Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sewing Is My Zen

Patchwork Skirt
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So here's the 8 tiers I have finished. My cat decided to slide underneath and get into the photo. On the right is her peeking out at the camera. With my other cat in the background ignoring all that is going on. The kitten is sleeping. She's already tired out from running around and terrorizing the house this morning.
I'm start the decreasing rows first. I think and hope it's easier to figure those out first and then add on more length. I've already had to rip and re-sew 2 tiers on because I didn't pay attention to the way the curve was going.
So a refresher for anyone who wonders what I'm doing and a reminder to myself. I cut 2" by 3" rectangles. I then made marks on every other rectangle so I would sew them into trapezoids. So it's giving the skirt curve and reminds me which way is up.
I'm currently sewing on all the tiers I have to figure out if I need to cut more rectangles or not.

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