Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Knitted Bibs

Knitted Bibs
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Here is part of my extremely late baby shower gifts for my friend who is having her first child. They do not look like the bibs in the books I made them from. I followed the patterns but the neck area looks too small. Is it because my youngest is making them look to small since she's 4? I don't know. The other problem with these is they have to be ironed to lay flat. How many mother's want to iron bibs? I'm hoping my friend has an ironing fetish like I do and is willing to do it for these bibs. Or maybe I need to offer to come over and iron them!
I have one more bib that is toddler sized. At least I'm hoping it will be! Drying in the dryer. All it needs is a button and to be ironed and it will be complete!
The last part of her gift is woolies for the baby to be. She's going all natural and is using cloth diapers. I figured she wouldn't get many of those. So they are last on my to knit list for her.
See the blue fabric in back?! From my quilting neighbor who is letting me borrow blue fabrics for my next sewing project. I'm super psyched and can't wait to show you my inspiration! I'm also sick of knitting and need to get sewing. Plus my machine needs a tune up too. So much to do sooo little time! Anyone feeling the spring time pressure?

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emma said...

They are super cute. I think the flatness is not an issue - unless you have a flat baby. Otherwise they will curve around the neck!
Can't wait to see what the blueness turns into.