Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Renovations!

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With the weather heating up, our house remodeling is being thought out. Ok, who am I kidding, my husband and I are both artist's it probably thought about 10's a day!
Should I start off by telling you that when we first bought our house it was actually a house and an apartment? It would probably make more sense when I talk about the two kitchens. The front 2 rooms and the side room belonged to the apartment. It was okay but we are private people and after our last tenant (who we had to evict) we decided no more. Yes we would miss the money but we weren't getting paid on time anyways so it didn't make a huge dent in our finances. Then we opened up the walls. I will find a layout drawing we have someplace so it will be easier to follow.
Anyways we are moving our kitchen into the apartment kitchen. Our kitchen will become the laundry room (yeah), mud room and bathroom. Yes it's that big and awkward since there are no cupboards in our kitchen, not that there are cupboards in the other kitchen but you know we are used to it.
In our new kitchen we will have an island. I'm really psyched about it. We are scraping it together with materials we have around the house. Things always sound better in planning but when in use. You sometimes wonder what you were thinking. Can you tell we've done that before?
Plus I'm 5'3" and my husband's 6'3" there will be counter height issues no doubt.
On sewing news I have all the pieces cut out for my daughter's shorts. Is it me or are patterns becoming less instructive? Seriously, I'm looking at these shorts and they are using this one pattern piece for 3 things. Which is fine if they said 2 of the pieces need to be up and one down when cutting. Then when you put it together it doesn't really say it's piece 14. All of the sudden it jumps to, now that this is done and you have this sewn up already ... this is what you do next. Huh? Wait when did I sew this piece up? Oh wait it magically sews it's self! Awesome! I didn't know it was the magical pattern kit.
On Memorial Day I went up to my brother's and planted 3/4 of our shared garden with my sister in law. It took forever. How long is forever? 3 1/2 hours probably closer to over 4. Then we turned on the sprinkler and proceeded to empty their well out faster than it refilled. Opps. Luckily it had refilled by the morning for showers!
I hope everyone is having a beautiful and warm day!

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