Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grow Into Hat

Grow Into Hat
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I was all ready to take pictures of my snowmen today and I realized that I couldn't find the camera. Then I couldn't find the orange wool to add a nose on the the other snowman.
Instead I have a hat I did for a friend. I have to look up the pattern but you are supposed to be able to use the other side as the opening and tie off this end and it will be bigger. (here it is modified since I used different yarn) Right now my little friend has ears. I love his face kind of like what? you want me to what?
I have see him recently wearing another hat I made and he's much more smiley!
Things here and rainy and chilly but I like it. Makes me want to cuddle up in bed and read. Next week is Thanksgiving and I heard maybe snow. Oh joy!! It's ok, I know what I'm wearing hopefully it will get here in time from Anthropologie. I bought the same shirt in two colors cuz the style got 5 stars and was sold out super fast. I'm super happy it was made in the USA and pretty reasonably priced too!
I hope everyone is enjoying there time before the holiday season rush. Work has been kind of slow which makes the managers all worried but our sales are up but down from what the projected for right now. If you can grasp what I said then Cheers to you, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it!!!
Have a great weekend and next picture, hopefully will have a Christmas theme!!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


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I have been around but not much. Driving then work have kept me very busy. Fun time, I don't know what that is. I did get to see the Premiere of the Elbert Hubbard Documentary my husband is in. It was good and lighting does make everything look better!
Funny things that have happened to me at work. I thought I would share.
I have 5 minutes before I have to leave for work so please forgive the mistakes.
The maintentance guys have switched shifts on the weekends and on Saturday's the younger guy works (not) and doesn't replace the toilet seat covers in the employees bathroom. Well the women's bathroom anyways. The one toilet spews water everytime you flush it. Can't help it from happening and so it soaks the toilet. Since the bathroom doesn't get clean, I use that toilet so the little old ladies who work their can have the handicap toilet. If I give them the spewing toilet they hover and miss. Then there is a puddle of pee all over the floor and no one wants to use that toilet then.
Well this one weekend there were noooooo toilet covers and I stand 8 hours running around, so when I can sit I do so. I carefully lined the seat with toilet paper and sit down. Finish my business and get back to work. An hour later the Pepsi vendor tells me I have toilet paper stuck to my butt! So I stand up, I had been crouching down to put tags on the bottom shelf. I skim my hands across my pants and thought I don't feel anything. I asked him are you sure? Yes but it's up higher cuz your jacket dropped down. Sure enough sticking our of my waistband and trailing over is toilet paper that had stuck to my butt from the wet toilet! I told him I had a cold and must have missed my back pocket and thank him! Needless to say, I check my rear end when I have to put down toilet paper!