Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playing Instead Of Sleeping

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So this is what happens at our house when we are supposed to be sleeping. I had to work on Sunday night and peeked in on my youngest and this how I found her. She had taken a Crayola washable marker to bed and drawn all over herself. Her legs match her face. She got a quick washcloth bath and then soaked in the tub yesterday. The blue is gone. All the hair is in her face because she tried hiding under the blanket when we proceeded to get her up for the washing. Big thanks go out to my husband for taking care of her so I wasn't late for work.
I'm working on her patchwork dress and have tons of little squares. Still not sure how many I will need. It was super hot yesterday and I planted lettuce and peas in the garden.
I was supposed to have a nice Sunday off because my husband was teaching a class. Unfortunately we failed our pre-audit for pricing and are "supposedly" not allowed to ask off anymore. I had to work from 6pm Saturday to 2:30am Sunday. I've had my fill of working in my one department. My boss doesn't have a backbone and shouldn't be in charge she's young and needs to grow up. Her inability to take a look at what's wrong and how can it be fixed is really hurting the department. She decided on Friday or Thursday that no one would have the weekend off but didn't tell everyone. So one of the kids didn't show up for his shift. He had asked for the whole weekend off and since he was given Friday and Saturday off why shouldn't he have Sunday off too? I know he's going to be written up but I do not think he was at fault at all. He was never told that his request was denied nor was he called Sunday morning to be told he was late.
I hope my boss realizes she's not doing a good job and steps job down. We need some one with more experience and one who can over see all that needs to be done. Without worrying if anyone gets angry with for telling them things need to be done differently.


emma said...

Bad bosses are so frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Haha!! :) Cute photo!!

Anonymous said...

By the way,
Thank you for your sweet package in the mail! :) I love my little bee!