Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh How They Grow

thanksgiving 2
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Can you believe that my oldest has 4 inches to grow and we will be the same height? We already wear the same shoe size and she can wear my shirts too!? My youngest is wearing her sister's old size 6 clothes and she's only turned 5 in November. I do believe my youngest will be taller than her sister!
This was us on Thanksgiving. I insisted we have my husband take a photo of all of us because even in this modern age we rarely remember to take pictures.
Business here has been busy!!! I think we are getting out of the recession! Which eases my mind because business money has been tight and I've been having to allocate household funds to pay business bills. If that makes sense then I'm glad someone understands it!!!
Work has been eh.... I will be getting a second job to get away from my 1st boss. I love my 2nd boss but she just doesn't have the hours to give me and my 1st boss is totally incompetent. No one and I mean no one wants to work with her. If I plan my available hours right I can whittle down my time to 8-12 hours with her and 16 hours for the department I enjoy. We've just lost too many good workers, it breaks my heart and really makes me angry with the bosses who run the place. It proves you don't have to have brains just big boobs.
On a happier notes, my oldest will be in a school play, she has her 1st crush will only last about a month or 2, I predict. I remember my 1st crush in 6th grade. Which didn't last very long. My youngest is painfully shy in school and just last month started talking to the teacher. It turns out we know the teacher's father. He's woodworker we've known for years just never knew one of his kid's taught school. Hoping that she opens up more and participates but she's 5! I'm happy that she's just happy about going to school!
Till next time and yes I have pictures of the felted snowmen!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grow Into Hat

Grow Into Hat
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I was all ready to take pictures of my snowmen today and I realized that I couldn't find the camera. Then I couldn't find the orange wool to add a nose on the the other snowman.
Instead I have a hat I did for a friend. I have to look up the pattern but you are supposed to be able to use the other side as the opening and tie off this end and it will be bigger. (here it is modified since I used different yarn) Right now my little friend has ears. I love his face kind of like what? you want me to what?
I have see him recently wearing another hat I made and he's much more smiley!
Things here and rainy and chilly but I like it. Makes me want to cuddle up in bed and read. Next week is Thanksgiving and I heard maybe snow. Oh joy!! It's ok, I know what I'm wearing hopefully it will get here in time from Anthropologie. I bought the same shirt in two colors cuz the style got 5 stars and was sold out super fast. I'm super happy it was made in the USA and pretty reasonably priced too!
I hope everyone is enjoying there time before the holiday season rush. Work has been kind of slow which makes the managers all worried but our sales are up but down from what the projected for right now. If you can grasp what I said then Cheers to you, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it!!!
Have a great weekend and next picture, hopefully will have a Christmas theme!!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


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I have been around but not much. Driving then work have kept me very busy. Fun time, I don't know what that is. I did get to see the Premiere of the Elbert Hubbard Documentary my husband is in. It was good and lighting does make everything look better!
Funny things that have happened to me at work. I thought I would share.
I have 5 minutes before I have to leave for work so please forgive the mistakes.
The maintentance guys have switched shifts on the weekends and on Saturday's the younger guy works (not) and doesn't replace the toilet seat covers in the employees bathroom. Well the women's bathroom anyways. The one toilet spews water everytime you flush it. Can't help it from happening and so it soaks the toilet. Since the bathroom doesn't get clean, I use that toilet so the little old ladies who work their can have the handicap toilet. If I give them the spewing toilet they hover and miss. Then there is a puddle of pee all over the floor and no one wants to use that toilet then.
Well this one weekend there were noooooo toilet covers and I stand 8 hours running around, so when I can sit I do so. I carefully lined the seat with toilet paper and sit down. Finish my business and get back to work. An hour later the Pepsi vendor tells me I have toilet paper stuck to my butt! So I stand up, I had been crouching down to put tags on the bottom shelf. I skim my hands across my pants and thought I don't feel anything. I asked him are you sure? Yes but it's up higher cuz your jacket dropped down. Sure enough sticking our of my waistband and trailing over is toilet paper that had stuck to my butt from the wet toilet! I told him I had a cold and must have missed my back pocket and thank him! Needless to say, I check my rear end when I have to put down toilet paper!

Friday, October 16, 2009


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I know I haven't blogged in a longggg time! It's because I have become the family taxi driver. With my new schedule, I drive everyone to school, including my husband. Go to work after dropping everyone off 3 days a week. Work 4 hours those 3 days. Pick up my youngest 5 days, eat lunch, try to get something done in that short amount of time and then pick my oldest and husband up again. 2 of those days I'm waiting for Art Club to end, so we get to hang around the Art rooms and listen to my husband help run the club. The other 2 days I am off and still driving everyone. Then hanging out in the car since my husband has to work at 7:15am, my oldest starts at 7:43am and the youngest doesn't start until 8:45am. Sounds fun and exciting, right?!?!
Unfortunately there is nothing open in the town where they go to school. Well unless you look at gas stations, fast food places and where I work at the grocery store as places to go. None of them really appeal to me to spend much time at since we don't eat fast food and who wants to hang out where they work. So I sit in the car and read. While my youngest plays with everything that isn't nailed down in the car!
After doing this for a month I realized I cannot do this for another 12 years. So we are fixing up our house, paying off debt and hope to put our house on the market in 2 years. Then pray there is a house in town that we can afford to buy and fits our requirements. For those who are interested they are, the house has to be smaller than the one we are in now! Easy enough this is 2800 sq feet, we would love a ranch. #2 it has to have an out building, either a garage or a barn so the studio can move out of the house! #3 It has to be easily accessible to walk/bike to my place of employment of other things in town. There are lots of playgrounds and they are still redoing the main street. Which has one block of bricked pavement! Super cool to drive over. The taxes are quite high but if we aren't using our car that much then it would make up for all the gas and maintenance we do in a year!
Hope to have pictures soon of the felted snowmen I am making for Christmas gifts!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Would You Do?

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Life has been crazy & busy. I'm driving the family to work and picking them up. My life is now being a taxi! woohoo!!
My daughter has a friend who is 14. I don't really care for her at all! When my oldest was 7 this girl told so many tall tales about how rich she was, had the all the American Girls Dolls, etc.. I could puke but I did talk to her about the lies because my daughter idolized her since she was 3 years older. Being young she was like why would she lie!!! I made the girl cry because I was honest and told her I don't appreciate lying. She did apologize and things were fine.
Now she calls every single day! Since we are all getting up in the 5am hour, I try to go to bed @ 8:30pm. Which means the girls have 6pm & 7pm bedtimes. She always calls right after my youngest goes to bed!
This Monday she came over to our house when I was at work. I received a text from my husband telling me she puked in our hallway. Now when I don't feel well I stay home. If I feel like puking I go into the bathroom and wait it out. She waited until it was too late and my husband had to clean it up! Plus send her home since she didn't get the clue that when you puke in someone's house the right thing to do is apologize & then go home!
She insisted on coming over the next day with another girl asking my daughter to play. My daughter not wanting to catch whatever she had declined. Gotta love school, she blamed her homework. She's been calling & calling. Giving my daughter grief that she won't play with her.
I told my daughter to be honest with her and tell her she doesn't want to play with her right now, after what has occurred. She just told her not to call after 6pm because she's busy the hour before going to bed. The I don't want to take crap from anyone side of me wants to tell her to back off & she's not welcome over here ever again!
But I'm biting my tongue. Or at least trying to.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Zucchini Is Not Supposed To Be This Big!

