Sunday, September 7, 2008

Swiss Chard

swiss chard
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Every year I plant a garden, well since we've lived at this house. Every year it boggles my mind that my broccoli goes to bolt and I have swiss chard galore. I have enough swiss chard to make soup for 2 years. That's a lot of chard.
I found out from a farmer friend you can buy the wrong seeds! So I need to buy slow to bolt broccoli that can tolerate erratic weather. I was going to do a list of recommended seed websites but my list is missing. The one I did check out and remember is Johnny's Selected Seeds. I am definitely going to buy from them, since they come highly recommended from my farmer. Who better to trust, than the guy who provides us with our food farm share!
This year I am keeping my fingers crossed that my brussel sprouts make it. I didn't realize they are very particular and need to stay indoors until they are a certain height. Plus celery, woohoo! Plus peas, wow, I'm in gardener heaven! Now if they would only pick themselves, I would be a super happy gardener!


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun! I love an autumn harvest! I've never had Swiss Chard before!

emma said...

Isn't free manual labor the reason we had kids? Make them pick the vegis!

Dawn Elizableth said...

Danielle you are the 2nd person who hasn't ever had Swiss Chard! Emma Swiss Chard has to be cut with a knife of scissors. My 3 yr old would love to help but is a little technically challenged. Her sister, well it's like pulling teeth! She can pick up all the dog poop and I'll stick to harvesting! lol