Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blackberry Freezer Pops

I just love when kids are messy from eating. I know it's probably not normal but how can you not love how she looks with her homemade freezer pop all over her face? You don't get stained in that color from store bought ones!
Where is the summer going? My anniversary is this week and I can't believe how it's flown? Of course working 32 hours a week probably helps the time go quickly. I feel like everything is falling way behind. Making clothes for the girls, knitting hats for my friend's new son (who only received one knit hat), Christmas gifts and all that good stuff.
I maybe able to play catch on Tuesday when we drive down to PA for Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water. My husband paid extra so we can take pictures! I couldn't believe you have to pay more to take pictures but if I'm going to drive 6 hours, I want something to look back at. On the way we are going to stop at Anthropologie! Woohoo! The first time I will be able to go into to the store and not just look at the catalog. I've heard it's cheaper to go to the store for the sales than shop online. I will let you know what I found out.
On health news, my blood pressure is going up. It was getting scary low when I was working nights. When I was super tired it would be 93/57. I took it this weekend it was 112/67. A huge improvement since I've been sleeping nights and trying to go to sleep at 9pm when I have to get up at 5am or earlier!
Have I mentioned that I got my husband Netflix for our anniversary? I love it! We are catching up on a lot of movies. Well I am. My mother never let me watch movies that were PG-13 or above. Seriously I've never seen Caddyshack, The Graduate, Top Gun or any of those movies in that time period. I'm slowly catching up and loving it! If you don't have cable (like we do) I recommend it!
BTW it's our 13th year anniversary. I will be married longer than my parents were after this year. Woohoo! I'm sure we will be married for another 13 after this!

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