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This is the first year that I'm growing zucchini and well this one got lost in the vines and leaves. I haven't had that many flowers become squash because the critter's around here like eating the flowers! So when I found this baby hiding where all the vines twisted out in different directions, I was jumping for joy. Unfortunately if you let them get this big you can't use a knife to cut through it. A chain saw is need and well power tools like that are not allowed in the kitchen. So I cut a quarter of it and sent the rest to the compost.
My youngest was not happy that she was having her picture taken with the zucchini! I don't know why, I think at first she thought it was going to be fun. Then after feeling how heavy it was she changed her mind!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Altoids Tin Repurposed

So my youngest starts kindergarten in less than a week now. One of the items she need was a tin that held her money to use for counting. It had have her name on it. I decided to take it a step further and shrinky dink a cover for her. The shrinky dink plastic was the one that has the sandpapered back. So it wasn't see through until we expoxied it onto the tin. Kind of a bummer but I still like it. Next time I will color in in more, so less can be seen! I do like all the bugs too. She wasn't fond of the ants on the bottom but I think they are super cute!
Also when it says it shrinks to a third of the size not true. I measured the tin and I figured I needed 10.5" by 6.5" sheet to make it just barely cover the top. Well I had a least a quarter inch all around to cut off. Which I did using a jeweler's saw and then filed. Finally sanding the edge smooth with a fine grade sandpaper. So don't make my mistake. Next time, I'm going 9" by 5" inches.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things That Are Finished!

I made these super cute wrap shorts for my girls, unfortunately I couldn't locate my youngest pair to get them both in this shot. My oldest at first hated them! Once she worn them in this bloody hot weather she decided she loves them. Kids!!! They are Blue Prints or Indie Tutes, it says two different things on her blog page. She's my favorite person to check for new ideas and patterns that can easily be figured out. She does an excellent job. I did find this pattern a little hard to follow because I think she used two fabrics together. The material is the vintage hawaiian print my uncle gave me.
I also made this hat for a friend of mine who's son is now almost 3 months old! Yikes where does time go. I'm going over to her house today to try it on and make the 2nd tie. It was super easy to make! I used cotton so its nice and stretchy!
We also got our Drake back from hunt school training and he is anorexic! My SIL thinks he may have a digestion problem since he wasn't like this before but he was doing 10 miles a day of pacing in his pen. Before he went swimming and retrieving. He's going to the vet today. He's been on super calorie dog food. The stuff they feed to sled dogs when they are in training for the race! He inhales his food and he's been eating 3 times a day plus an egg to bulk him up.
I'm still running and trying to figure out when we will get running in when school starts. I was really hoping this year to work 4 hours in the morning before I had to pick up my youngest from school. Unfortunately we've run into a little problem and I won't know until Thursday if I can even do it. Since we don't live in the district where the girls go to school, we were told that they could not take a bus from the Boys & Girls Club before school program to get to school when it was time. Over the summer the Elementary school was remodeled and they were starting a program over there as well. I thought I could drop my oldest off at the club and the youngest off at the elementary school program.
Now they have moved all the kids to the elementary school program and will bus the kids going to the middle school when it's time for them to start. Since my oldest will have to be bussed I don't think she can participate since we were told for insurance reasons she can't ride. Which is kind ridiculous since she rides the district buses for school events! They won't allow her to walk since it's 3/4 of a mile away. Which I find that hard to believe since the school is 3 maybe for 4 blocks away eachother.
I really want to be home for dinner with the girls and my husband as well. I did the calculations for the months ahead and I need to work at least 24 hours a week. 32 would be awesome, so regardless I will be going to work 5 days a week. I'm hoping next year I can whittle it down to 4 days of work. Not much creating is happening around here! Hopefully with the girls in school and Tues plus Weds off I can catch up on things!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playing and Working

Pirate Child
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There has been lots of Tom foolary going on around here. My youngest decided she was going to be a pirate. That included robbing and looting all the money she could find. Which wasn't much since change usually goes on tables and doesn't stay in pants pockets. Then there was lots of sword jabbing. Translation tapping someone with flag and running away just in case there were consequences for her actions! It was a good day.
I think I may have broken my toe. I tried taking a picture to show you but they pretty greens, purples and yellows were washed out. It happened last Wednesday when I was running around for our surprise guest. Since we opened up the downstairs, There is a floor height difference of about one inch, maybe two. Well I was running from our kitchen to be, to the old kitchen and stubbed my toe. It hurt so bad but I've been abusing my foot all summer long so I thought nothing of it. I also dropped a coffee grinder on that foot too! Well two days later, it still hurt it started turning colors. It's slightly swollen hurts but I have a high pain tolerance, at least that's what I keep telling myself. I go to the doctors on Thursday for a physical, I'm just going to show her my toe too.
This morning I went running (walking) with my husband. I didn't make it that far. Half a block and I had to walk, then started running again and I didn't feel good. He said I looked yellow, I sort of felt like throwing up. Probably doesn't help with my toe. Half way through it started bothering me, definitely should get it checked out!
The movie quote from before "You are a murderer of love" is from Dan In Real Life. His middle daughter says it to him or should I say screams it at him. I really enjoyed the movie it was really funny!
Also watched Righteous Kill last night that was also very good. Love a twist ending may watch it again because it's one of those movies where you don't know the characters. So when you get to the end you wonder did I miss this? Or did that character say that?
Lots of chores today. 3 more days before my husband leaves! 8 before the children go.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Time Flies

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Wow it's August and my youngest is done with her pre Kindgergarden program. She's only 4 but will be turning 5 in November. I was afraid she would be a very clingy child when we dropped her off for the program. She's very shy around strangers but she has been opening up and making friends. So I expect no tears from her in September
My husband will be leaving for a 10 day trip to Kansas for a class. On his way he's going to visit some clients of ours and take pictures of the hardware he did for their bathroom. So it works out because they couldn't get any good pictures of what they had installed. Then off to Kansas for an engraving class, he's been wanting to take.
I have 5 days off from work and them my MIL will pick up the girls and take them to 1,000 islands to visit my SIL. Which means pool time and goofing off with their cousin. Unfortunately that means back to the work place for me! Oh well someone's got to make the money right?!
For our anniversary I got my husband Netflix which means I can catch up on all my horror movies. I will also be borrowing my SIL's dog Eli to keep me company when my husband's gone. I don't like being in the house at night without another adult around. It's just a quirk of mine but I figured a huge dog will keep me company. Also alert me if anything goes wrong right? Sound good in theory anyways!
We've been playing a game with one of my co-workers, you give a movie line and they guess which movie it's from. It's made me realize I do not listen to movies at all! Seriously unless something catches my interest I forget 3/4 of the lines. Last night we got a good one, can you guess which movie it's from? You are a murderer of love!!!!
I'll tell you next week which movie. No cheating. Of course the only down fall of this game is if you haven't seen the movie!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Don't Let Us Shop For You!

