Monday, October 20, 2008

Stacking Wood

Stacked Wood
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Stacking wood seems so hard when you look at it as a bunch of puzzle pieces needing to make a wall. There's no right or wrong way to do it. It just may fall down if mis-stacked. I love stacking though because once you get into the groove of it, it looks like this. All the pieces are fitting together perfectly in the wall puzzle you are trying to make. We did this probably the last warm day we had in October. A week ago? My husband has been looking to get 5 more cords of wood but the prices are outrageous. We are taking the 10 cord of wood challenge this winter. Can we make it? We shall see. So the heat has yet to go on.
My youngest said the oddest thing today when I handed her her scrambled eggs with lots of cheese on it. "OH look, it looks like an ice cream puzzle." I'm assuming an ice cream cone that has been melted and run over a few times.
This week is going to be busy. I work everyday except Saturday. I originally had 3 days off but then a woman from the cheese shop had a stroke. At least that's what the cheese shop manager thinks happened. She hasn't heard anything from the family since they called in to say they were taking the woman to the hospital. I hope she's alright and my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family!
Since the manager is a good friend of mine she asked me to help her out in the evenings. I will grating cheese today and packaging it up. Tomorrow I get to unload the shipment and put it out! I get to work by myself! Woohoo! It was a rough weekend. The teenagers have been awfully hormonal lately! Playing lets hide my water bottle! Seriously I have much better things to do than try to figure out where it is! Thankfully I keep another one in the break room!
Hope all the pieces of the puzzle of life fit together for you this week!


emma said...

What is the ten cord of wood challege? I'm assuming that to participate, you need to have something to burn the wood in?
I do not own such an appliance but I still make an effort to hold out on turning on the heat for as long as possible. I always aim for Thanksgiving but ususally end up caving around Halloween!

Dawn Elizableth said...

All we bought this year was 10 cords of wood. Last year we used 13 or 14 cords. So we decided that we do not want to pay $90 a cord of inferior wood. We do have forced air but I hate to give them my money. I just feel like there's a big scam going on with the natural gas company's in the area! I know the Yarn Harlot goes well until December without turning on the heat. So we are going to try this year to see how far we can push it!