Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Gifts Bought

Look what I bought this past weekend! The snowmen earrings are for my SIL's gift bag. We do gift bags every year with my husband's family.  The goal is to try to put things in it that the other person would like but wouldn't buy for themselves. I just love these and I think she will too.  They are made mostly of Swarovski Crystal  Beads, even the black hats.  The red wire has the tiniest beads holding the wires together.  
The other set is for me because I just fell in love with them and I love post earrings! They have a beautiful grey Swarovski Crystal bead in the middle!  So sparkly in the light.
I'm super happy with all my purchases this weekend. I'll hopefully post the little bag picture tomorrow, that I bought also for my SIL.
Want to know who created these beauties? My good friend Leah Corey, her website is here!

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