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I work in a grocery store for those who don't know. I work for 2 departments and the one department is called General Merchandise. When I work there I receive a lot of questions about products we have. Especially in the cold and tylenol section.
I had this gentlemen come up to me and ask if we carried migraine patches. Never heard of them and he didn't elaborate so I sent him to the pharmacy. Well the pharmacist comes back and shows him the tylenol section and asks me if I know where the cooling fever patches are.
Well if he told me that's what he was looking for I would have called the other lady I work with who works full time. Our department gets reset a lot and I knew we had them at one time but couldn't think of where they were. So I called the other woman and she comes right over.
She goes the shelf and pulls a box called Feverall. Explaining to him we had Cool Relief patches at one time and that this is all we had for now. It was the same thing but for babies. He looks at it and says he doesn't think it's going to work and leaves.
My co-worker and I start talking about the products they've discontinued. So she grabs the box and wonders why he didn't think it would work for him. She reads the label and gets really bright red. "OH NO" she states. I ask her what's wrong. "I should have read the package before handing it to him" I question her why. "These are infant suppositories!!! NOT fever patches like I thought they should be! No wonder why he couldn't use them! she says!
We proceed to laugh our asses off for the next 5 minutes because he never said told us that product wasn't what she thought it should be! Next time she's reading the box before offering it to a customer! That was one of the best days of work I have had in a long time!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Layout for house

Layout for house
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Remember I said a long, long, long time ago we were remodeling? Well here is the layout to just our 1st floor. It doesn't have everything in it. Like the office has a closet in it, right in the upper corner because that was the old apartment's bedroom. Also this is the new design, so some of the walls aren't in the right place. My husband didn't include any windows, I don't know why. He's also missing the old kitchen's back door now that I look closer. Where off of that there is a very small enclosed porch.
If you can't read the writing here's the low down. The old kitchen, the blue area will be split into a laundry room and bathroom. Those are the wall that will be in place when he's done
The basement stairs which is the wall between the old kitchen and new kitchen pantry will be moved to the white area, under the stairs that go to the 2nd floor.
The green section will be our new kitchen with an alcove sitting area. There are windows on all 3 sides and we can see our driveway. We get enough wild life that it will be enjoyable. Also can keep an eye on the road. The fridge may be going into the pantry and there will be a full pull out shelving unit that will block the fridge when opened but when closed won't. That's where the basement stairs are now. We couldn't figure out any other place to put the fridge and pantry so they may move again. The kitchen gets an island and 2 stoves. That's what my husband has been working on lately. Ripping the plaster down, electric and putting in short walls to house the stoves.
The red area is our library, which has a woodstove in it already. There will be a back door for the wood some day. Hopefully a deck too, that the wood can sit on.
The foyer, we aren't sure what's going on there. Maybe a closet but not sure where or how.
Dining room and office not much will happen to them. The opening you are looking at between the two rooms is bigger than what's there right now.
We arrived back from Falling Water last night. Well or should I say this morning because it was 1am. It was really cool. I'm not a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright but I can appreciate his incorporating nature into his designs. Of course the last hour maybe half hour it poured! There were small rivers everywhere! Thankfully I wore my sandals. We did go the the point where you see the house and the waterfall. It was worth it. The dirty water flowing down matches the house exactly! Seriously, I wonder if that is why he made it that off color.
Unfortunately they do not allow any public posting of photos!!! Which sucks because it would want me to go visit some place more seeing photos. So I don't know what I'm going to do. I would love to show them off but ...
On totally off topic news, my husband won a design contest! For a beer label. It's big unveiling is in August but he will be away for it. So he wins bragging rights. Which makes him happy. It's from a local brewery and I'll give you more details when I know more!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blackberry Freezer Pops

I just love when kids are messy from eating. I know it's probably not normal but how can you not love how she looks with her homemade freezer pop all over her face? You don't get stained in that color from store bought ones!
Where is the summer going? My anniversary is this week and I can't believe how it's flown? Of course working 32 hours a week probably helps the time go quickly. I feel like everything is falling way behind. Making clothes for the girls, knitting hats for my friend's new son (who only received one knit hat), Christmas gifts and all that good stuff.
I maybe able to play catch on Tuesday when we drive down to PA for Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water. My husband paid extra so we can take pictures! I couldn't believe you have to pay more to take pictures but if I'm going to drive 6 hours, I want something to look back at. On the way we are going to stop at Anthropologie! Woohoo! The first time I will be able to go into to the store and not just look at the catalog. I've heard it's cheaper to go to the store for the sales than shop online. I will let you know what I found out.
On health news, my blood pressure is going up. It was getting scary low when I was working nights. When I was super tired it would be 93/57. I took it this weekend it was 112/67. A huge improvement since I've been sleeping nights and trying to go to sleep at 9pm when I have to get up at 5am or earlier!
Have I mentioned that I got my husband Netflix for our anniversary? I love it! We are catching up on a lot of movies. Well I am. My mother never let me watch movies that were PG-13 or above. Seriously I've never seen Caddyshack, The Graduate, Top Gun or any of those movies in that time period. I'm slowly catching up and loving it! If you don't have cable (like we do) I recommend it!
BTW it's our 13th year anniversary. I will be married longer than my parents were after this year. Woohoo! I'm sure we will be married for another 13 after this!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alone In The House

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I am currently alone in the house. No children, husband but 3 cats. My kids went to a family reunion in Maryland. My husband is teaching a class about chasing and I am waiting to start my day. Enjoying my coffee and listening to the thunderstorm roll into town!
I have been busy working 5 days a week only 32 hours. Which is fine with me. Trying to keep it to day's but I am working 1:30pm-10pm today because two kids gave their 2 weeks notice. I'm really bummed out because they are guys and I love working with guys. No PMS, nasty little comments or general bitchiness. The one guy and I will definitely stay in touch. Our love for dumb movies and Dane Cook will keep us in touch. Plus he likes a girl and he enjoys talking about her. I think it's interesting getting a guy's point of view on relationships! There's never any drama, just the facts and some goofiness added in to make it funny.
My sewing machine is in the shop for a tune up. A tune up that will cost me almost $100! Holy moly! I hope they are doing it with gold tools because I may have to get a job tuning up sewing machines. I can't be forking out $200 a year to have her looked at.
My 13 year anniversary is coming up on the 25th. I got my husband Netflix which we both have been enjoying! When we are waiting for movies to arrive, we are able to watch instant downloads. So in 2 weeks we've watched 10 movies. Plus the girls have watched The Muppets! I'm still fascinated with how they did all the puppetery!
My gift or should I say our gift from my husband is a trip to PA. Where we will see Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters! I'm excited! I would like to see all his buildings one day.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shirt to Dress

Shirt to Dress
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Here's another vintage item I received from my Uncle. A polyester blouse, I loved the pattern but didn't like the cut. It had shoulder pads, uber yuck! On the plus side it's nice and light weight for summer.
I cut the sleeves off, took another shirt from my daughter and measured the arm holes. Then guesstimated the length of the sleeve and traced it to the curve of the arm hole. Did a little A line action too. Sewed. Added domino ribbon for a belt with an albalone shell and voila. Cute summer dress in less than 1 hour!

Ch Ch Changes!

