Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tricycling In The Snow

Happy Holidays! What better way to celebrate than tricycling in the snow! Which is what happens around here when it's time to move the wood in. Mom works and the youngest plays. While big sister helps. She gets the better job because she does all the inside work. In her opinion it's not but trust me it's cold out here!
I hope everyone is having fun! We've opened presents at my mom's and just the In laws to go! The Smencils went over great! We decided to put the art supply holders in front of the wood stove since they weren't drying quick enough. The just need handles now but the girls LOVE them!
I'm trying to knit up a storm because tomorrow I have to work very early. How early it's up to me. I'm supposed to start at 6am but I may go in at 4am. It's easier to do my job when there aren't any shoppers!
It's been a very knitterly Christmas for me. My husband bought me 2 Yarn Harlot books and my mom gave me a gift certificate to a yarn store! As soon as I get hats, mittens and socks down around here I will be off to buy more.
Eva would you like to check out this shop?!
If I don't get a post in, I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's!
I'll be working since it's a shipment night. Which is fine because usually I'm in bed before the ball drops!


emma said...

Haooy Holidays! By the time Christmas rolled around, the rain had taken care of most of the snow. We're at the "horrible hard lumps of grey ice" stage - or is that only a stage that hapens in the city? We're off to VT today to see in-laws. Don't work too hard!

Eva said...

Absolutely, I want to visit. I am very overwhelmed at a yarn store, so having a guide would be awesome!