Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playing and Working

Pirate Child
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There has been lots of Tom foolary going on around here. My youngest decided she was going to be a pirate. That included robbing and looting all the money she could find. Which wasn't much since change usually goes on tables and doesn't stay in pants pockets. Then there was lots of sword jabbing. Translation tapping someone with flag and running away just in case there were consequences for her actions! It was a good day.
I think I may have broken my toe. I tried taking a picture to show you but they pretty greens, purples and yellows were washed out. It happened last Wednesday when I was running around for our surprise guest. Since we opened up the downstairs, There is a floor height difference of about one inch, maybe two. Well I was running from our kitchen to be, to the old kitchen and stubbed my toe. It hurt so bad but I've been abusing my foot all summer long so I thought nothing of it. I also dropped a coffee grinder on that foot too! Well two days later, it still hurt it started turning colors. It's slightly swollen hurts but I have a high pain tolerance, at least that's what I keep telling myself. I go to the doctors on Thursday for a physical, I'm just going to show her my toe too.
This morning I went running (walking) with my husband. I didn't make it that far. Half a block and I had to walk, then started running again and I didn't feel good. He said I looked yellow, I sort of felt like throwing up. Probably doesn't help with my toe. Half way through it started bothering me, definitely should get it checked out!
The movie quote from before "You are a murderer of love" is from Dan In Real Life. His middle daughter says it to him or should I say screams it at him. I really enjoyed the movie it was really funny!
Also watched Righteous Kill last night that was also very good. Love a twist ending may watch it again because it's one of those movies where you don't know the characters. So when you get to the end you wonder did I miss this? Or did that character say that?
Lots of chores today. 3 more days before my husband leaves! 8 before the children go.

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