So we just did our yearly local summer artisan show and look at this cute ceramic bird feeder I picked up! I just love it and it looks like a fairy house to me, so even better. He did recommend changing the rope to metal because squirrels will chew through the rope. Well we don't have any squirrels and haven't for a long time. There's a fox hole very close to our house and they eat all the squirrels. Seriously we have seen red squirrels but they never are seen for more than a few days, that's how efficient they are.
Anyways if you are interested in getting one of these for yourself. Dutch Hill Pottery makes these. They live in NYS and I think this was their first year doing the show here . I could be wrong, there was 30 new vendors this year and sometimes I don't get so see everything all the time. They also do mugs, which may be something I will get next year. So take a look at what they have. I haven't even checked out there website yet!
I am hopefully moving to days! Woohoo! I work all days this week at least, since one of the ladies I work with is on vacation. So my schedule is a little wonky but I'm getting more sleep! Lots of running around now that school is over.
My oldest got herself grounded the 1st day of summer. She went to the creek with my permission but wasn't supposed to go over her knees since we just had major down pours early. My boss was coming over for dinner and I went to go find my daughter so she could get changed. Well I found her and her friends clothes but no children. I quickly dragged my youngest to my neighbors and ran a 1/2 mile back to the creek. I then tried fighting the current and proceeded up stream as fast as I could go. The current was strong because of the rains and unfortunately there is very little bank because it's in a mini ravine. I probably went a 1/2 mile up stream when I finally heard them! Never saw how far away they were because once I knew they were safe I just couldn't walk anymore. My feet were bruised, cut and sore since the creek is slimy and jagged!
On a positive note my boss has realized that her lifestyle wasn't helping her. She's trying to give up drinking (she comes from a long line of alcoholics, so I'm sure it's very hard to) and eat healthier. She dumped her friend and boyfriend who were getting her into serious drugs and toxic relationships. She has gone to planned parenthood and takes a cab when she's drunk! I'm really happy that she is finally making good choices. I'm hoping that she continues!
I have also decided that even though I love my mother our relationship is not healthy either. She always trying to bully me, put me down, etc... The finally straw happened 2 Fridays ago when she called early in the morning. I was still in bed but answered the phone. She's become a distributor for a MLM company that sells BioMats. The claims they are making are ridiculous, that there product detoxifies the body, cures cancer, etc... My mom has been trying to get me over her house for months to try it out. Now the company sent out a newsletter that the pope met the owners and approves of the BioMat. It's complete BS. I went to the site and they never met the pope, they received a photo of him. He doesn't approve of the BioMat he just thanked them for their donations to AIDS orphans in Africa. Big difference in stories.
I called her and told her I really wasn't interested in trying it out (finally)! She told me she wanted to help me and I told her I don't need help. There is nothing seriously wrong with me. Yes I have scoliosis but it really doesn't bother me unless I do something like trying to move to heavy totes at work. I thought we were fine and then she calls back to flip out on me. She took my "No" personally and went on to tell me I was a negative person. That I had to research everything and believe nothing. So we started arguing about science which really there was no point, she's not going to believe anything I say anyways. We ended it with a I love you but do not want to discuss this ever again with her.
I was greatly hurt by all that she said and I realized she doesn't know me at all. She never visits or sees her grandchildren, which saddens me because they are beautiful little girls. But they are children and do not fit into her perfectly neat house with white rugs. She can't have impromptu to visits because it doesn't fit into her extremely controlled schedule.
My brother's and I grew up with never being allowed to have friends over, no sleep overs, limited phone calls, etc... When we finally were allowed to date my mother thought we were all going out and having orgies I'm sure. She never said it but she always hinted that we were up to no good. Even in college I had to be home by 11pm when I was home for the summer. So my brother's and I learned to sneak out of the house. I don't want my daughter's to be part of the cycle anymore and I don't want them to hear the cruel things adults can say to each other. We will spend Christmas and Thanksgiving together but there won't be much outside of that.
One more thing, I forgot that changed around here. Our kitten isn't named Persephone, anymore. We have renamed her Scrappy Coco. After the character in Don't Mess With Zohan, we totally love the name and it fits her so much. She is a scrappy little punk with a good heart!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Outfit

New Outfit
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Look at this bright new outfit I made for my youngest. Of course the tutorial said the the top should only take an hour. It took me 3 because I put the quilt squares down the middle. So you have to check this amazing blog called Indie Tutes? Or Just Tutes which is what my bookmark tells me. Both these patterns are there. The top is the peasant blouse and the skirt is twirl skirt. Mine doesn't twirl that much because I goofed and didn't compensate for a big derriere!
It's a hot hot day here and soooo green, my daughter looks green too. The sun was just reflecting the grass color everywhere!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Vintage Item

Here's another really cool vintage item that my oldest loves. A manual typewriter, which she uses everyday! Note if you want reasonably priced typewriter ribbon and do not want to pay $20 for 1 roll. Go to any office supply store and get it there. Note the size (I think we needed a half inch) and you may have to re-roll it but it a heck of a lot cheaper. We only paid $7 and a little bit of work.
One more note, we bought the ribbon at Office Max.  I don't know if they are only in the US.
My schedule will be changing next week because no more school for the kids or the hubby! Woohoo more sleep for me! Maybe fore blogging and other things. This up coming weekend is a local art show that my husband does every year. I got off from work well technically my boss begged me to work Friday and then Sunday. Then my husband (cough lie) volunteered me to help with the show. He sets up the show layout and everyone always goes to him for everything even though the layout is all he does. So I'm sure I will be volunteering to do something sometime!
On a sad note one of the kids I work with is leaving. He's the one that showed me who Dane Cook is and how much I love dumb movies! Maybe I should say immature, nothing makes me laugh harder than a good immature movie! We are all kids at heart I believe.
The skirt I hoped to have done by now needs another panel. I shouldn't have measured my youngest waist. I should have measured her toosh! She has the biggest butt in the family and now I have to add another panel to get the skirt over her big butt!
I'm also trying to learn Spanish. Driving into work at midnight does have it's perks. I get to listen to radio that I wouldn't normally hear. Have you heard of Well I listened to it and I've always wanted to learn a 2nd language and the guy created this website to do so for free. There are parts that you do have to pay for but I think you can pretty much do it for free.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vintage Fabulous

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Here's the first of the many vintage items I received from my Uncle. Three leather purses which are in excellent condition. The two black ones have mirrors glued in them, which is really cool. They are big and thick mirrors, it's cool to see how purses were made in those days. The one on the left does have a glue issue. The top separated from the locking enclosure but they can be glued back together.
Also check out the gorgeous Hawaiian fabric! I love the colors, my favorite green. I'm guessing it's from the early 70's or late 60's. I'm sure it was probably my mother's because I don't think my grandmother was into sewing. I know a lot of her stuff was packed up and put away when she passed away.
I've had enough of the late night shifts. I just can't do it anymore. My sleep debt is sky rocketing like our nation's debt and it has to stop.
I've asked to not work Weds overnights. My park jobs at home are getting worse and worse. My husband didn't think it was possible but I can park the car sideways when backing up! Also I've totally messed up paying 2 bills this month. I sent my phone bill check to the student loan billing place and the verizon check went to the ACS billing. Now ACS cashed the Verizon check but Verizon denies receiving payment. I'm guessing they tossed it out because the check should have been cashed a week ago. I've checked my check book and it's not there. I remember giving my husband both envelopes when he went to the post office. So there's a check out there that will expire in less than 60 days. I'm not going to cancel it because I'm not going to pay $50 for a check that no one can cash at this point. Also they have to match my Sharpie marker that I used to alter it.
There's my life, woohoo to catching up on my sleep.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday In The Park

