Monday, September 8, 2008

Puppy Show

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See these cute brothers, well they are going to be in their 1st puppy show next weekend. I am going to be showing Drake, who's on the left. My SIL wants to get them used be being handled and I received a very quick training today. It was a lot to absorb. Thankfully my SIL will be right ahead of me so I can cheat and do what she does. Not that I've had the training that she has and I'm socially uncomfortable being in crowds, where I'm being judged. Well actually I won't be, but all eyes will be on the puppy which means they will be looking at how I handle him. Yikes. I hope I don't buckle under the pressure. Thankfully they are puppies and not going to be cooperative so my inexperience may not even be known!
So that's dog show #1. Dog show #2 is happening the same weekend as Rhinebeck. We are getting free lodging and have to take my SIL's Ridgeback to Massachusetts for a show too. She said it will be quick, so we should be back to catch quite a bit of Rhinebeck on Saturday. So I'll be saying a quick hello to Mass. and then heading back to NY. I've never been there and will probably only be there for a few hours.
We haven't seen Emmet for a week and boy has he changed. I'll have to take pictures. He's like the sports car of dogs, while Drake is the SUV of dogs. They don't even look like brother's anymore. They are so very different. We had way to many accidents today. I'm not a happy camper. Mostly from Drake, Emmett was very good boy! He spent a lot of time playing with dogs for a week and now he's like eh you're not a dog, whatever. Also he's not as affectionate as Drake. Drake wants lots and lots of loving. Emmet could care less if he's a good boy!
Well I hope you all had a good Monday. I'm hoping to walk around in poop less shoes tomorrow. Nothing like realizing your shoes have poop on the bottom in a car where the AC is on and recirculating. On the way to a doctor's appointment. Woohoo! I may look okay, just don't take a big whiff of me!


Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! I love these little puppies! If they do buckle under pressure, (which I hope they don't) you can always watch mickey mouse and pluto at their dog show! That is always one of my favorite cartoons! :)

Dawn Elizableth said...

Too bad the show is outside or we would totally do that! They just don't make cartoons like that anymore!

Laurie said...

Comfortable clothes and running shoes and you're halfway there! Good luck at the dog show. Maybe I'll see you at Rhinebeck (I'm going Saturday).