Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Anthropolification Boyer Cream Cardi GIVEAWAY!!!! GIVEAWAY!!!!

Isn't this cardigan fantastic?  I would love to win it but it sounds super easy to make too!  If you are small to extra small please enter to win!
Anthropolification Boyer Cream Cardi GIVEAWAY!!!! GIVEAWAY!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're Back!

We got back yesterday afternoon! It was a long day but I'm glad to be back home. The show was ok. I have pictures of our booth that I will put up later! I did have a great time though! We spent our down time seeing lectures, eating with friends, etc...
Thank you for the dining suggestions. We didn't end up going because we were so busy and didn't have time to. We will be going next year and will plan on going there before the show starts. We did get delicious food from Green Life! Which is an awesome health food store and they have a deli section!
I did get a bib done on the trip for the baby shower I'm invited to.
One more random thought... We saw 20 minutes of the Elbert Hubbard footage for the PBS documentary and in last 3 minutes was my husband! It was really cool! They made his shop look way better than it does in real life. It goes to show that lighting is very important. The special will be done late in 2009 to early 2010. Looking forward to watching the whole thing!
Now I need a week to recover from all the missed sleep.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Loose Ends

ACT Swap for kids
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So tomorrow we are leaving and am I packing?! Hahaha! Sort of! I'm taking care of loose ends. This being one of them. I signed my oldest up for this kids ATC Or ACT Trading Card Swap. My daughter decided to do dragons. It's supposed to be her best work but I think she felt rushed! They are done and way before the deadline which is Feb. 28th.
When you go on a trip do you have to have a crafting bag to keep you busy? I do! In my bag is yarn for baby bibs, the makings of bunny ornaments which will be for easter, an accidental felt tree pattern, a sock to measure the sock yarn in my purse, and I think that is it! I feel like I'm missing something but can't think of it! Oh well.
My outfits are picked out and packed. I'm hopefully getting my hair cut today! I have an appointment but they never called to confirm! So I maybe throwing a huge crying fit! My hair is wayyyyyy over do for a cut! Then I work for 4 hours and then I'm done! Well I do have to go back next week.....
See you next week.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Places To Eat In Asheville NC?!

Parrot Kitten
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I need help finding good places to eat in Asheville NC. We are downsizing our food budget and I do not want to spend $50 on lunch or $100 on dinner. Which is super easy to do there! I've tried looking for affordable places on google but I'm not finding anything that is meeting our wants. Lots of places are highly recommended but they don't say affordable!
I like anything except Thai, Chinese and Indian! Plus they need to be places that come recommend by real people who have eaten their!
Isn't this a cute picture! The kitten went through a parrot phase!! The husband easily falls asleep and well what a perfect place to perch!
I have a funny story to share, I'm hoping others with children find it hilarious too! So my oldest comes home this week all upset! Complaining that her teacher wants her to shower, change her clothes and that means her socks! I started laughing at this because I have been trying to encourage her to have better hygiene forever. I thought he had singled her out! It turns out ALL the 5th grade classes received this talk because they don't do those things! I was so relieved that my daughter wasn't the only child who was torturing her parents!!
Now if I only had professors like that in college! Well things are always different in college aren't they?! I was an art major and while I showered everyday, I didn't wash my clothes as often as I should have. I did have a rule. Once food touched my clothes, they went into the wash pile! If you have ever worked with plaster you know plaster is a dirt repellant once it works it's self into your clothes.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Gifts

Valentine's Gifts
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I know it's early but I work on the weekends and only see the girls in passing. Also I knew that my oldest would want to wear this shirt for the school party. The shirt is made out of one piece of fabric. I used this pattern which is for a doll and applied the math for a bigger shirt. The only thing is that I didn't know how much space she needed for the armholes and it's a little snug. I'll know next time.
The skirt was the youngest gift. I used another easy pattern but only had enough ribbon for the front so I used two panels instead of one piece. Also I didn't sew the ribbon on like the pattern. I hemmed the skirt and then sewed it on top.
Can you tell it's bed time when I took this picture? My youngest has her hand on her bing (aka blankie). Also my camera died after I took this shot so is the only shot.
I am leaving in a week for our big Arts and Crafts show down in North Carolina at the Grove Park Inn. So I am working up a storm here! I have to pack for 3. The girls are going to my MIL's while we are gone. Plus I've been working on clock faces, switch plates and napkin holders.
Numbers are down for the class my husband teaches while we are down there. I'm hoping more locals will be up going and willing to spend their money!
So if the blog seems quiet for a while you know where I am. We will have internet at the hotel but my husband is wary about using it for stuff like this.
So Happy Valentine's Day!!! Even though it's early.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birthday PJ's

Birthday PJ's
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I know it was two days early (technically one day now) but I had to give these to my daughter so I could see her in them! See how much she's enjoying them! She's pretending she's sasquatch. They bring out the goofiness in her! Well it could be the 11 year old self her shining through early!
Can you believe (well you may be able to) I made these by not using a pattern! Seriously! I used Amanda Soule's pattern from the creative family for the pants. Then used 2 shirts to make the shirt pattern. I used 2 because the one shirt was too short in the arms. It was a PJ top she had grown out of but loved it so much she would not stop wearing it. It fit in the body but not in the arm length!
So Happy Birthday!
Unfortunately I have to work all weekend and will only see her in passing! Well at least Sunday is her party! Hopefully I will be awake for it!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh Monday!

Kimono Top
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You can not get me down! Sometimes Monday's are really rough and this Monday was no exception. After working till 4am I woke up to both my girls playing semi nicely. I get up and walk around the house and smell gas?! I go into our kitchen and check the burners. Nothing wrong there. I go into the 2nd kitchen and woah that's definitely gas! Someone had bumped the stove and the gas was leaking. We don't use this stove a lot so it's usually unplugged and the gas is turned off.
I guess it didn't happen the last time I used it. So all the windows and doors had to be opened for an hour! Thankfully there was a warm spell today! Not extremely warm but still warmer than the teens, like it's been.
I did finish this kimono top that has been sitting in my "please finish me pile!" I love the pattern on it and the color! My oldest liked it too.
I also finished my niece's birthday gift and I'm working on my oldest birthday PJ's. I hope to finish them before Friday. Then a Valentine's skirt and shirt! I'm hoping I can get all of this done with the children of the house not taking note of what is going on!
To keep my spirits up Ingrid Michaelson! I just love her! She has a beautiful voice. Keep Breathing helps me keep my cool when times become stressful. Be Ok is just up lifting!
Hope your Monday was better than mine!

BTW Love her glasses!