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This past Saturday we were invited to my SIL's niece's birthday party at Letchworth State Park. I had gone when I was very young or maybe I hadn't because I had gotten in trouble. Hmmm, anyways, we had a great time. The day was perfectly beautiful. If you've ever been to Buffalo or even certain parts of NYS, it can be perfect one minute and then the worst weather hits so quick that it makes you think the world is ending.
This picture was taken by the upper falls and this was just one of many rainbows that could be seen. My husband brought his polarizing filter so you can actually see the rainbows. He's so smart sometimes.
We walked a very small portion of it. We did go to the very top which had a nice bench and view of the road and trees. See this bridge? It's for trains not people but as we waited for the rest of the group to make it to the top, four guys rain across it. Just the thought of it is enough to make me nauseous! Plus how dangerous if they didn't time it right and a train had to go over it.
My youngest was fine walking all the way up but trying to get a her in a picture smiling, not likely to happen. I think she thought I was going to toss her over the edge. LOL
My oldest after looking at the 7 mile map declared we should walk to the lower falls. Hahaha which was only 5 miles away. Having only had 5 hours of sleep, it was quickly decided that we wouldn't be home in time for me to get any good sleep that night, if we did.
I have lots of things to show you. I've been sewing like a mad woman. Have received some great vintage purses, a table, lamp and fabric from my uncle. My family (biological mother's) are going to be putting my grandfather in a home soon. He has Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, his care is becoming more and more difficult for my uncle who is no spring chicken himself. My Aunt and Uncle's are cleaning out his house and repainting it. I wonder if they are going to get rid of the shag carpet. I'm curious but didn't want to ask. It kind of dates how old the house is. Plus the color is enough to make anyone go ewww. Seriously what were people thinking when they made orange shag carpet? It's not pretty at all!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heat Plus Kitten Equals Misery

Kitten Lion
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It occurred to me when we had our 1st heat wave that the kitten would be miserable. It was 75 mild and humidity and she was lying on the floor stretched from toe to toe like she was stuck in the Sahara. If she was acting like that and it wasn't officially hot, how would she be when the weather did turn to the unbearable.
So we talked to some people who groom their dogs if it's possible to shear a cat. We came to the conclusion that it was depending upon her temperament. Since she's been with 2 children, one dog and 2 other cats we would give it a try. If she didn't like it we would not go through with it.
After all that worrying, she was fine with it. Her fur was sooooo thick that when we were done, it was like there was another kitten on the table. It did take longer than we had anticipated so we left her with the lioness look. She's a lot happier now. Her fur grows slow (we found this out when we got her fixed) so by the time the cool weather comes, she'll have a full fur coat to keep her warm.
Here's Luna checking out her new look. Smells like kitten, licks like kitten, yep it's a kitten!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Simply Perfect

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Yesterday the girls picked the iris's in our backyard. They don't seem to last more than 24 hours once they bloom here. I sat down to eat dinner and I looked up and thought this is so beautiful. Doesn't it look like the flower is doing ballet? I had to take pictures. Flowers always look like they are made out of silk crepe to me. So thin and fine almost if you touched them they would disappear.
My life feels like the scene from Alice in Wonderland when they are playing crochet with the queen. Then toss in the insanity of the Mad Hatter and that's how work has been. It's hard to stand by and watch managers flip out on people. Seriously our one manager has MAJOR anger issues and he chooses the weak to prey on. Yesterday it was the 74 year old maintenance guy. Why?! because he took to long to get to the part of the store where he was needed. I think they are just trying to upset him so he quits. I know he can't because his wife has cancer. He only works weekends to get the medical coverage through the store. After he was cussed out (he is deeply religious too) so I'm sure he really didn't appreciate being talked to like that, he was told to go home.
Add to that, that my requests for days off have been disappearing and I'm really upset! I know the whole year in advance when I need to get off. Shows and when my husband teaches classes, toss in the occasional party or art opening and that's it. So in January I wrote down requests for the 1st 7 months. Which seems like a lot but it's not. I need those days off. Well someone has been throwing out my requests and other people in our department. Which coincides with when our manager wants off. I am taking those days and I told the other people who it happened to that we gave her months notice and she can and needs to find help.
I have a dream of owning my own small grocery store. I see all the dysfunction and know that there has to be a better way to run things. It would have natural lighting, sky lights, a pitched roof because it snow's here, a waterfall inside, an air purification system because grocery stores are filthy and do set off allergies, the employees would own part of the business so they would want it to do well and I would reserve the right to kick people out for bullying, stealing and just inappropriate behavior. Just because people go shopping doesn't mean they have to act like we are torturing them. By the time some customers get up to the registers they take their frustrations out of their cashiers. So many cashier's hate customers because of how they been treated. I've seen a new cashier who is working their first job go and be happy to help the customers, with a happy light in their eyes. Only to leave their shift in a daze because of how they've been treated. So if you are happy with your shopping experience let your cashier know. They will really appreciate it!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Renovations!

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With the weather heating up, our house remodeling is being thought out. Ok, who am I kidding, my husband and I are both artist's it probably thought about 10's a day!
Should I start off by telling you that when we first bought our house it was actually a house and an apartment? It would probably make more sense when I talk about the two kitchens. The front 2 rooms and the side room belonged to the apartment. It was okay but we are private people and after our last tenant (who we had to evict) we decided no more. Yes we would miss the money but we weren't getting paid on time anyways so it didn't make a huge dent in our finances. Then we opened up the walls. I will find a layout drawing we have someplace so it will be easier to follow.
Anyways we are moving our kitchen into the apartment kitchen. Our kitchen will become the laundry room (yeah), mud room and bathroom. Yes it's that big and awkward since there are no cupboards in our kitchen, not that there are cupboards in the other kitchen but you know we are used to it.
In our new kitchen we will have an island. I'm really psyched about it. We are scraping it together with materials we have around the house. Things always sound better in planning but when in use. You sometimes wonder what you were thinking. Can you tell we've done that before?
Plus I'm 5'3" and my husband's 6'3" there will be counter height issues no doubt.
On sewing news I have all the pieces cut out for my daughter's shorts. Is it me or are patterns becoming less instructive? Seriously, I'm looking at these shorts and they are using this one pattern piece for 3 things. Which is fine if they said 2 of the pieces need to be up and one down when cutting. Then when you put it together it doesn't really say it's piece 14. All of the sudden it jumps to, now that this is done and you have this sewn up already ... this is what you do next. Huh? Wait when did I sew this piece up? Oh wait it magically sews it's self! Awesome! I didn't know it was the magical pattern kit.
On Memorial Day I went up to my brother's and planted 3/4 of our shared garden with my sister in law. It took forever. How long is forever? 3 1/2 hours probably closer to over 4. Then we turned on the sprinkler and proceeded to empty their well out faster than it refilled. Opps. Luckily it had refilled by the morning for showers!
I hope everyone is having a beautiful and warm day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quilted Rug

