take them 6 months to solve the problem. That's a long time in my books.
So here's the really funny thing that I've been giggling about all weekend. Since the one department has downsized I work closely with this one kid who is 18. He's funny, really funny. Plus we like horrors movies and Dane Cook so we are always quoting lines from his movies. Which makes work a tiny bit more fun. Since he's a jokester, he decide about a month ago to dye his hair all blond. He had really dark hair before and he's super tall so he looked like a Q-tip with eyebrows. He then decided to give himself a mohawk and dye the blond part green. Well this has upset one of the managers in the store. The one who is in charge of the one department that is falling to pieces. So he gave the mohawk kid the riot act about his hair at the same time giving him a pep talk about being an individual and expressing his individuality.  It was the oddest lecture I heard. So mohawk tells the manager, the guy who does the hiring and is in charge of dress code, didn't have a problem and told him he didn't have to wear a hat. So the manager kind of shakes his head and walks away.
Fast forward to this weekend. He re-dyes his mohawk blond and then dyes the blond pink. So the manager again comes into the office and starts flipping on him for doing it pink. My boss and her assistant are there for it . The assistant tells him that his mother has breast cancer and that it's his way of supporting her. He back tracks and is all "well breast cancer", well that's really noble. His mother doesn't have breast cancer, he just did it because he can. So now this manager thinks this kid is really great and etc... If he wasn't such a jerk someone would tell him but we'll let him think that for a while. Life, it's all about perspective!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Way Things Go

Grape Hyacinth
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I've had 2 nights off from work this week and I cut out early on Mother's Day! I will probably have to work tonight. Our truck has been missing for the one department I work in. It should have arrived Sunday night but as I got ready for work, I received a phone call to not come in. Well since I had taken a nap I couldn't get back to sleep until 1:30am. But I've been reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, so it was time well spent.
You don't realize how sleep deprived you are until you actually get sleep! It's amazing. No wonder I never feel 100%!
I've also been busy making a quilted kitchen rug for our house. I got the idea from Soul Mama. Since there is tons of fabric around here still and I have rectangles left over from the quilted dress, I thought this will work out great. I like circles, so I'm making lots of circles and using a polar fleece blanket as my backing.
I took pictures of the flowers from my neighbors garden. I love the colors and how they look like little balloons or skirts.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Patchwork Dress

Patchwork Dress
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I finished! It's not as flowing as I wanted but the fabric was getting heavy. I was afraid that if it was too heavy she wouldn't wear it. It is a beautiful day today. I hope everyone has a gorgeous weekend!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sewing Is My Zen

Patchwork Skirt
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So here's the 8 tiers I have finished. My cat decided to slide underneath and get into the photo. On the right is her peeking out at the camera. With my other cat in the background ignoring all that is going on. The kitten is sleeping. She's already tired out from running around and terrorizing the house this morning.
I'm start the decreasing rows first. I think and hope it's easier to figure those out first and then add on more length. I've already had to rip and re-sew 2 tiers on because I didn't pay attention to the way the curve was going.
So a refresher for anyone who wonders what I'm doing and a reminder to myself. I cut 2" by 3" rectangles. I then made marks on every other rectangle so I would sew them into trapezoids. So it's giving the skirt curve and reminds me which way is up.
I'm currently sewing on all the tiers I have to figure out if I need to cut more rectangles or not.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kitten In A Basket

Nothing is cuter than a kitten in a basket. Well to me at least. Here's Persiphone but we really don't use that name. We still call her kitten. Maybe when she's older it will stick but for right now she's kitten.
You'll probably notice that her belly is shaved. She was fixed 3 weeks ago and was fine at first. She had complications and we don't know exactly why. Her stitches healed but her belly swelled up where the stitches were. She had a fever and wasn't eating, unless you put canned food on her finger and fed her that way. She had her stitches removed early and went on antibiotics. She's doing great now. I was worried because she lost a lot of weight. When you only weigh a little over 6 pounds you can't shed a lot.
At work our whole way of doing things in the one department has changed. We are mirroring the way another store does their work load. Which is fine but the responsibility of signs for the weekend is put all on me. I'm a mover, shaker and I don't not enjoy being cooped up in a cold office where the cold air return is. Plus our computers are one step above the 1st computers ever invented. Seriously remember or can you remember the first computers made? They were big bulky and had black screens and the green letters for typing things in? That's are how ours are but a step or 2 above because we don't have to c/: to do anything. We have menus to pick numbers and can flip through their.
My one boss has been asked to quit her other job so she can work till midnights on Saturdays and they are giving her 48 hours a week so she is making up for that lost money. All this sounds great but she's still partying 3 nights a week like a rock star. I'm sure she's drinking and driving. I thought she had only one incident with hard core drugs but now it seems like it happens more often than she wants to admit. Plus one of her good friends put her drug stash in my bosses purse.
I've tried telling her that this person is not a friend but she keeps pointing out her good qualities.
I honestly hope she gets arrested. Seriously, I think it's the wake up call she needs or has a brush with the police. I've tried telling her that some people are no good, evil, etc... That they are selfish and only look out for themselves. It falls on deaf ears.
Looking back at my life I shouldn't be surprised that she's like this. It took a friend 2 years to realize he was messing up his life. A trip to the psyche ward was his first scare and he hated his family and thought his father was his savior for bailing him out. After living with his even more psycho girl friend he realized how low people can go and he didn't want craziness to define his life.
On the positive side I am working on the dress squares. I have 5 tiers done. I'm going to be ironing today to see how many more I can add on. I thought I would need like 570 squares, I maybe need more than that! Yikes!!!