Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello? Sorry It's Been A While!

I know, I haven't posted in a week, maybe more! I've been busy! I've picked up more hours at work because the show didn't go as well as hoped. So I'm working 40 hours this week. Maybe the whole month if I do a good job in the Dairy Frozen Department. It's D/Frozen month and they need the help!
So back to the show with pictures of the booth! Here's the space we work with before we put anything into it!
Don't we have a nice view of the other wing? Plus the stairs and porch areas leading to the spa!

So here's the display board and all the other stuff to make the magic happen. I get to guard while my husband brings it in! woohoo!
Here it is with all the merchandise. Kind of dark and we don't leave the iMac box there, my husband transports the computer to and from the show. We are very high tech and can print out receipts while the customer's pay! The clocks are not fully done by my husband, he just does the copper work on them.
The show had lots of people but they were uneducated about the Arts & Crafts movement. An antique dealer friend of ours said the stuff he's been toting around for years because it's junk sold out! The people who were buying it thought it was a steal. So it goes to show you that someone's trash is someone else's treasure.
My husband had way too many high end items and not enough middle to low end pieces. Plus I'm really bored with what he's doing. I told him I was uninspired by his work lately and he needed to move in a different direction. Something like this, which was a custom order!
Bronze bracelet with a silver overlay, chased details and set garnet! It's what Heintz used to do for his vases. Love the green rose vase! Beautiful and a wonderful patina! So my husband has added an etsy shop to his website and blog to drum up sales. Filled the local gallery and thankfully we have 150 switch plates to make!! Woohoo!
Plus we picked up some Ephraim pottery! Plus ornaments which are so freaking cute and cool! I think we picked up my MIL the one with the red berries on it, as a thank you for taking the kids. We choose one that is not on the site but I will take pictures of it and our vase!
Besides of that, I'm trying to finish my very late Christmas socks for my husband but I've ran into big knots in the hank. It's because I decide to make it more transportable by making it into a ball of yarn! Plus bunny ornaments for a local gallery for Easter but I lost my felting needles so I'm waiting for the new ones to arrive!
Have a great week!


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Sounds like a successful sale. But what's the link to your husband's website/blog? It all looks so pretty!

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