Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where I Am Going In August

My husband signed up for an engraving class in August. No, I'm not going to Kansas with him. Instead the girls and I are taking a train from Buffalo to Sandpoint Idaho. Then we are either going to rent a car (may be a problem since our train arrives at 12am) or be picked up by my best friend. Well actually probably her husband because she is having baby #4!!! So we will be heading to Lewiston Idaho in August!
The only problems I foresee is getting the the train station at midnight. (HI Eva, wanna give us a ride, please?!?!) Since my husband will be driving to Kansas. Can the girls keep quiet in our seats while we travel from Buffalo,NY to Chicago,IL? If we took a room it would cost $460 compared to $118. I'm definitely getting a room from Chicago to Sandpoint,ID. I do not want to force my crank children on any passengers after the first day!
So I'm excited, I really have never traveled growing up. Yes I have been to Disneyland in Florida and I've been to Kansas to visit my Uncle and then to North Carolina to visit him again. But we never took family vacations. So I will get to see a big chunk of the USA. Plus my best friend and her growing family!

My husband will be driving to Lewiston to pick us up and head back to NY. Along the way we will probably see Mount Rushmore maybe Yosemite. We shall see! I pretty much need to make the reservations within the next 24 hours because the rooms are selling out 9 months in advance! I already have to postpone the trip by 1 day because there are no rooms available. Yikes!

I just received an e-mail asking to make my trip shorter or do it another time. My bff and her husband teach and they start August 20th. So it's like the worst time to visit. With the money I'll be spending I can't see making the trip any shorter plus if I did come at another time I would have to drive from NY to ID. Take extra time off from work etc... Since my husband is taking his trip no matter what, I thought I would try to combine the two. OH well maybe next year! :(


emma said...

So sorry! At least you found out now, as opposed to after you put doen a non-refundable deposit. (just trying to look on the bright side).

Philosophie said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog! :D