Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The New Year, Can't Wait

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I am seriously getting psyched up for 2009. For us it's going to have some major changes. Not moving or anything that extreme but maybe more house repairs...
In March I plan on paying off my last credit card and then helping my husband pay off his big 3. I know you are probably in shock and horror that we have credit card debit?!?! Ahh yes we do and at one point it was up to almost $50,000. Running a business is not that easy and if you goof up on your accounting, well let's just say it doesn't make the government happy. Well actually it makes them very happy because they love getting paid. It didn't make us happy because we didn't have the money but had to put what we owed them on a credit card. Then it was a downward spiral of more debt adding up. Copper and silver needed to be bought to pay off the other credit card and he is a one man studio. He just can't keep up with the work he gets.
So after his debit is paid, he is revamping his website and going to stop doing business with some of our 3rd party people. Plus raising his prices which he really didn't do when copper almost quadrupled in price. He did raise prices with most of our silver pieces because silver went way high! We couldn't afford to buy silver to make anything.
We are going to be snobs in choosing what jobs he does. Which should elevate a lot of his stress. Plus we won't have to worry about people hounding us for small things. Which is all my husband gets from his 3rd party orders anyways. I do not think people understand that handmade means we do not keep inventory because we are busy filling other orders. Also he's a teacher and the school year months are busy busy. Which all his companies know but still demand a 2 week turn around. It is also posted on his website. Seriously people we spend no quality time together!
So I'm psyched for 2009! Plus, don't tell anyone but I'm really enjoying my job. My midnight shift once a week are my favorite. I love the ladies I work with and they make it worth being overtired to show up and throw stock. As I told the one lady I work with, I should really be paying my boss for working because it's so much fun.
Going to get my hair cut today! It needs it majorly!
Another fire picture. Have I mentioned I'm addicted to taking pictures of burning wood now? I shot a whole bunch of pictures yesterday that need to be uploaded! Don't worry I'm not turning into a pyromaniac or anything like that.

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