Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't Read The News, Read Blogs!

I am great disappointed in the news lately and the people in the news. It's all death and destruction! Ugh how depressing. Have people gone mad lately or are they just letting their inner evil out. If you read the news then you know I'm talking about the gunman & nursing home and the brother harming his sisters. This happened in the last few days! My thoughts go out to the families, friends and all involved!
So I would rather read blogs than the news. At least they are cheery, positive and good reads! Take note news people, that's why we want! Even if the other stuff is happening too.
So I made these slippers months ago for my youngest. Strange thing about slippers and socks in this house. Once they're made, they can never be together in the same room. It's just not possible. So I cornered both of these girls and rounded them up. They are made from the Martha Stewart patterns found here. She uses felt but I thought those slippers are for sissies, not real children. Mine are made from felted sweaters. They have 2 layers for the soles and are about an inch too big but I'm going to wash them and dry them to shrink them down. I love wool!
My youngest insisted they have butterflies, which are also found on the Martha Stewart website. It's almost like she consulted my youngest about what she should make!
In other news. Yesterday it was 50, today 30 and snow. Tomorrow 50. Oh mother nature does love to play with us in NYS! There will be gardening soon though, whether she decides to cooperate or not! We are going to get free goat manure from our farmer friend! So I will be working hard on Thursday with my hubby and SIL. She's sharing a 25' by 45' garden plot with us! I'm psyched! I will probably be taking care of 4 garden's this year! Hoping that the veggies from her garden will be in the freezer for this winter. I do not like buying frozen veggies if I know I can grow them. Just haven't had the room to do so!
I'm off today by my doing. We didn't have a truck at midnight last night and I should have gone home but I had a nap. Do you really think I could go to sleep?! So me and another co-worker stayed and cleaned! Boring but I was going to do work and get paid. So the hubby and I are relaxing and watching TV tonight! Hope everyone is having a Marvelous Monday too!

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futuregirl said...

The slippers are great! I love the little butterflies. :) (I try to avoid the news, too ... ugh)