Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Vintage Item

Here's another really cool vintage item that my oldest loves. A manual typewriter, which she uses everyday! Note if you want reasonably priced typewriter ribbon and do not want to pay $20 for 1 roll. Go to any office supply store and get it there. Note the size (I think we needed a half inch) and you may have to re-roll it but it a heck of a lot cheaper. We only paid $7 and a little bit of work.
One more note, we bought the ribbon at Office Max.  I don't know if they are only in the US.
My schedule will be changing next week because no more school for the kids or the hubby! Woohoo more sleep for me! Maybe fore blogging and other things. This up coming weekend is a local art show that my husband does every year. I got off from work well technically my boss begged me to work Friday and then Sunday. Then my husband (cough lie) volunteered me to help with the show. He sets up the show layout and everyone always goes to him for everything even though the layout is all he does. So I'm sure I will be volunteering to do something sometime!
On a sad note one of the kids I work with is leaving. He's the one that showed me who Dane Cook is and how much I love dumb movies! Maybe I should say immature, nothing makes me laugh harder than a good immature movie! We are all kids at heart I believe.
The skirt I hoped to have done by now needs another panel. I shouldn't have measured my youngest waist. I should have measured her toosh! She has the biggest butt in the family and now I have to add another panel to get the skirt over her big butt!
I'm also trying to learn Spanish. Driving into work at midnight does have it's perks. I get to listen to radio that I wouldn't normally hear. Have you heard of Well I listened to it and I've always wanted to learn a 2nd language and the guy created this website to do so for free. There are parts that you do have to pay for but I think you can pretty much do it for free.


avid crafter said...

We have an old manual typewriter too! It is incredibly noisy, and you have to really bash on the keys to get it to work but it's still going. The tape is running out of ink, but I have never seen it sold in any shops nearby. A pity, since the rest of the typewriter works perfectly.

emma said...

My daughters love to play on our old manual typewriter. It doesn't work, so its all pretend, but fun anyway!