Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Outfit

New Outfit
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Look at this bright new outfit I made for my youngest. Of course the tutorial said the the top should only take an hour. It took me 3 because I put the quilt squares down the middle. So you have to check this amazing blog called Indie Tutes? Or Just Tutes which is what my bookmark tells me. Both these patterns are there. The top is the peasant blouse and the skirt is twirl skirt. Mine doesn't twirl that much because I goofed and didn't compensate for a big derriere!
It's a hot hot day here and soooo green, my daughter looks green too. The sun was just reflecting the grass color everywhere!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Vintage Item

Here's another really cool vintage item that my oldest loves. A manual typewriter, which she uses everyday! Note if you want reasonably priced typewriter ribbon and do not want to pay $20 for 1 roll. Go to any office supply store and get it there. Note the size (I think we needed a half inch) and you may have to re-roll it but it a heck of a lot cheaper. We only paid $7 and a little bit of work.
One more note, we bought the ribbon at Office Max.  I don't know if they are only in the US.
My schedule will be changing next week because no more school for the kids or the hubby! Woohoo more sleep for me! Maybe fore blogging and other things. This up coming weekend is a local art show that my husband does every year. I got off from work well technically my boss begged me to work Friday and then Sunday. Then my husband (cough lie) volunteered me to help with the show. He sets up the show layout and everyone always goes to him for everything even though the layout is all he does. So I'm sure I will be volunteering to do something sometime!
On a sad note one of the kids I work with is leaving. He's the one that showed me who Dane Cook is and how much I love dumb movies! Maybe I should say immature, nothing makes me laugh harder than a good immature movie! We are all kids at heart I believe.
The skirt I hoped to have done by now needs another panel. I shouldn't have measured my youngest waist. I should have measured her toosh! She has the biggest butt in the family and now I have to add another panel to get the skirt over her big butt!
I'm also trying to learn Spanish. Driving into work at midnight does have it's perks. I get to listen to radio that I wouldn't normally hear. Have you heard of lingq.com? Well I listened to it and I've always wanted to learn a 2nd language and the guy created this website to do so for free. There are parts that you do have to pay for but I think you can pretty much do it for free.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vintage Fabulous

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Here's the first of the many vintage items I received from my Uncle. Three leather purses which are in excellent condition. The two black ones have mirrors glued in them, which is really cool. They are big and thick mirrors, it's cool to see how purses were made in those days. The one on the left does have a glue issue. The top separated from the locking enclosure but they can be glued back together.
Also check out the gorgeous Hawaiian fabric! I love the colors, my favorite green. I'm guessing it's from the early 70's or late 60's. I'm sure it was probably my mother's because I don't think my grandmother was into sewing. I know a lot of her stuff was packed up and put away when she passed away.
I've had enough of the late night shifts. I just can't do it anymore. My sleep debt is sky rocketing like our nation's debt and it has to stop.
I've asked to not work Weds overnights. My park jobs at home are getting worse and worse. My husband didn't think it was possible but I can park the car sideways when backing up! Also I've totally messed up paying 2 bills this month. I sent my phone bill check to the student loan billing place and the verizon check went to the ACS billing. Now ACS cashed the Verizon check but Verizon denies receiving payment. I'm guessing they tossed it out because the check should have been cashed a week ago. I've checked my check book and it's not there. I remember giving my husband both envelopes when he went to the post office. So there's a check out there that will expire in less than 60 days. I'm not going to cancel it because I'm not going to pay $50 for a check that no one can cash at this point. Also they have to match my Sharpie marker that I used to alter it.
There's my life, woohoo to catching up on my sleep.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday In The Park