Quilted Rug
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Here's my kitchen rug. Nothing super fancy and really put together as quick as I could. It has a polar fleece blanket for the back. It's kind of why it doesn't fit a rectangle properly. The blanket had rounded corners.
It's sqooshy and that's what I wanted. Plus it's in the kitchen getting wet and easily dirty.
Other things I've been up to is making handmade deodarant. I took angry chicken's recipe (link later, I have to work in 15 minutes) modified it a little bit. I'm going to modify it more because I substituted 1 TBLS shea butter for 1 TBLS coconut oil and they have different melting temperatures. So it's super melty in parts and where the shea butter is not so melty in the beginning. I love the scents though and my oldest got to pick her own. Right now I'm using Rosewood and I can't remember the other scent I made. Maybe sandalwood. I also add tea tree oil because it's anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal. I haven't had any problems when I sweat. Thank goodness. Always disliked when my deodarant failed and I was out working or in public!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So Many Things So Little Time

Felt Trees
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Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you can't figure out if you'll ever have enough time to do everything you want? These trees are something I wanted to work on at Christmas time but it didn't happen. I had to catch up on season finale's of TV, so I decided now was the time. This is probably as far as they will get.
Last week when I thought I was sleep deprived (which I was) I also had hurt my back at work. I have scoliosis so sometimes I don't know that I did something until it's really painful or I feel really off. Usually when my back it out I have right knee pain and lower chest pain. The way my spine curves it actually makes my right leg longer and pops my rib out of wack. So it will pinch me. Not comfy at all. This time it's opposite of usually what happens and was in my neck. So I've been having dizzy spells. When I look up or down and sometimes to the left. Yesterday I went to the chiropractor and I go back next Tuesday.
The new system at work isn't working. I'm supposed to do signs only and the assistant to my boss is doing my job. Plus on Sunday's she's only giving me order codes for the signs and not what they should say or where they belong in the store. So I'm getting less done and slightly frustrated when I have to ask her where they go. She looks at the list and the sign and points at a UPC # where it belongs. I told her and I'm supposed to figure this out how? She told me I would get used to doing it. LOL, I guess I need a chip implanted in my brain so I can read UPC numbers.
In my other department corporate has acknowledge that the new warehouse is having issues with packing our merchandise that comes in. They are over packing, over stacking and then putting the super heavy items on top. Which is how I hurt myself. It's going to take them 6 months to solve the problem. That's a long time in my books.
So here's the really funny thing that I've been giggling about all weekend. Since the one department has downsized I work closely with this one kid who is 18. He's funny, really funny. Plus we like horrors movies and Dane Cook so we are always quoting lines from his movies. Which makes work a tiny bit more fun. Since he's a jokester, he decide about a month ago to dye his hair all blond. He had really dark hair before and he's super tall so he looked like a Q-tip with eyebrows. He then decided to give himself a mohawk and dye the blond part green. Well this has upset one of the managers in the store. The one who is in charge of the one department that is falling to pieces. So he gave the mohawk kid the riot act about his hair at the same time giving him a pep talk about being an individual and expressing his individuality.  It was the oddest lecture I heard. So mohawk tells the manager, the guy who does the hiring and is in charge of dress code, didn't have a problem and told him he didn't have to wear a hat. So the manager kind of shakes his head and walks away.
Fast forward to this weekend. He re-dyes his mohawk blond and then dyes the blond pink. So the manager again comes into the office and starts flipping on him for doing it pink. My boss and her assistant are there for it . The assistant tells him that his mother has breast cancer and that it's his way of supporting her. He back tracks and is all "well breast cancer", well that's really noble. His mother doesn't have breast cancer, he just did it because he can. So now this manager thinks this kid is really great and etc... If he wasn't such a jerk someone would tell him but we'll let him think that for a while. Life, it's all about perspective!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Way Things Go

Grape Hyacinth
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I've had 2 nights off from work this week and I cut out early on Mother's Day! I will probably have to work tonight. Our truck has been missing for the one department I work in. It should have arrived Sunday night but as I got ready for work, I received a phone call to not come in. Well since I had taken a nap I couldn't get back to sleep until 1:30am. But I've been reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, so it was time well spent.
You don't realize how sleep deprived you are until you actually get sleep! It's amazing. No wonder I never feel 100%!
I've also been busy making a quilted kitchen rug for our house. I got the idea from Soul Mama. Since there is tons of fabric around here still and I have rectangles left over from the quilted dress, I thought this will work out great. I like circles, so I'm making lots of circles and using a polar fleece blanket as my backing.
I took pictures of the flowers from my neighbors garden. I love the colors and how they look like little balloons or skirts.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Patchwork Dress

Patchwork Dress
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I finished! It's not as flowing as I wanted but the fabric was getting heavy. I was afraid that if it was too heavy she wouldn't wear it. It is a beautiful day today. I hope everyone has a gorgeous weekend!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sewing Is My Zen

Patchwork Skirt
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So here's the 8 tiers I have finished. My cat decided to slide underneath and get into the photo. On the right is her peeking out at the camera. With my other cat in the background ignoring all that is going on. The kitten is sleeping. She's already tired out from running around and terrorizing the house this morning.
I'm start the decreasing rows first. I think and hope it's easier to figure those out first and then add on more length. I've already had to rip and re-sew 2 tiers on because I didn't pay attention to the way the curve was going.
So a refresher for anyone who wonders what I'm doing and a reminder to myself. I cut 2" by 3" rectangles. I then made marks on every other rectangle so I would sew them into trapezoids. So it's giving the skirt curve and reminds me which way is up.
I'm currently sewing on all the tiers I have to figure out if I need to cut more rectangles or not.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kitten In A Basket

Nothing is cuter than a kitten in a basket. Well to me at least. Here's Persiphone but we really don't use that name. We still call her kitten. Maybe when she's older it will stick but for right now she's kitten.
You'll probably notice that her belly is shaved. She was fixed 3 weeks ago and was fine at first. She had complications and we don't know exactly why. Her stitches healed but her belly swelled up where the stitches were. She had a fever and wasn't eating, unless you put canned food on her finger and fed her that way. She had her stitches removed early and went on antibiotics. She's doing great now. I was worried because she lost a lot of weight. When you only weigh a little over 6 pounds you can't shed a lot.
At work our whole way of doing things in the one department has changed. We are mirroring the way another store does their work load. Which is fine but the responsibility of signs for the weekend is put all on me. I'm a mover, shaker and I don't not enjoy being cooped up in a cold office where the cold air return is. Plus our computers are one step above the 1st computers ever invented. Seriously remember or can you remember the first computers made? They were big bulky and had black screens and the green letters for typing things in? That's are how ours are but a step or 2 above because we don't have to c/: to do anything. We have menus to pick numbers and can flip through their.
My one boss has been asked to quit her other job so she can work till midnights on Saturdays and they are giving her 48 hours a week so she is making up for that lost money. All this sounds great but she's still partying 3 nights a week like a rock star. I'm sure she's drinking and driving. I thought she had only one incident with hard core drugs but now it seems like it happens more often than she wants to admit. Plus one of her good friends put her drug stash in my bosses purse.
I've tried telling her that this person is not a friend but she keeps pointing out her good qualities.
I honestly hope she gets arrested. Seriously, I think it's the wake up call she needs or has a brush with the police. I've tried telling her that some people are no good, evil, etc... That they are selfish and only look out for themselves. It falls on deaf ears.
Looking back at my life I shouldn't be surprised that she's like this. It took a friend 2 years to realize he was messing up his life. A trip to the psyche ward was his first scare and he hated his family and thought his father was his savior for bailing him out. After living with his even more psycho girl friend he realized how low people can go and he didn't want craziness to define his life.
On the positive side I am working on the dress squares. I have 5 tiers done. I'm going to be ironing today to see how many more I can add on. I thought I would need like 570 squares, I maybe need more than that! Yikes!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playing Instead Of Sleeping

