Friday, October 16, 2009


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I know I haven't blogged in a longggg time! It's because I have become the family taxi driver. With my new schedule, I drive everyone to school, including my husband. Go to work after dropping everyone off 3 days a week. Work 4 hours those 3 days. Pick up my youngest 5 days, eat lunch, try to get something done in that short amount of time and then pick my oldest and husband up again. 2 of those days I'm waiting for Art Club to end, so we get to hang around the Art rooms and listen to my husband help run the club. The other 2 days I am off and still driving everyone. Then hanging out in the car since my husband has to work at 7:15am, my oldest starts at 7:43am and the youngest doesn't start until 8:45am. Sounds fun and exciting, right?!?!
Unfortunately there is nothing open in the town where they go to school. Well unless you look at gas stations, fast food places and where I work at the grocery store as places to go. None of them really appeal to me to spend much time at since we don't eat fast food and who wants to hang out where they work. So I sit in the car and read. While my youngest plays with everything that isn't nailed down in the car!
After doing this for a month I realized I cannot do this for another 12 years. So we are fixing up our house, paying off debt and hope to put our house on the market in 2 years. Then pray there is a house in town that we can afford to buy and fits our requirements. For those who are interested they are, the house has to be smaller than the one we are in now! Easy enough this is 2800 sq feet, we would love a ranch. #2 it has to have an out building, either a garage or a barn so the studio can move out of the house! #3 It has to be easily accessible to walk/bike to my place of employment of other things in town. There are lots of playgrounds and they are still redoing the main street. Which has one block of bricked pavement! Super cool to drive over. The taxes are quite high but if we aren't using our car that much then it would make up for all the gas and maintenance we do in a year!
Hope to have pictures soon of the felted snowmen I am making for Christmas gifts!

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emma said...

Wow! Your life sounds like my life! Except I bring my knitting in the car and the kids steal the iphone to play with while they wait. :)
I have kids in three different schools so no matter where I moved, I'd have to drive. So I just try to bring my life with me so I am prepared at all moments (book, knitting, bills, sneakers, etc.) for whatever.