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This past Saturday we were invited to my SIL's niece's birthday party at Letchworth State Park. I had gone when I was very young or maybe I hadn't because I had gotten in trouble. Hmmm, anyways, we had a great time. The day was perfectly beautiful. If you've ever been to Buffalo or even certain parts of NYS, it can be perfect one minute and then the worst weather hits so quick that it makes you think the world is ending.
This picture was taken by the upper falls and this was just one of many rainbows that could be seen. My husband brought his polarizing filter so you can actually see the rainbows. He's so smart sometimes.
We walked a very small portion of it. We did go to the very top which had a nice bench and view of the road and trees. See this bridge? It's for trains not people but as we waited for the rest of the group to make it to the top, four guys rain across it. Just the thought of it is enough to make me nauseous! Plus how dangerous if they didn't time it right and a train had to go over it.
My youngest was fine walking all the way up but trying to get a her in a picture smiling, not likely to happen. I think she thought I was going to toss her over the edge. LOL
My oldest after looking at the 7 mile map declared we should walk to the lower falls. Hahaha which was only 5 miles away. Having only had 5 hours of sleep, it was quickly decided that we wouldn't be home in time for me to get any good sleep that night, if we did.
I have lots of things to show you. I've been sewing like a mad woman. Have received some great vintage purses, a table, lamp and fabric from my uncle. My family (biological mother's) are going to be putting my grandfather in a home soon. He has Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, his care is becoming more and more difficult for my uncle who is no spring chicken himself. My Aunt and Uncle's are cleaning out his house and repainting it. I wonder if they are going to get rid of the shag carpet. I'm curious but didn't want to ask. It kind of dates how old the house is. Plus the color is enough to make anyone go ewww. Seriously what were people thinking when they made orange shag carpet? It's not pretty at all!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heat Plus Kitten Equals Misery

Kitten Lion
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It occurred to me when we had our 1st heat wave that the kitten would be miserable. It was 75 mild and humidity and she was lying on the floor stretched from toe to toe like she was stuck in the Sahara. If she was acting like that and it wasn't officially hot, how would she be when the weather did turn to the unbearable.
So we talked to some people who groom their dogs if it's possible to shear a cat. We came to the conclusion that it was depending upon her temperament. Since she's been with 2 children, one dog and 2 other cats we would give it a try. If she didn't like it we would not go through with it.
After all that worrying, she was fine with it. Her fur was sooooo thick that when we were done, it was like there was another kitten on the table. It did take longer than we had anticipated so we left her with the lioness look. She's a lot happier now. Her fur grows slow (we found this out when we got her fixed) so by the time the cool weather comes, she'll have a full fur coat to keep her warm.
Here's Luna checking out her new look. Smells like kitten, licks like kitten, yep it's a kitten!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Simply Perfect

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Yesterday the girls picked the iris's in our backyard. They don't seem to last more than 24 hours once they bloom here. I sat down to eat dinner and I looked up and thought this is so beautiful. Doesn't it look like the flower is doing ballet? I had to take pictures. Flowers always look like they are made out of silk crepe to me. So thin and fine almost if you touched them they would disappear.
My life feels like the scene from Alice in Wonderland when they are playing crochet with the queen. Then toss in the insanity of the Mad Hatter and that's how work has been. It's hard to stand by and watch managers flip out on people. Seriously our one manager has MAJOR anger issues and he chooses the weak to prey on. Yesterday it was the 74 year old maintenance guy. Why?! because he took to long to get to the part of the store where he was needed. I think they are just trying to upset him so he quits. I know he can't because his wife has cancer. He only works weekends to get the medical coverage through the store. After he was cussed out (he is deeply religious too) so I'm sure he really didn't appreciate being talked to like that, he was told to go home.
Add to that, that my requests for days off have been disappearing and I'm really upset! I know the whole year in advance when I need to get off. Shows and when my husband teaches classes, toss in the occasional party or art opening and that's it. So in January I wrote down requests for the 1st 7 months. Which seems like a lot but it's not. I need those days off. Well someone has been throwing out my requests and other people in our department. Which coincides with when our manager wants off. I am taking those days and I told the other people who it happened to that we gave her months notice and she can and needs to find help.
I have a dream of owning my own small grocery store. I see all the dysfunction and know that there has to be a better way to run things. It would have natural lighting, sky lights, a pitched roof because it snow's here, a waterfall inside, an air purification system because grocery stores are filthy and do set off allergies, the employees would own part of the business so they would want it to do well and I would reserve the right to kick people out for bullying, stealing and just inappropriate behavior. Just because people go shopping doesn't mean they have to act like we are torturing them. By the time some customers get up to the registers they take their frustrations out of their cashiers. So many cashier's hate customers because of how they been treated. I've seen a new cashier who is working their first job go and be happy to help the customers, with a happy light in their eyes. Only to leave their shift in a daze because of how they've been treated. So if you are happy with your shopping experience let your cashier know. They will really appreciate it!