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So this is what happens at our house when we are supposed to be sleeping. I had to work on Sunday night and peeked in on my youngest and this how I found her. She had taken a Crayola washable marker to bed and drawn all over herself. Her legs match her face. She got a quick washcloth bath and then soaked in the tub yesterday. The blue is gone. All the hair is in her face because she tried hiding under the blanket when we proceeded to get her up for the washing. Big thanks go out to my husband for taking care of her so I wasn't late for work.
I'm working on her patchwork dress and have tons of little squares. Still not sure how many I will need. It was super hot yesterday and I planted lettuce and peas in the garden.
I was supposed to have a nice Sunday off because my husband was teaching a class. Unfortunately we failed our pre-audit for pricing and are "supposedly" not allowed to ask off anymore. I had to work from 6pm Saturday to 2:30am Sunday. I've had my fill of working in my one department. My boss doesn't have a backbone and shouldn't be in charge she's young and needs to grow up. Her inability to take a look at what's wrong and how can it be fixed is really hurting the department. She decided on Friday or Thursday that no one would have the weekend off but didn't tell everyone. So one of the kids didn't show up for his shift. He had asked for the whole weekend off and since he was given Friday and Saturday off why shouldn't he have Sunday off too? I know he's going to be written up but I do not think he was at fault at all. He was never told that his request was denied nor was he called Sunday morning to be told he was late.
I hope my boss realizes she's not doing a good job and steps job down. We need some one with more experience and one who can over see all that needs to be done. Without worrying if anyone gets angry with for telling them things need to be done differently.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

About 570ish

Quilting Squares
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So here is my progress on the patchwork tank dress. I did some quick (bad) math and will probably need 570 rectangles. Give or take 100. I decided to make the rectangles 2 inches by 3 inches. The 1st row will probably be 4 feet long and get shorter as they go up.
I'm saving all my mini scraps from the cuts. I just don't want to throw the stuff out that can be used. They range from 1/4 inch by 2 inches, to much bigger. If anyone is in need of mini scraps for doll quilts, mini appliqués, e-mail or leave a comment. I'd be willing to help out anyone who wants these left overs. I will probably be done cutting this weekend.
Should I mention, I'll pay for shipping!?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Look What I Bought

I know I've been slow in blogging but I think about it all the time. This week I've been sick. Seriously winter is almost over and I end up with a fever on Saturday/Sunday. Now I'm still congested and losing my voice! Yeah, plus my oldest is off from school and I can't yell when she's terrorizing her sister. Ugh. Today I'm finally feeling like I may recover sometime soon. Woot!
I did buy fabric for the girls to make some summer clothes. The fabric on the right will be shorts. If I ordered properly I may be able to use all 3 to make a top like I saw in Garnet Hill. The Crisscross Camisole for those interested. The link may not work but I will post a picture at a later date.
I'm thinking the sea horse fabric (bottom left) for the top and the shorts fabric for the tie. Leaving the mermaids for the bottom of the camisole. Of course this is all in my head. I still have to figure out a pattern.
I need like 2 weeks off from work to work on this and the dress for my youngest. I know you are think what dress. Here is my inspiration! I just love it! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Self Worth, Don't Add Alcohol

My Birthday 2009
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This is me and my brother on my birthday. I don't drink a lot and well neither does he. We were just goofing off.
This is a very serious blog entry, where some may disagree. It's just my thoughts & observations and actually doesn't have anything to do with me or my family but it's something I have observed and wanted to tell what I've seen.
As most of you know I work with people of all ages but mostly underage (aka 18) and early 20's.
Before I quit my job 3 years ago, I was aware of the underage drinking that went on but never really thought it was a problem. Now that I'm back, I'm amazed at how many teenagers there are participating in it. I feel if you drink, do it responsibly. Teenagers are like mice, they will find a way to do what they want. By lying, sneaking around, etc... I know my girl's will one day be faced with choices like these kids are facing today. I expect them to be honest. If they are going to at a party and there's going to be drinking let me know. If they need a ride, I will pick them up. I'd rather them be safe than in the hospital or worse.
There's tons of uncaught DWI's going on around here. I always tell the drinkers of age & under no DWI's. It falls on deaf ears for the ones who think they are invincible. Others totally agree because they are scared to get caught drinking.
I think tons of stupid decisions are made when drinking. I always knew my limit and stopped. I'm amazed at those who are of age, who do the dumbest things! Seriously, you have a new boyfriend and you were making out with your girlfriend who's boyfriend was taking pictures of you guys when you were drunk on your new boyfriend's camera? I just can not feel pity for you. I have bit my tongue many times because of dumb situations like this. I do not think you can blame alcohol. One because if you are a girl and you have no interest in girls, then why in the world are you doing it?! Also you have a new boyfriend who has trust issues.... I wonder why? Does he sense you can't say no when alcohol is involved? Grow a pair and stand up for yourself because people are and will walk all over you.
I don't need to watch soap opera's there is enough drama around here, I don't have to watch.
My observations is that most parents have stopped communicating to with their children about these issues. It's no, you may not do it, we are not going to talk about (sex included), there are sooo many parents who don't talk to their kids about having safe sex! Which pisses them off and they carry it into their 20's with them. So they don't talk about it still with their parents and do not have relationships where they can be truly honest. They have to drink themselves into stupors and blame the drinking. It wasn't my fault, I was taken advantage of. I can't be held responsible I was not there cognitively!
So I have started talking early to my oldest because she's receptive to listening. I know you think that is way to young but I know of someone who started drinking in 5th grade. Seriously that's how old my daughter is. I can't imagine her getting alcohol and consuming it but it does happen.
It's a big scary world we live in and I worry. I worry for those teenagers who don't make good decisions. Those who are in their 20's who still are on the road of bad decisions. Then I worry my children will ignore their common sense and keep me up at night.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


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About a week ago we had beautiful spring time weather. Now the frozen spring flowers are all that we have here. Everyday I take the dog out in the morning and he sniffs at these poor little crocus's. I'm surprised he hasn't tried to eat them yet.
So it's April and that means tomorrow is my birthday. I've decided I'm definitely not counting how old I am. I'm just going to add, which means I'm eight this year! Woohoo. If you have no clue what I'm talking about here's where you need to go.
I finally delivered the baby gifts yesterday and they are well loved. Plus I found out no one has given her any cloth diapers yet. She's having another shower so she's hoping to get some then. I will finish using up all my yarn and make at least 3 more newborn ones.
In September my youngest will be heading out for a half day of kindergarden and I will get a chance to work days. There is a before school program that I can sign the girls up for so I can work a 4 hour shift. I've let all my bosses know (yes I have 3 bosses now) that this is what is going on. I really want to stop doing 8 hours on Sundays. Plus the 2am or 4am ending shifts are not fun at all. It takes a toll on me on Monday's, Tuesday's and sometimes Wednesday's. So is the working the 32 hours a week but I think if my sleep schedule was the same almost all the time, I could deal with it better.
So the change is in the air and I'm definitely looking forward to it. Another positive note, I will have paid off my last credit card this month! So excited. Of course the car needs new tires and the kitten needs to get fixed but that frees up a large sum of money. Next to conquer is helping my husband with business debt. Plus the building next to us is going to be for sale next year. It would open up a lot of teaching opportunities for my husband. He will be able to do week long classes if people are interested in the summer.

