Saturday, August 1, 2009

Time Flies

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Wow it's August and my youngest is done with her pre Kindgergarden program. She's only 4 but will be turning 5 in November. I was afraid she would be a very clingy child when we dropped her off for the program. She's very shy around strangers but she has been opening up and making friends. So I expect no tears from her in September
My husband will be leaving for a 10 day trip to Kansas for a class. On his way he's going to visit some clients of ours and take pictures of the hardware he did for their bathroom. So it works out because they couldn't get any good pictures of what they had installed. Then off to Kansas for an engraving class, he's been wanting to take.
I have 5 days off from work and them my MIL will pick up the girls and take them to 1,000 islands to visit my SIL. Which means pool time and goofing off with their cousin. Unfortunately that means back to the work place for me! Oh well someone's got to make the money right?!
For our anniversary I got my husband Netflix which means I can catch up on all my horror movies. I will also be borrowing my SIL's dog Eli to keep me company when my husband's gone. I don't like being in the house at night without another adult around. It's just a quirk of mine but I figured a huge dog will keep me company. Also alert me if anything goes wrong right? Sound good in theory anyways!
We've been playing a game with one of my co-workers, you give a movie line and they guess which movie it's from. It's made me realize I do not listen to movies at all! Seriously unless something catches my interest I forget 3/4 of the lines. Last night we got a good one, can you guess which movie it's from? You are a murderer of love!!!!
I'll tell you next week which movie. No cheating. Of course the only down fall of this game is if you haven't seen the movie!

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emma said...

I don't watch horror movies. At all. I have a super-low tolerance for that kind of thing. The last time I read a suspensful book, I couldn't go in the basement for a month because it was spooky down there!
On the other hand, I hope you get to enjoy your child-free state a litle. At least you don't have to get up and make breakfasts!