Friday, October 24, 2008

Mermaid Skirt

Mermaid Skirt
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This skirt been done for a little while. I have been soooo busy that I just haven't had time to blog about. Seriously. While I'm blogging, I'm listening to the new episode of Grey's Anatomy. So please forgive the grammatical errors or sentences that make no sense.
The fabric came from the huge stash that my friend Leah gave to me. The girls fought over it and the youngest won out. Because she wears what I make her and loves it. Once the skirt was made I thought it needed something. So I went through the scrap stash from my neighbor and came up with the beautiful mermaid It worked out so perfectly, it's freaky!
I finally have a day off tomorrow! Woohoo! Today I'm making laundry detergent, so I can start doing lots of laundry. Working in the cheese shop was very very messy. I have been working everyday and haven't had time to even look at laundry. Did you know that Gorgonzola cheese is super messy! I didn't until I was cutting it up. If you want info on how to make your own laundry detergent the link is here! (I couldn't open site the where I got my original recipe.  This link has 10 recipes.  I use #2 on the list)  It's easy, super cheap and I really haven't noticed a difference in washing. I've probably been spending $1.50 per batch of detergent.
I'm knitting a hat while working on socks for Christmas. I'm using the pattern from Soule Mama but reversing it because I'm not a big fan of purl. Also I received my order from Stubby Pencil! I'll take pictures later once the kids are in bed or gone. My MIL is taking my youngest on Sunday. So I hope to have bookmarks up in etsy and her outgrown clothes on eBay!

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emma said...

Very nice. I have some mermaid material (plus some matching material) I was thinking of making a quilt out of for one of my girls. But now that I see that cute skirt....
Thanks for the laundry detergent tip. With four kids, we do a lot of laundry!
Hope you had a good weekend!