Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Self Worth, Don't Add Alcohol

My Birthday 2009
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This is me and my brother on my birthday. I don't drink a lot and well neither does he. We were just goofing off.
This is a very serious blog entry, where some may disagree. It's just my thoughts & observations and actually doesn't have anything to do with me or my family but it's something I have observed and wanted to tell what I've seen.
As most of you know I work with people of all ages but mostly underage (aka 18) and early 20's.
Before I quit my job 3 years ago, I was aware of the underage drinking that went on but never really thought it was a problem. Now that I'm back, I'm amazed at how many teenagers there are participating in it. I feel if you drink, do it responsibly. Teenagers are like mice, they will find a way to do what they want. By lying, sneaking around, etc... I know my girl's will one day be faced with choices like these kids are facing today. I expect them to be honest. If they are going to at a party and there's going to be drinking let me know. If they need a ride, I will pick them up. I'd rather them be safe than in the hospital or worse.
There's tons of uncaught DWI's going on around here. I always tell the drinkers of age & under no DWI's. It falls on deaf ears for the ones who think they are invincible. Others totally agree because they are scared to get caught drinking.
I think tons of stupid decisions are made when drinking. I always knew my limit and stopped. I'm amazed at those who are of age, who do the dumbest things! Seriously, you have a new boyfriend and you were making out with your girlfriend who's boyfriend was taking pictures of you guys when you were drunk on your new boyfriend's camera? I just can not feel pity for you. I have bit my tongue many times because of dumb situations like this. I do not think you can blame alcohol. One because if you are a girl and you have no interest in girls, then why in the world are you doing it?! Also you have a new boyfriend who has trust issues.... I wonder why? Does he sense you can't say no when alcohol is involved? Grow a pair and stand up for yourself because people are and will walk all over you.
I don't need to watch soap opera's there is enough drama around here, I don't have to watch.
My observations is that most parents have stopped communicating to with their children about these issues. It's no, you may not do it, we are not going to talk about (sex included), there are sooo many parents who don't talk to their kids about having safe sex! Which pisses them off and they carry it into their 20's with them. So they don't talk about it still with their parents and do not have relationships where they can be truly honest. They have to drink themselves into stupors and blame the drinking. It wasn't my fault, I was taken advantage of. I can't be held responsible I was not there cognitively!
So I have started talking early to my oldest because she's receptive to listening. I know you think that is way to young but I know of someone who started drinking in 5th grade. Seriously that's how old my daughter is. I can't imagine her getting alcohol and consuming it but it does happen.
It's a big scary world we live in and I worry. I worry for those teenagers who don't make good decisions. Those who are in their 20's who still are on the road of bad decisions. Then I worry my children will ignore their common sense and keep me up at night.

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emma said...

No, I'm with you on this.
I do feel like many parents think they should wait until their kids is a certain age to talk about difficult issues. But when is that age? It's easy to say "I know my kid" but I feel so much of the time, this really means "the age I was".
I feel that continuous age appropriate talking is the way to go. Tell your four year old about sex. It will take 30 seconds before they are bored and walk away. next time, you can give them 45 seconds of information. By the time you make it to 14, you will both be comfortable with the topic and able to talk more fully.
Bravo for starting talking today!