Friday, July 24, 2009

Don't Let Us Shop For You!

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I work in a grocery store for those who don't know. I work for 2 departments and the one department is called General Merchandise. When I work there I receive a lot of questions about products we have. Especially in the cold and tylenol section.
I had this gentlemen come up to me and ask if we carried migraine patches. Never heard of them and he didn't elaborate so I sent him to the pharmacy. Well the pharmacist comes back and shows him the tylenol section and asks me if I know where the cooling fever patches are.
Well if he told me that's what he was looking for I would have called the other lady I work with who works full time. Our department gets reset a lot and I knew we had them at one time but couldn't think of where they were. So I called the other woman and she comes right over.
She goes the shelf and pulls a box called Feverall. Explaining to him we had Cool Relief patches at one time and that this is all we had for now. It was the same thing but for babies. He looks at it and says he doesn't think it's going to work and leaves.
My co-worker and I start talking about the products they've discontinued. So she grabs the box and wonders why he didn't think it would work for him. She reads the label and gets really bright red. "OH NO" she states. I ask her what's wrong. "I should have read the package before handing it to him" I question her why. "These are infant suppositories!!! NOT fever patches like I thought they should be! No wonder why he couldn't use them! she says!
We proceed to laugh our asses off for the next 5 minutes because he never said told us that product wasn't what she thought it should be! Next time she's reading the box before offering it to a customer! That was one of the best days of work I have had in a long time!!!!!

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