Monday, April 6, 2009

More Baby Gifts

So tomorrow is the day I drop off the baby gifts and I'm still working on a knit woolie by Curly Purly. They knit up fast I just made a booboo with the pattern. It's what happens when you are tired and trying to read patterns and can't remember what you just read.
So I decided to put an N on the woolie so they'd know what size it was. I'm working on a small right now and tired parents don't always pay attention to details. The bib is just like the yellow bib below except double the size and I added a pocket to catch food. So it becomes a toddler bib. I will never knit a bib again. They take way to much time and patience and right now, I need fast projects to get everything done I want to.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Knitted Bibs

Knitted Bibs
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Here is part of my extremely late baby shower gifts for my friend who is having her first child. They do not look like the bibs in the books I made them from. I followed the patterns but the neck area looks too small. Is it because my youngest is making them look to small since she's 4? I don't know. The other problem with these is they have to be ironed to lay flat. How many mother's want to iron bibs? I'm hoping my friend has an ironing fetish like I do and is willing to do it for these bibs. Or maybe I need to offer to come over and iron them!
I have one more bib that is toddler sized. At least I'm hoping it will be! Drying in the dryer. All it needs is a button and to be ironed and it will be complete!
The last part of her gift is woolies for the baby to be. She's going all natural and is using cloth diapers. I figured she wouldn't get many of those. So they are last on my to knit list for her.
See the blue fabric in back?! From my quilting neighbor who is letting me borrow blue fabrics for my next sewing project. I'm super psyched and can't wait to show you my inspiration! I'm also sick of knitting and need to get sewing. Plus my machine needs a tune up too. So much to do sooo little time! Anyone feeling the spring time pressure?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't Read The News, Read Blogs!

I am great disappointed in the news lately and the people in the news. It's all death and destruction! Ugh how depressing. Have people gone mad lately or are they just letting their inner evil out. If you read the news then you know I'm talking about the gunman & nursing home and the brother harming his sisters. This happened in the last few days! My thoughts go out to the families, friends and all involved!
So I would rather read blogs than the news. At least they are cheery, positive and good reads! Take note news people, that's why we want! Even if the other stuff is happening too.
So I made these slippers months ago for my youngest. Strange thing about slippers and socks in this house. Once they're made, they can never be together in the same room. It's just not possible. So I cornered both of these girls and rounded them up. They are made from the Martha Stewart patterns found here. She uses felt but I thought those slippers are for sissies, not real children. Mine are made from felted sweaters. They have 2 layers for the soles and are about an inch too big but I'm going to wash them and dry them to shrink them down. I love wool!
My youngest insisted they have butterflies, which are also found on the Martha Stewart website. It's almost like she consulted my youngest about what she should make!
In other news. Yesterday it was 50, today 30 and snow. Tomorrow 50. Oh mother nature does love to play with us in NYS! There will be gardening soon though, whether she decides to cooperate or not! We are going to get free goat manure from our farmer friend! So I will be working hard on Thursday with my hubby and SIL. She's sharing a 25' by 45' garden plot with us! I'm psyched! I will probably be taking care of 4 garden's this year! Hoping that the veggies from her garden will be in the freezer for this winter. I do not like buying frozen veggies if I know I can grow them. Just haven't had the room to do so!
I'm off today by my doing. We didn't have a truck at midnight last night and I should have gone home but I had a nap. Do you really think I could go to sleep?! So me and another co-worker stayed and cleaned! Boring but I was going to do work and get paid. So the hubby and I are relaxing and watching TV tonight! Hope everyone is having a Marvelous Monday too!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Late X-mas Socks

Late X-mas Socks
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Tada!!!! These are finally done! Very late socks for my husband. Next time I'm not using such fine yarn. Can anyone suggest nice thicker yarn? The dark blue yarn is from Lotus Knits and the bi-colored yarn is from Damknit.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bumblebee Winner Is...

Rachael who wrote "Hooray spring! I love it because the world is waking up and the colors are beautiful. Not to mention the weather! Not hot, not cold, but just right. :p"
So e-mail me your address and I will get this into the mail ASAP!
I know I haven't blogged in a while. Again. There's been major drama at work. Which I don't like and I wasn't being taken seriously about it by 2 of the managers. Which just upset me even more. To the point I actually cried at work! Then I was taken seriously. Who knew that tears work better than being honest and upfront! Men...
The one problem is gone. Which makes me very relieved because I feel safe working at night again.
Still processing all that has gone on. I will post more regularly! I'm almost done with my husband's Christmas socks! Woohoo!

Monday, March 16, 2009


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This little Wee Folk Bumblebee Ornament is flying around to spread spring cheer! You can win this buzzy friend by posting a comment below. Tell me why you like spring so much and enter to win this little bug. I will be accepting comments until March 23. One comment person please! Good luck!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wee Folk Bunnies

Wee Folk Bunnies
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I feel that I have been slacking on blogging. I've been picking up hours at work to compensate for the show. Plus the food co-ops are starting up and the money goes quickly! But I won't have to buy much during the summer/fall months.
These cute little bunnies are for Easter and going to a local gallery to be sold. Well hopefully! I wanted 10 but they take forever to make! Needle felting while fun, just doesn't go quickly. Well at least for me but I've very picky!
I am going to make a few alterations to make these guys easier to make. So next time they will go a little bit quicker?
I am going to be having a give away next week for a bee ornament I made! It has a quirk and I would like it to go to a good home! So tell you friends and Monday I will post! Hopefully!
I'm going back to working Sunday overnights so hopefully I won't be so bloody tired. Our company is looking to save money on having things delivered and our store went through a trial run. Our shelves looked soooo bare. Also it doesn't help that the only other grocery store in town closed at the end of February. So that means a lot more customers!!!! At all times of the night! It doesn't bother me, I just wish the younger kids would have a better work ethic! Seriously, I have never heard so many negative thoughts in my life. All I can think is you are sooo lucky to have a job right now.
If our store paid more they would have more of an adult workers but they start .25 cents more than minimum so no adult wants to work here! Plus the management never does anything about the poor attitudes, taking of long breaks, goofing off, etc....
Which brings me to what am I going to do when my youngest is in school full time in 2 years?!!? I do not want to work full time. I don't want a real job with real responsibilities! Family life already fulfills that for me. I like that I can work in 2 different departments and not be bogged down by the problems that go on in both. I like that I'm active and walk around a lot in the one department and that the other one is very physical! It makes me feel like I'm not such a wimp!
Thank goodness there is still over a year left! Lots of time for contemplation!