Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Which I Write Of Nothing

So much has been happening here that I really couldn't even tell you all about it.  It would overwhelm and confuse you.  So I'll highlight the important things. I treated myself to these 2 shirts from Anthropologie!  They came today and I love both of them.  The Layered Rugby is a little tight in the hips but I may rip the seams on the side about 6 inches and put striped fabric in there so it looks intentional.  The Fine & Dandy Tee they sell at Garnet Hill but they are sold out in both colors I wanted and aren't getting anymore in.  Plus they cost $9 more.
I do love getting a paycheck every week.  I've started my Christmas shopping already.  I decided to look at Stitch 'N Bitch The Knitter's Handbook for my SIL.  I love it!  I almost want to keep it for myself but I won't.  It seems well written and she maybe able to teach herself to knit!  I will read more when I get a chance.  Also we are going to Rhinebeck in October!  I'm psyched and we have a place to stay.  Which is good because our only choice was a sleazy motel!  EWWW!
Taking care of 2 puppies is hard work!  Plus my schedule was all messed up this week.  The computers went down at the store and we had to fax our order and pay $200 to get it sent.  It was supposed to arrive Sunday night.  It didn't and I had napped so I didn't sleep until 12:30am.  Then I get a call from my  boss on Monday saying it was supposed to be in on Wednesday and could I work what I was scheduled.  It came in on Tuesday and I was asked to come in because it was 4000 pieces and another 6000 pieces were showing up the next day because she over order, not knowing the faxed order would show up.  So in 2 days we received 2 weeks worth of orders!!  Almost forgot the girl (aka woman) I work with who fainted in back!  She looks much better.  She doesn't like water and dehydration may have been the cause of her fainting episode!
Plus I pulled a muscle picking up my youngest yesterday!  She set me up, I swear.  She never asks to be carried and yesterday she told me she was too tired to get up.  So I pulled her into standing position and  picked her up.  Later on I felt stiff but after working an hour it had worked it's self out.  I re hurt myself today picking up the puppies to get them out of the rain because they like eating wet wood and rocks.  It's kind of bad, I can't turn my head to the right.  So I'm relaxing with some wine.  We are going to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  So I'm psyched!  


emma said...

OMG! Your going to Rhinebeck! I am so totally jealous! I keep telling myself that THIS is the year and it keeps not being the year.
I look forward to great blogs about it!

Dawn Elizableth said...

I've knitted for over 20 years and I've never heard of Rhinebeck until 2-3 years ago. I've wanted to go, I just didn't want to go alone! I'll try to do my best. Maybe they'll be some way you can go! Like your graduate studies, need you there for something important!