Sunday, September 14, 2008

Look Who Came To Visit

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Two weeks ago we let the water drain out of our pool. It didn't fully drain out, so the kids and dogs have been enjoying wading in it. We were taking a backyard romp and look who we found. A big frog! A good hopper and swimmer. Of course we had to say hello and picked him up. He wasn't to happy with us but nothing is more slimy than a frog. Well slugs are probably the bug equivalent of it.
Also up are pictures from my trip to Graycliff. Sorry it took so long but we've been crazy busy here.
My mom gets married on the 28th of this month. I also almost went to see the B-52's because my husband won free tickets for next Saturday. I really don't like their new stuff and wasn't thrilled to see them back in the 90's. Don't get me wrong I love their old stuff but the new stuff just doesn't make me want to get and dance. I would rather work since I'm buying my mother's wedding cake. An extra expense to our budget for this month. Even though my mother drives me up the wall, I do love her and her to a memorable time!

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